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Under his master’s stalking, his uncle agreed to make a Horcrux, but he had to wait until the spirit sword was finished. After all, the furnace could only make one item at a time, and the sword Lin Xin requested was not very easy to make, and it was estimated that he would not be able to ready it by his hair-tying ceremony at this rate.

“If you can’t make it, then you can’t make it. I’m not in a hurry.” Lin Xin now had a master who could do everything, and he didn’t need to work hard with others for the time being. He was too lazy to practice, so he dragged Shen Lou out to play every day with his broken arm. Except for Shen Lou’s unstoppable sword practice in the early morning, he let him do what he wanted for the rest of the time. So much so that Lin Xin himself forgot about the Spirit Sword.

“Nonsense, if there is no spirit sword for your hair-tying ceremony, I am the one who would be ashamed!” Zhu Xingli sat behind the long table, almost buried in a mountain of official documents.

In order to speed up the progress of sword casting, Zhu Xingli was forced to agree to handle the official affairs of the southern region for his elder brother. Facing the complicated official documents, his handsome face was wrinkled into a bitter melon, and the corners of his drooping eyes were almost drawn to the ears.

Lin Xin licked the candied haws that Shen Lou had bought for him, feeling a little guilty, he leaned over to say that he could help, and glanced at the official documents on the table.

Spread out on the table was a greeting letter, which was submitted by a thousand households. Nothing important, just a routine greeting. Zhu Xingli picked up the ink brush, and replied “nonsense” in extremely scribbled words, and drew a turtle by the way.

“Xinxin.” Lin Xin disappeared in a blink of an eye, so Shen Lou came to Qingliang Hall to look for him.

Lin Xin bit a hawthorn, and wrinkled his face with soreness, “Why are you called Xinxin again? Didn’t you say you want to be called by nicknames?”

Shen Lou pursed his lips. In his heart, he wanted to call Xinxin “Chi Nuo” but, “If I call you like that outside, others will know your baby name.”

Calling by baby name was not respectful, only close elders and couples could make fun of it, so it was really not good for others to hear Shen Lou call him by his baby name.

Speaking of the name, Lin Xin stuffed the half-eaten candied haws to Shen Lou, ran to the bookshelf, flipped through the book “Erya[1]” and put it in front of Master, “Master, you draw the turtles later and get me a name first.”

“Biaozi[2].” Zhu Xingli picked up a pen and drew a circle on the tip of his nose, “Let’s call it Gui’er.”

“If I’m Gui’er[3], then you are Gui’er.” Lin Xin snatched away the ink brush and pushed the “Erya” over.

In his previous life, his master left before he had time to give him the word. The word “Luxing[4]” was given to him by the emperor, saying that he hoped that he would live up to his father’s wishes. His father’s wish was the meaning of Lin Zhenghan’s name for him-to keep promises, and the faith Lin Zhenghan kept throughout his life was to find the Luli mine veins for the royal family.

In the final analysis, it was to live up to the emperor’s grace. This name was too heavy for a teenager.

Shen Lou came over and sat beside Lin Xin, “Do you have a favorite word?”

“Zhu Xian!” Lin Xin replied immediately.

“What pig salt?” Zhu Xingli, who was flipping through “Erya”, raised his eyes.

“The lyrics of the song in Bodhi City.” Lin Xin leaned on the long table, looked at Shen Lou with a smile, tapped his two fingers on the table, and sang a section of “Butterfly Love Flower” in a similar way, “Qing Hug Zhu Xian, worthy of the Danxiao mirror. Lin Shaofeng Youxin was seen, and he raised his head, suspected to be a plum blossom collar.”

Qing hugged Zhu Xian, and it was almost like Qing Que hugged Xinxin.

Shen Lou’s ear tips were reddish, and he coughed lightly.

“Holding Zhu Xian clearly, what an artistic conception.” Lin Xin winked at Master triumphantly, expecting Master to scold him, such as “bullying the eldest son again” or “don’t take advantage of the eldest son” and so on.

It was a pity that Zhu Xingli didn’t understand. After all, he didn’t know that Shen Lou’s nickname was “Qingque”, “What does that have to do with the artistic conception of bullshit?”

“Zhu Xian, it sounds like he follows your Zhu’s family name.” Shen Lou changed the topic calmly.

