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Junior brother had an accident, but he didn’t tell his master, this kind of behavior, in the eyes of others, was like Lin Xin intentionally harming his junior brother.

Shen Lou stared at him for a moment, then agreed, “Okay, we won’t tell your Master, I’ll send for someone from the Shen family.”

The southern region was the farthest from the northern region, and the Shen family was beyond reach, so Shen Lou could only mobilize his own people, but at this moment Huang Ge had gone to investigate the matter of the Gu carving and was not around.

“Mr. Lin, where are you going?” Zhu Jiangchun was taking his other two brothers – Zhu Jiangxia and Zhu Jiangqiu to the martial arts field for morning lessons. Seeing Lin Xin walking over in a hurry, he asked one more question.

“I want to go back to Yanqiu. None of you are allowed to disturb my master.” Lin Xin said cruelly while holding Moyu.

“Moyu! Did something happen to Master Jian?” Zhu Jiangchun saw the small sword in Lin Xin’s hand.

Zishu ran over quickly, “Your Majesty, it will take another hour to send people over, just wait…”

“It’ll be too late, I’ll go by myself.” Lin Xin waved his hand, took out the small sword and was about to leave. If it was really that group of vicious people from his previous life, then he couldn’t delay for a moment.

“Mr. Lin, let us go with you.” Zhu Jiangchun said, his two younger brothers also offered their spirit swords one after another, Zhu Jiangxia, who was grumpy, even pouted, “Let’s go, you don’t need to be so serious, after all it is our Zhu family’s affairs.”

The three bad-spoken brothers satirized Lin Xin every time they saw him in their previous lives, and most of the time they fought violently. This was the first time Lin Xin heard them call him “Our Zhu family”.

“Then I will thank you three in advance.” Lin Xin cupped his hands in thanks, the three sword-folding masters were considered top-notch masters in the Zhu family, so it would be great to have their help.

Shen Lou embraced Lin Xin and jumped onto Yu Yuan, “You are not yet fifteen, you can’t control the sword yet.”

“I could, as early as when I was twelve years old,” Lin Xin said in a low voice, looking around. “Your mind and soul are damaged, let me navigate the sword.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Shen Lou hugged him tightly and the spirit sword rushed out like a shooting star chasing the sun, “I’m used to it already.”

Thick smoke billowed up and everything seemed devastated, this was the picture of Yanqiu Hill that everyone saw from mid-air at this moment.

This place was originally a treasure land of geomantic omen, with red flowers, willows and green grass all over the ground. The intruders were trapped by the formation of vegetation, trees, mountains and rocks, so they simply set fire to the mountain. The jujube trees that Lin Xin climbed one by one were all turned into charred rocks, and the houses had collapsed.

This scene was exactly the same as what he saw in his previous life. Lin Xin’s eyes were red, he jumped off the flying sword, and turned to run towards the back mountain.

“Ah Xin,” Shen Lou motioned for everyone to follow, while he quickly caught up with Lin Xin and grabbed him, “Where are you going?”

“There is a small road in the back mountain.” Lin Xin looked at him puzzled.

Shen Lou was helpless. They were a group of six, which was considered a small team. Like Lin Xin, if they ran away without saying a word, they would be dispersed after a while, “Since they can burn the mountain, there must be a large number of people inside. Let’s take the path behind the mountain. Everyone hold your breath and concentrate, and refrain from making any noise.”

“Okay.” Zishu naturally responded to the son’s words, and the three Zhu brothers also unconsciously obeyed. But seeing the Shen family boy command them, they couldn’t help but stare at each other in annoyance.

Yanqiu had a gentle slope on the front and a steep slope on the back. There was only a small path hidden in the crevice of the stone.

“There is a formation on the road, you follow me.” Lin Xin took Shen Lou’s hand.

Shen Lou nodded, telling the people behind to follow in their footsteps and not miss a single step.

Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, and sometimes to go around the bushes outside the road. Only the three master and apprentices knew this way, and even those guards and servants didn’t know about it. Even if someone entered by mistake, they would not be able to get out of the formation on this road, and would soon alarm the owner of the villa.

The group of people climbed to the top of the mountain, crouched behind the rocks, and looked at the dead and silent villa.

“What’s the smell? Is this a latrine?” Zhu Jiangxia pushed aside the weeds at hand, revealing a head with wide eyes, half-open mouth, looking at him with blood on his face, “Woo!”

Zhu Jiangqiu next to him quickly covered his mouth, looked down, and couldn’t help gasping.

Under the high rock where they lay prone, there were dozens of corpses piled up, guards in scarlet clothes and servants in brown clothes. Lin Xin leaned on the stone wall with one hand and jumped down. He turned over a corpse in coarse clothes. His dark face was still a little immature. It was a farmer who delivered vegetables to Yanqiu every morning.

