YXBG Ch. 13

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Yin Xiaomei never thought that Lin Diyi, who always liked to make small reports, would come to help her! She really didn’t know if she should say that this girl had a sense of justice or accidentally got her head caught in the door!

Lin Diyi rushed over and immediately shouted, “Which school do you belong to! I want to tell your teacher about you!”

Yin Xiaomei and Song Yuanyuan’s heads were filled with black lines at the same time: Boss, it’s not easy for you to put this trick. La!

The young man seemed to be quite amused too, and suddenly pushed the short Lin Daiyi to the ground: “When I was going to school, I hated dead children like you the most! Always threatening to tell the teacher… Today you fell in my hand, and you are unlucky, so take out the money!”

Lin Diyi obviously did not think that the teacher’s pet would have such a bad day, and immediately screamed: “I am in the same class as them, I only have 50 yuan!”

Yin Xiaomei and Song Yuanyuan held their forehead again: Boss, you don’t want to be such an idiot, okay, you really don’t want to admit that you are in the same class…

The men and women of junior high school over there couldn’t help but laugh, and urged: “Hurry up, okay? Okay, I saw it when she turned around.”

The boy who was snatching the money blushed and said loudly, “You are dead, come and help! How can I move three children by myself!” Seeing this, people came to help. The three little girls immediately cried and howled, clinging to their schoolbags and not letting go. However, after all, they were small and couldn’t match the strength of the junior high school boys. When they were about to say goodbye to their schoolbags, a basketball suddenly flew over and hit the head of the teenager.

Yin Zhefei just finished training in the afternoon, and together with his teammates, he wanted to go to the street to eat some good food to replenish energy, and he saw his dead kid being robbed there. When the teenager turned around and was about to swear, he saw a group of 180 cm+ heighted high school students, whose muscular arms were probably as thick as his thighs, and his body became weak and began to tremble.

“Can I understand that you are bullying my sister?” His voice came out without a fluctuation, but his eyes were not good. Seeing Yin Xiaomei’s face full of tears, he was very angry for no reason. This dead kid was covered by him, but there were people who were not afraid of death came to rob her.

“Hey, let me tell you! My eldest brother is the boss in B! You better not want to die!” A junior high school student next to him flew away and spoke out intimidatingly. Middle School B was a well-known school for chaos here. It was notorious. The students there were brave and fierce, and everyone around them was afraid of them.

Instead, Zhang Xiangyi smiled: “Who is your boss! I have beaten a few of the so-called bosses in B, and they were not enough to scare me!”

Now they were all speechless, looked at each other, and immediately ran away. Qin Yuan hurriedly stepped forward and hugged Yin Xiaomei: “Little girl, don’t cry, elder brother will take you to dinner, okay?” Such a little beauty was really rare. He must take advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with her feelings. So, he went ahead, and just ate the little girl’s soft tofu. Unexpectedly, Yin Zhefei reached out and hugged Xiaomei back: “Qin Yuan, don’t think I don’t know what your plan is.” He didn’t allow others to covet his sister.

Zhang Xiangyi looked at the two little girls over there who were wiping their tears freely, and tried to laugh kindly: “Little sister, are you going home or are you going to eat with us?”

Song Yuanyuan and Lin Diyi looked at him in horror. He only felt that he was even more terrifying than the robbers just now. Hu Fei smiled and said, “I asked you to shave, don’t you scare the little girls! See you are like a bandit now.”


In the pizza restaurant, the boys sat around a large table and feasted. The three little girls, on the other hand were very elegant. Of course, the so-called elegance was compared to the other table. Song Yuanyuan’s mouth was full, and she said with envy: “Your brother is so handsome!”

Yin Xiaomei looked at the reticent black-bellied boy over there and gave him a “cut” disapprovingly.

She was about to ask Lin Diyi’s opinion when she saw that the class leader was already full of smiles.

Xiaomei asked silently: “Do you think my brother is handsome too?!”

Lin Diyi took a big bite of pizza and swallowed: “All are handsome!”

Eh eh eh? Xiaomei was a little bit astonished. It turned out that everyone even Lin Diyi was seduced. It was really powerful. She looked at the boys who looked like gorillas and did not understand the aesthetics of the girls. Although she felt that Yin Zhefei was not ugly, it was not exaggerated to that extent! Having said that, she took out her camera and secretly took a picture of them. Wow, this was a collection of beautiful male orangutans, and she would definitely earn from it.

She carefully put the camera away and looked at the two people who were eating happily in front of her and said: “I have an idea! I am very dissatisfied with this teacher evaluation; I want the school to re-evaluate it.” This being told to Lin Diyi was undoubtedly very risky, after all, she was so supportive of the owl.

Sure enough, Lin Diyi yelled: “Don’t be whimsical and ask to re-evaluate? How to evaluate?”

“Of course, we students are asked to evaluate. Is it possible that you think the owl is really that good?”

“Okay, your name is Teacher Mao Owl, I want to tell you to go!”

“Hey, do you want to be so unconscionable? My brother saved you! What’s more, you called her an owl just now!”

“I won’t have it. I’ll tell the teacher that you want to do bad things!”

“You’re bad, you make small reports, so Yuanyuan has nothing to eat! You can’t marry for a lifetime like this, because men hate women who make small reports!”