Lin Xin turned his head to look at Shen Lou, feeling a sense of confidante. In fact, this was his real purpose. If he took the word Zhu Xian, it would be like becoming his master’s son.

Zhu Xingli was stunned for a moment, then grabbed the book and beat him up, “Fuck off, if people think you are my son, how can I get married in the future?”


Seeing that the master and apprentice were about to fight, Shen Lou flipped through the book, pointed to a line in it and said, “Although Zhu Xian is good, but the dialect of the Northern Territory is not very pleasant to read, in it, it means ‘Worthless’.”

Lin Xin and Zhu Xingli turned to look at him.

Shen Lou didn’t change his face, and met Lin Xin’s gaze, “I will live up to my longevity and live up to my honor.”

This word, spoken by the emperor, was a threat; but spoken by Shen Lou, it was like a love story.

“This is good, this is it.” Zhu Xingli made the final decision, and he believed that he couldn’t beat Zhu Xian, but he was worthy of it, and it was very suitable. With a swipe of the pen, he wrote the word “Xiangshou”[5] on the paper and handed it to Lin Xin.

Lin Xin folded the paper carefully. At that moment just now, he almost thought that Shen Lou was also reborn, but he was relieved when he heard it later.

Live up to longevity and live up to Qingque, chewing on this interpretation repeatedly, feeling itchy in my heart, he couldn’t help picking the soles of his shoes with his toes. It was such a good word, let’s call it this.

The elated Lin Xin reached out to ask for the candied haws he hadn’t finished eating but found that there was only a bare bamboo stick left in Shen Lou’s hand.

Just now he was a little nervous, and he ate it unconsciously. Shen Lou threw away the bamboo stick, “I’ll buy you another one.”

He went to read ancient books in the temple. Most of the rare and fragmented scrolls in the world were kept in the Palace of One Thought, accumulated by several generations of the Zhu family, and each copy was a priceless treasure.

He wanted to find the reason for his rebirth in the book. And Shen Lou didn’t seem to have much to do, he just occasionally went out to see his subordinates, and spent the rest of the time with him.

Shen Lou sent a letter to Huan Xinghai, reminding his father to check Beimo’s news and inform him about the spirit devourer. When he saw the spirit destroyer on Yanqiu, it really surprised him. This thing should have appeared only a few years later. He didn’t expect it to appear so early. It must be found out as soon as possible, and the sooner it was eliminated, the better.

“Xinxin, do you know what He Liuhun threw out that day?” Shen Lou felt that this matter should be discussed with Lin Xin.

“Well, it should be Beimo’s witchcraft,” Lin Xin said vaguely, leaning on Shen Lou’s body like a boneless one, “If you meet that thing again, you must never touch it. I touched it through spiritual power, I’m still a little dizzy now.”

Shen Lou looked down at the “weak” Lin Xin, and suddenly got a break from his thoughts. He shouldn’t worry about the spirit devourer too much.

The summer was over and the autumn wind was coming, his junior brother had been away for two months, and no letter had come. Lin Xin looked at his left hand from which the splint had been removed, and muttered to himself that his arm should be healed too, why was he so heartless.

Tomorrow was his hair-tying ceremony, Zhu Yangai tricked his younger brother into working for him, but in the end he still couldn’t catch up with the spirit sword, and Zhu Xingli was so angry that he fought him.

Fifteen hairpins for women, and fifteen bundles for men. After the hair is tied, you can marry a wife.

“I will have my hair tied tomorrow, do you have a gift for me?” Lin Xin after getting the splint removed, immediately turned into an untethered flea, and dragged Shen Lou to ride a horse in the suburbs.

Shen Lou looked ahead and pretended not to hear.

Lin Xin rode his horse to stop him, “Okay, Shen Lou, you plan to watch the ceremony empty-handed.”

“On hair-tying ceremonies, only elders or husbands will give gifts.” Shen Lou looked down at the horse grazing with its head down.

Hearing this, Lin Xin wanted it even more, and jumped on Shen Lou’s horse to tickle him, “I don’t care, you have to give it, we are friends who slept together when we were young!”

Because of all the commotion, the horse threw the two of them out. Shen Lou pushed himself to the bottom and rolled around in a circle holding Lin Xin.

Lin Xin got up, holding a blade of grass on his head, and said aggrievedly: “If Zhongzhong was here, he would definitely prepare it for me.”

