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The next day, Xu Maomao repeated his old trick, but Shen Yu still only punished him not to get up on his bed. So on the third day, Xu Maomao’s level of death-seeking increased by a level. Not only did he get food everywhere, he also peed a little in the nest, and in order to exacerbate the effect, he deliberately sprinkled water in it, and chose to wetten the rest of the living room.

When Shen Yu came back and saw water stains everywhere, his face became brilliant, and his eyes were fixed on Xu Maomao who shrank in the corner in shame.

Picking up the smelly cat litter, Shen Yu frowned and said, “Oscar, you did a good job, you never peed messily before.”

Xu Maomao responded softly: “Meow~~”

I can’t stand it, man God is great~~

This night, Shen Yu didn’t pay much attention to the cat. He kept holding his mobile phone and chatting with his friends on WeChat, his brows were always tight, as if he was thinking about something serious. Later, he called Qiao Lingfeng.

“Hello? Qiao Lingfeng, I want to tell you something.”

Xu Maomao pricked up his ears.

“…Busy? That’s all right, I’ll leave a message on WeChat,” Shen Yu said on the phone, and glanced at Xu Maomao lightly, “It’s best to solve it tomorrow, Oscar is too noisy.”

Yo, yo, yo! Finally can’t stand me yet! Am I finally going to be sent away?

Xu Maomao was so excited that he swept his big tail back and forth on the ground. Even when Shen Yu didn’t have time to cook dinner and gave him canned food, he was not depressed, and even summoned up the courage to try to lick it.


This, this taste of happiness… Ho Ho times!

Xu Maomao was overwhelmed by the sweet, meaty and moist taste of the canned salmon. He couldn’t help throwing away his human restraint, bury his head in and roll another piece of meat into his mouth.

Anyway, I am a cat now, and it is only right and proper for cats to eat canned cat food!

As for integrity, let’s wait until I recover my human form before picking it up again.

Because the mischievous Shen Yu still didn’t let him get on the bed, even the caresses were less, so the love value didn’t increase a little during the whole night.

Xu Maomao was alone in the temporary nest that Shen Yu built for him, so he touched the bell and entered the chat group.

The chat records in the group were still insane, and two cats chatted secretly and openly, but they were banned for 24 hours by the discerning group owner. Some cats sent red envelopes, but at that time he was working hard to die, so he did not grab it. Fortunately, Dr. Mi may be busy researching the new formula these two days, so his red envelope had not been sent out yet.

There was also [a bite of high-end canned cat food] in the big backpack. The greedy Xu Maomao originally planned to take out the meat, but then he thought that maybe he could use that canned food to exchange things with other cats in the future, so he didn’t move for the time being.

The next morning, Shen Yu woke up very early. He played with his mobile phone very late last night. He had dark circles under his eyes, but for some reason, he seemed to be in a good mood.

He made pilaf for Xu Maomao, then picked up Xu Maomao who had been making trouble for three days in a row, put him on the table, and looked at him carefully, his eyes could almost be called gentle.

“Meow?” God, what are you looking at me for? Don’t test me like this, let me tell you, I can do more, if you are so patient with me, I will tear up your house, you know!

Shen Yu naturally didn’t understand, he just picked up the comb, combed his fur and trimmed his claws very carefully.

After finishing Xu Maomao’s hair, Shen Yu looked at it for a moment and smiled with satisfaction.

[Gained ‘Shen Yu’ love value +100]

One hundred was a considerable value for Shen Yu, but Xu Maomao was at a loss. Could it be that he didn’t care about his actions?

As a result, Shen Yu came out with a takeaway cage, opened the cage and said softly to him:

“I’ll take you to Qiao Lingfeng’s house today, come in quickly.”

Meow! It turned out that he was dressing me up just now, after all, I must want to make a good impression on the new owner! It seemed that Shen Yu really planned to give him away to Qiao Lingfeng!

Thinking about it this way, he was happy and reluctant, but it didn’t matter, he regained his energy right away!

Under Shen Yu’s urging gaze, Xu Maomao obediently entered the cage. Qiao Lingfeng kept calling on the road, Shen Yu said while driving: “Got it, I’ll go there right away, are you ready, how many cats are there?”

Qiao Lingfeng: “Twenty-five cats, there are all kinds, we’ll keep them to satisfy Oscar.”

Xu Maomao: ??? What’s the meaning?

But he didn’t listen for long, because the shaking caused by the driving was too hypnotic, he was in a daze the whole way, until he reached the destination, then Shen Yu carried him into Qiao Lingfeng’s villa.

As soon as he stepped into the villa, Xu Maomao, who was staying in the cage, heard cats meowing one after another.

These meows were soft and sweet, like girls, and Xu Maomao could roughly distinguish the meaning of those calls, but they sounded stupid, and their speech was slurred. Xu Maomao tried hard to identify, only then could he barely hear them saying: “Oops, another cat is trying to rob me, I hate it.”

Just as Xu Maomao was thinking about what was going on, his keen cat nose noticed a strange and tempting air in the air. The breath came from the direction where the meowing was most concentrated. He stayed in the cage, wondering and uncertain.

The cage was opened, and Qiao Lingfeng came up to him, exaggerating: “Baby Oscar is finally here!”

Qiao Lingfeng carried him out of the takeaway cage, and the notification of increasing love value sounded one after another, but Xu Maomao couldn’t hear clearly, because the moment they were exposed, the cats all went in a commotion and they were screaming.

