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When it was time for dinner, his mother told him to go downstairs to eat, but he declined. Both Yu Fei and Xie Lin sent him messages. Fu Yuanzhou pretended to be an ostrich, and he continued to ignore them and write papers in order to calm down.

But this paper was given to him by Ran Shutang…

Fu Yuanzhou began to confess to Ran Shutang for the tenth time in his heart. It was his fault. He shouldn’t have raised his head at the time, otherwise Ran Shutang would not kiss him…

He sighed and turned the test paper over, the paper “crashed”, and suddenly the door of the room was knocked on by someone outside, and his hand shook in fright.

“Zhou, are you busy?” Yu Fei asked, “Can you open the door for me?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s movements stiffened, and he had no face to see Yu Fei. He was so dazzled by the estrus that he wanted to beg Xiao Fei to bite his glands. Fortunately, at the last moment, he still retained a trace of reason. He didn’t fully say it, although the difference between saying and not saying it didn’t seem to be very big…

“If you don’t want to open the door for me, then I will just stand here.”

Yu Fei’s voice was still soft as water: “You don’t have to be embarrassed to face me, but I’m actually very happy because you chose me instead of my cousin to mark you.”

He mentioned the matter again, Fu Yuanzhou knocked his forehead on the table sullenly, his voice was not loud, so Yu Fei outside the door did not hear him, and continued to speak.

“That’s great. I like you to rely on me, although you can rely more on me, as long as you speak up, I will do everything for you.”

“Okay, you must be very tired, take a good rest, good night.”

Hearing this, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help responding to Yu Fei: “Good night.”

“Okay.” Yu Fei responded with a smile outside the door and left soon.

Xiao Fei was always so kind to him… Fu Yuanzhou thought a little in a daze. For some time, he was stunned. He heard the door of the room be knocked for the second time, four times evenly. He suddenly knew that it was Xie Lin. Only he would knock like this.

Fu Yuanzhou immediately closed his mouth and did not speak. After knocking several times, Xie Lin stopped knocking. Fu Yuanzhou thought he was gone, but after a few minutes he heard the sound of the key opening the door. Xie Lin took the spare key to open the door.

Damn, it was shameless!

Fu Yuanzhou immediately jumped onto the bed and wrapped himself in a quilt. However, he did not expect that not only Xie Lin, but also the family doctor of their two families stood at the door, looking at him while Xie Lin said, “Doctor Sun is here to help check your body.”

Dr. Sun was a gentle female doctor. She was a Beta in this life. When he saw her here, Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed to show his temper again, he obediently got out of the quilt and asked Dr. Sun to check him.

“It’s nothing serious. The estrus had basically no negative impact on Xiaozhou, and the restraint injection was given in a timely manner.” Dr. Sun said with a smile, “The reason for the sudden estrus, I think it may be related to Alpha’s pheromone, Xiaozhou, have you recently been inhaling Alpha’s pheromone often?”


Fu Yuanzhou nodded embarrassedly, and at the same time gave Xie Lin a glance. Since his rebirth, he had not smelt less of Xie Lin’s pheromone, and the pheromone of Yuan Ye had also been smelt. There was also Xiaofei, but Xiaofei couldn’t be blamed…

“If this situation is unavoidable, I can prescribe some medicine for you.”

Dr. Sun was also aware of Yu Fei’s pheromone perception disorder and said with a smile: “When I send it to you tomorrow, out of consideration for your health, you’d better take a day off at home tomorrow instead of going to school.”

“Okay, thank you Dr. Sun.” Fu Yuanzhou was a little happy, as he didn’t want to go either.

“Then I’ll go back first.” Dr. Sun packed up her things and got up, “If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.”

“Okay.” Xie Lin nodded. As Dr. Sun went out, Fu Yuanzhou thought that he should be fine this time. After he went back for the second time, this time Fu Yuanzhou was caught by Xie Lin before he even got into the bed.

“Hiding from me?” Xie Lin said, “Is it useful?”

Fu Yuanzhou stayed silent and shrank into the bed a little bit.

“Why didn’t you let me mark you?” Xie Lin also sat on the bed and leaned over to approach him, quite oppressively.

“Do you need to ask?” Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help but retort, but under Xie Lin’s gaze, his voice weakened a little, and he found a shameless reason, “You… your bite last time. It hurt me too much.”

Xie Lin paused for a moment and said: “Next time I will be lighter.”