Seeing him pretending to be soft, the corners of Shen Lou’s mouth twitched, then he sighed, and took out something from his sleeve. He took out a black headband with long silver tassels, and it was decorated with pieces of Luli.

The black silk and silver designed headband were Huan Xinghai’s hair-wrapping gift for the children of the family. The more expensive ones would be added with Luli shards, which meant to gather thousands of stars. The Shen family did not have the skill of the Zhu family to carve the Luli into exquisite shapes, so they simply smashed it and glued it on.

Shen Lou didn’t like being so dazzling, and usually only wore the one without deer glass.

Lin Xin immediately snatched it over, “This is good, let the master wear this for me when I tie my hair.”

“Take out that jade pendant of yours too.” Shen Lou looked at the thin hemp rope around Lin Xin’s neck, he had worn this filial piety for six years, so it was time to take it off.

“Then how do I do it?” Lin Xin took out the topaz deer, which was the jade pendant of the Lord of Xunlu, and if people saw this, he wouldn’t be able to hide his identity.

“You can’t hide it anymore.” Shen Lou looked in the direction of the capital. He had just received news that a team of Golden Guards was coming towards the southern region.

Lin Xin’s eyes darkened.

“You killed the barbarians and were seen by the Golden Guards. They will definitely tell the emperor about it.” The emperor must have become interested, and after a little investigation, he would understand that Zhu Xingli, who didn’t like to worry, must only adopt children of someone who was his close friend, and his best friends were Lin Zhenghan and Jian Qiuluo.

“Then do I have to go to Beijing?” Lin Xin tore off the little deer, rubbing the word “struggle” on the back.

“Don’t be afraid, if you go to Beijing, I will protect you.” Shen Lou untied the jade rope around his waist and handed it over. He himself would definitely fall into that quagmire, but as long as Lin Xin didn’t become that kind of scumbag, nothing should happen. With the experience of his previous life, he could always protect Lin Xin comprehensively.

During the hair tying ceremony, wearing Zhu family’s crimson red shark silk gold jade robe, Shen’s Huan Xinghai headband with tassel rope, and Marquis of Xunlu’s yellow jade pendant, Lin Xin’s attire was comparable to the hodgepodge of Zishu stew. Fortunately, he was handsome, so he did not look too fancy.

Kneeling on the ground to let his master tie his hair, Lin Xin laughed so hard that his teeth could not be seen. After the ceremony, a group of Golden Guards appeared, and this time it was not the commander who held the imperial edict, but a civil servant.

“Du Huang, the official secretary, has met Duke Jiang.” The civil official was very elegant, speaking in Yongdu elegant words, with a correct accent and a round voice, neither slow nor fast, facing the man standing on the jade steps with his hands behind his back. Zhu Yangai bowed to him, and the etiquette of gestures was exemplary.

The Golden guards behind him followed suit and knelt down on one knee, “We have seen the Duke.”

Zishu who was standing on the side curled her lips, and whispered to Huang Ge: “These Golden guards, why don’t they kneel when they see our Duke?”

Huang Ge blushed, not knowing how to describe it, “Maybe, because the Zhu family is rich.”

“Wrong,” Lin Xin suddenly appeared between the two of them, and said inscrutably, “Because my uncle has a bad temper.”

The three turned their heads and saw that Zhu Yangai’s face had changed coldly, “Yixiao, go and open the spider web.”

The spider web referred to the large guard formation of Yinian Palace, which would ring a bell when someone broke in with a sword, and the guards in the palace would immediately draw their bows and shoot the person down.

The civil servant suddenly showed a bit of embarrassment, “This official was abrupt, and I hope the Duke will forgive me.”

The author has something to say:

Note: Qing Bao Zhu Xian is worthy of Dan Xiaojing. ——Song·Huang Chang’s “Butterfly Love Flower”

Small theater:

Emperor: You can live up to it

Xinxin: Bah, it sounds so ugly, is it a person’s name?

Lou Lou: Your name is not bad, right?

Xinxin: Wow, it sounds so nice, is it a fairy name?


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[1] The Erya or Erh-ya is the first surviving Chinese dictionary.

[2] Curse word.

[3] Chinese for turtle.

[4] Fulfillment.

[5] Ok guys, so I’m really confused about all this discussion since we have not been told LX’s official name in his last life, but I’m thinking it’s Xiangshou (which is the closest to the meaning of the phrase)… Let’s hope the confusion is cleared later.

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