“Oh oh oh, he is today’s male cat, sisters, come on!”

A large group of cats, many of which were expensive breeds, rushed over happily as if they had smelled fish, but Qiao Lingfeng turned while hugging Xu Maomao.

Twenty pairs of watery cat eyes stared at Xu Maomao hungrily, like looking at meat on a plate.

Xu Maomao panicked instinctively, jumped out of Qiao Lingfeng’s arms, and flew into Shen Yu’s arms like a missile.

“Oscar, why are you hiding? Go down and play.” Qiao Lingfeng bent down and picked up a cat at his feet, and ran to Oscar, “Look, is she pretty? My manager’s female cat is also in heat.”


Xu Maomao immediately understood today’s theme, did Shen Yu think that he was in heat, so he brought him on a blind date!!!


Xu Maomao yelled, his voice was probably too shrill, and it stunned the two men and the female cats in estrus who were eager to try.

The female cats backed away, muttering softly, “He doesn’t seem to like me.”

“Meow meow!” Xu Maomao yelled anxiously.

“My shit shoveler got it wrong, I’m not here for a blind date.

A fat tabby cat raised its head: “Meow?”

Then why are you here? Last night my shit shoveler specifically said that there was a big friendship today.

Without waiting for Xu Maomao to reply to them, a few bold and unrestrained cats showed their enchanting and graceful figures loudly, and some emanated pheromone as if they didn’t want money: “Brother handsome cat, look at our sisters, come on!” “Come on!”

Their pheromones floated into Xu Maomao’s nose, and Xu Maomao suddenly felt a terrible impulse coming from his body.

What frightened him even more was that the two owners thought that he was in love with the cats below, so Shen Yu decided to put him down, “Go, see which one you like.”

He landed, and the cat ladies became even more excited! The cry was long and sharp, and the big watery eyes seemed to want to eat him alive!


Don’t come here! QAQ

“Meow~~” Don’t be shy~ handsome brother~

“Meow———!” No!!!!

Xu Maomao was so frightened that he fled around and used his actions to refuse the Ms. Cat’s pursuit.

He screamed so fiercely that it didn’t take long for the cats to lose interest after being screamed at one after another, and they said dejectedly, “I hate it, you’re still a male cat, we’ve been waiting for nothing.”

Xu Maomao: “Meow.”

A few cats followed behind unwillingly, trying to seduce him by posing. Xu Maomao simply hid under a certain cabinet. That corner could only accommodate one cat.

Qiao Lingfeng took a cat teasing stick and tried to hook him out, but it attracted the attention of the twenty cats who surrounded him. He hugged them left and right like an emperor and enjoyed it for a while, then dropped the cat stick and lay down on the ground. After which, he said to Xu Maomao: “Little Oscar, come out for a blind date!”

Xu Maomao remained motionless.

Qiao Lingfeng: “What’s the matter, it doesn’t look like it’s in heat. Besides, there are so many female cats present, it should be in heat even if it wasn’t already.”

Shen Yu: “It has been very noisy for the past few days, and it urinates everywhere.”

Xu Maomao wanted to cry but had no tears. It turned out that he had worked so hard for three days only to make Shen Yu misunderstand that he was in heat such that he brought him to breed.

Qiao Lingfeng was not reconciled: “I don’t believe it won’t come out. For this blind date, my manager and I organized it overnight, mobilizing all the cats that could be mobilized in Moments.”

Shen Yu also nodded: “I guess it’s a little nervous. Wait.”

In order to get Xu Maomao out of the nest, they tried their best to comfort him with gentle words, and took a lot of toys, as well as a certain brand of canned salmon and chicken that cats loved most.

Smelling the smell of meat, Xu Maomao hooked his hind paws around the feet of the cabinet, poked his head out, and licked the canned meat in front of him.

Seeing this, Qiao Lingfeng moved away quietly, and said with a smile, “Do you want it? Come out if you want it.”

Xu Maomao glared at him, then retracted into his shell again.

Qiao Lingfeng was dumbfounded: “It’s so fine!”

At noon, all the cats were hungry, and their owners saw that there was nothing to do here, so they asked to take the cats home. Qiao Lingfeng could only let them go with nice words, and even gave them toys.

Shen Yu: “It’s time for Oscar to come out.”

Xu Maomao raised his head vigilantly, and shrank back when he saw that there were still a few cats in the room.

Qiao Lingfeng: “Hey, hey, those are my cats, they are all eunuchs, don’t be afraid!”

The cats lay coldly in the nest, motionless, only meowing a few times.

Xu Maomao noticed that there were no bells on their necks, and like the twenty or so cats just now, although he could roughly understand their meows, it was a bit difficult, and it was not because of his own problems, it seemed that these cats were relatively ignorant and found it difficult to express themselves.

After confirming that it was indeed safe, Xu Maomao crawled out from the bottom sleepily. He was very hungry and tired, and he had to be vigilant all the time. It was not easy being a reserved male cat.

Qiao Lingfeng caressed him several times, and Xu Maomao regained his energy when he heard that the love value was constantly increasing, and let out a delicate meow.

Just pointing at your love value.

Just as he was grateful for Qiao Lingfeng’s overflowing generosity in his heart, he heard him turn around and say to Shen Yu: “We failed today, but even if he has not entered into heat this time, he will go into heat in the future, or else, you should quickly get Oscar neutered.

Xu Maomao was startled: “Meow!”

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