“You are so poor in your studies.

“You can’t marry!”

“You can’t marry! You are a shrew and whistleblower!”

“You can’t marry! You 10,000-year-old repeater!”

Song Yuanyuan, who was silent on the side, turned away silently from the two of them and slowly chewed on their pizza…


Although the negotiation with Lin Diyi failed, Xiaomei was not frustrated, and even more energetic. In the evening, Yin Zhefei was doing homework, and Xiaomei rushed in with a large paper: “Brother!”

Yin Zhefei was startled, hurriedly stuffed the MP4 in his hand under the table and shouted embarrassedly: “What are you doing! Wouldn’t you knock on the door when you come in?!”

Huh? Xiaomei looked at him in a puzzled manner: “What is my brother looking at?”

“Nothing…Listening to English.” There was a strange redness on Yin Zhefei’s face.

“You can also blush when you listen to English?” Xiaomei stared at him with big watery eyes, unable to hide her gossipy emotions.

“You need not care about it!” Yin Zhefei said in a huff, “What’s the matter, hurry up.”

“Oh…” Xiaomei still stared at his drawer and slowly said, “Brother, help me write a big character poster!” She briefly talked about the school situation, and then explained, “I wanted to write it myself, but my handwriting is too ugly! Mom said you have good calligraphy, so please help me!”

Yin Zhefei didn’t even think about it. “Won’t write.”

“Then I’ll tell mom you were peeking at porn!” Xiao Mei screamed.

“What are you talking about?!” Yin Zhefei looked at the little girl in front of him in disbelief, “You…”

“Dare you say you didn’t see it?! I heard it all when the other brother told you about it! He gave it to you! You must have been watching pornography just now, and I want to tell mom that you are a bad boy!” Xiaomei looked at him viciously.

Yin Zhefei only felt that his energy was surging, and he barely suppressed his anger and said, “I’m listening to English…”

“Huh? Then brother can take it out for me to listen to it, okay?” She smiled extremely purely.

Yin Zhefei gritted and gnashed his teeth. After a long time, he whispered bitterly: “Leave the things, you go! I’ll give it to you tomorrow morning!”

Xiaomei laughed happily, “Haha, that’s right, then, brother, you take your time, but you must give it to me tomorrow!” As she said, she closed the door for Yin Zhefei very thoughtfully.

Yin Zhefei only breathed a sigh of relief, but when he took out the MP4, he was not in the mood to look at it and shuffled the headphone cord aside.


The next day, the school was boiling, as a bright red poster was posted on the most prominent part of the publicity column. The vigorous font on it said two big characters on the top of the head: Protest!

Some students read aloud: “We are deeply confused about the evaluation of excellent teachers by the school. The teacher who chose the teacher will also solve the puzzles. The evaluation should be based on the students’ opinion. I hope the school will think about it, be cautious, understand it, and accept it. So, don’t close your ears and listen. The road to democracy and progress is absolutely impossible. The initiator is from the second class of grade four.”

A group of primary school students opened their mouths and said in a daze, “What do you mean by this!”

Yin Xiaomei almost fainted. She didn’t take a close look at this thing when she took it away in the morning. Why did Yin Zhefei write her class on it?

When Mao Ruiying rushed over, she almost fainted. The principal usually came very early in the morning, and he must have seen this poster. The teacher on the sidelines was very puzzled and said: “Teacher Mao, why did you sing in your class! Are you already an excellent teacher? How can you let the students do this kind of thing?”

Mao Ruiying blushed to the root of her neck and said in a shameless voice: “This…I don’t know. They must have done it themselves.”

She yelled at the students fiercely: “What are you seeing, get back to the classroom!”

The first class was English, Yin Xiaomei watched the teacher’s reaction carefully, Laura was still so calm. Not only did she organize interesting games and conversations, she also showed them an English cartoon.

After one class, Xiaomei was happy and a little bit disappointed: “The teacher is so calm, why isn’t she excited about our behavior at all?”

Song Yuanyuan sighed: “Your big-character poster is too strange. The teacher is learning English. Yes, she must not have understood it!”

“Really?!” Xiaomei moved nervously, “I hoped that Ms. Laura would be happy!”

“You should take care of yourself. The next class will be the class meeting. The owl will definitely ask about this.” Song Yuanyuan, like a mouse thief, stuffed a handful of potato chips into her mouth.

Xiaomei looked at her friend with a sullen face: “It’s better for you to worry about yourself.”

Before the class bell rang, Mao Ruiying had already walked in angrily. She patted the book on the podium and yelled: “You all go back to your seat!”

The children were so frightened that they all ran to their seats in a hurry.

“Say! What’s the matter with that big-character poster!” She was like an angry lion, her hair was messy, it seemed that she must have had a hard time last class.

The classroom was silent, and the children didn’t even dare to raise their face. Xiao Mei lowered her head and decided to play dead to the end.

“Won’t tell?!” She patted the table, “If you don’t tell, it’s so exhausting. None of you will go home after class. Let me see if you tell me!” She sneered and pulled the chair to sit down, watching the whole thing gloomily.

As time passed, everyone had sweat on their foreheads. At this time, Lin Diyi’s hand was raised high like a sky cannon again.

Yin Xiaomei was stunned, she was so miserable that she was going to be sold away!

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