“No next time!” Fu Yuanzhou shook his head frantically, “No next time!”

Xie Lin looked at him for a while. Suddenly he stretched out his hand to embrace him in his arms, clasped his waist tightly, preventing him from breaking free, and whispered to him in a low voice.

“In that case, don’t let anyone touch you.”

He raised his hand and stroked Fu Yuanzhou’s collar, especially in the area of the gland for a long time.

“You can’t touch either.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“Nobody can except for me.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou was angry and pushed him away forcefully.

“I haven’t settled the account with you yet!” He angrily said, “If it weren’t for you stimulating me with pheromone, I would not suddenly…” He was really embarrassed to say the three words “estrus”, “What about that?!”

“Do you know what this means?” Xie Lin asked rhetorically.

“Huh?” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t react.

“This means that our pheromone fits well.” Xie Lin touched his hair, “You will be easily provoked by me.”

Fart, maybe it was Yuan Ye or Xiao Fei. Ran Shutang might also be a candidate since he had also smelled his pheromones!

Fu Yuanzhou thought angrily, and suddenly realized that something was wrong. Damn, he shouldn’t be thinking of Alpha’s pheromone!

“I’m sorry.” Xie Lin said suddenly, “I will pay attention to it in the future.”

“It’s about the same…” Fu Yuanzhou murmured, and it was a little bit ungratifying to spurn himself in his heart, but Xie Lin apologizing to him was really rare.

“Forgive me?” Xie Lin asked.

“You have to show some sincerity?” Fu Yuanzhou was still not satisfied.

“You never gave me the good morning kiss.” Xie Lin reminded him.

Fu Yuanzhou almost rolled his eyes: “It’s OK, it’s OK to offset the two!”

Xie Lin was noncommittal, but from the look of his expression, he seemed not to agree with one for one.

“Is there anything else? Nothing. Go away.” Fu Yuanzhou blasted him, “I want to study hard.”

Xie Lin glanced at the desk, and there was indeed half of the test paper done, so he nodded and said, “Don’t stay up late, pay attention to rest.

“I know.” Fu Yuanzhou hesitated for a while, and said, “Good night.”

Xie Lin gave a very faint smile: “Good night.”

For Fu Yuanzhou, although the day was embarrassing, fortunately he had already made peace with Xie Lin in the end. Yu Fei has said that he had an advantage or disadvantage, that is, his emotions came and went quickly, and he won’t be troubled for too long, so he didn’t feel too entangled.

The only problem was with Ran Shutang. Fu Yuanzhou had been thinking about how to talk to Ran Shutang these days, but before he had time to implement it, the school’s autumn sports meet was ushered in.

The Autumn Games of No. 1 Middle School was a traditional event of the school. It was large in scale. It was not only confined to the campus but was jointly organized with several other schools. The reason was that the Second Experimental Middle School was a sister school of the No. 1 Middle School, so the autumn games were held together every year.

Fu Yuanzhou was good at high jump and sprinting. He did his part to sign up for these two events, as well as the 100-meter relay. After he returned to school, he soon started daily training after school. There were many classmates and Yuan Ye also training with him.

As soon as school got over that afternoon, Fu Yuanzhou hurried to the playground to occupy the track and the field first. There were too many people to train. If he didn’t come here quickly, he would have to go to practice outside the school.

“Hurry up!”

He greeted the classmates, and at the same time, a dazzling blue sports car stopped in front of the school, which instantly attracted the attention of many people.

A young man quickly walked down from the driver’s seat. He was very tall, dressed in a white casual suit, with a slender figure, outstanding temperament, and was as dazzling as a model.

In the sun, his complexion was slightly pale, lacking blood, his dark brown curly hair was slightly long, tied behind his head, his blue eyes were as deep as the sea, and his facial features were as perfect as if it was sculpted. He had the appearance of a mixed race, and he looked handsome. He was dazzling.

He stood in front of the school and watched for a while, his thin lips raised slightly, showing a faint smile, and whispering to himself.

“Don’t want to contact me? Then I will come to you, Seven.”

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Author’s Note: After the last discussion, I think everyone might think that this new man is reborn. Let me first say that he is not. It may cause misunderstandings, but he is not reborn. =v= He is the man Yuanzhou met on Instagram, however because he was blocked, he was willing to come to China to find someone (.) And he is the last member of the harem, now all the people liking FY are here. Here we are…!

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