“His father left early, and there are only his mother and eight-year-old sister at home, and they make a living by delivering food to others.” Lin Xin raised his hand and closed his eyes for the terrified boy, he must have had his mule he used for pulling vegetables, why didn’t he run away?

Shen Lou frowned, lightly touched the courtyard wall with his toes, and leaned over the top of the wall to look inward. People walked by the courtyard wall from time to time, all wearing plain white clothes, carrying long swords, with their faces covered, walking like wolves, “Do you know these people?

“This dagger, a bit shorter than the Shen family’s saber, and it won’t be carried on the back.”

“Isn’t this similar to the Zhong family?” When he rushed back that year, everyone was smashed into meat by the big formation set up by the master, leaving only a few white clothes and rags.

“Plausible, we don’t know.” Shen Lou shook his head.

Lin Xin was short of breath.

The men in white noticed something was wrong, so they turned their face suddenly, jumped up to the wall in two or three steps, and squatted over it to look left and right. There was nothing outside the wall, mosquitoes and flies were buzzing on the pile of dead people, but there was nothing else. So, they returned to the courtyard and continued patrolling.

Shen Lou pulled Lin Xin out of the corner and made a gesture towards Zishu. Zishu tied up the cuffs of her purple robe, tied up her long hair, and rushed out like a hawk, hiding in the shadow of the eaves and ridges.

“Zishu practices the concealment technique.” Shen Lou explained to Lin Xin in a low voice. The so-called concealment technique did not really make you disappear out of thin air, but hid the figure through the shadows, and at the same time restrained the breath so that it was difficult to detect. It was a skill that scouts in the Northern Territory practiced.

After half an hour, Zishu came running back, “There are twenty-three men in white clothes in the villa, there seems to be a leader, but this subordinate could not see him clearly; Mr. Jian is locked in the west wing, and he is safe, there are two men in white clothes guarding him. One is an immortal, and he speaks Donghu dialect.”

“Donghu dialect?” Shen Lou frowned, “Does everyone speak Donghu dialect?”

Donghu dialect was the language of the northern desert barbarians, also known as Beiman. The language was a common language used by the northern desert barbarians who had been at war with the northern regions all year round.

“This subordinate is not sure, but I heard a few words that were all barbaric.” Zishu reported the truth.

How could this be so…

Lin Xin frowned, he had heard from Jian Zhong that one of the people who attacked Yanqiu was a nine-foot-tall man who seemed to be a barbarian warrior, but the rest spoke Chinese. Why were there so many barbarians this time?

When Shen Lou heard that it was a barbarian, he also frowned. Beimo was far away from here, what were these barbarians doing here in Yanqiu?

“Twenty or so people, they’re probably invincible.” Zhu Jiangchun said.

“What are you afraid of? It’s just a bunch of barbarians.” Zhu Jiangxia didn’t take it seriously. Most of the immortals in Dayong looked down on the barbarians of the Northern Desert, thinking their cultivation methods were too vulgar.

Zhu Jiangqiu didn’t speak, and he just followed what his two elder brothers said.

“There is a large formation set up by Master in the southwest of the courtyard, I will go and check it.” Lin Xin put down these words and walked away. Shen Lou didn’t have time to stop him, so he had to let the others stand by and chase Lin Xin by himself.

There was a bamboo forest in the southwest, where the rain was abundant, and the bamboo grew very luxuriantly. Lin Xin leaned on the top of the wall, stretched the small sword in, and some fluorescent light floated up from the wall, which was the soul power of the person standing under the wall.

“Huh la la——” A masked man in white was urinating by the bamboo forest, and the soul power from his body was unknowingly drawn by Lin Xin. After urinating, he shook and felt dizzy.

Before he could stand still, a thin, short sword reached his neck, cutting his throat cleanly. Lin Xin caught the fallen body of the man in white, gently placed it on the ground, then he jumped into the bamboo forest.

Shen Lou watched Lin Xin’s incomparably skilful killing techniques and followed him silently.

There were fallen leaves everywhere in the bamboo forest. Lin Xin found the place based on his memory, and quickly peeled away the dead branches, revealing the lines made of cinnabar and paraffin. This was drawn by Zhu Xingli based on the lore formation in the fragments of ancient books. Because the ancient scrolls were incomplete, he added many places by himself, so he didn’t know if they could be used.

At that time, the meat foam all over Yanqiu was probably caused by this big formation. No matter who these people were, today, they would still be shredded into pieces!

Lin Xin checked several positions one after another, pinched his fingers and quickly calculated, “Dry three times, Kun six breaks; shake the bowl, cover the bowl; leave the center empty, and the ridge is full; push up the gap, and the sun breaks down.”

“This position is not right.” Lin Xin knelt on one knee, traced the extremely complicated lines repeatedly with one finger, and finally found the omission. Without cinnabar, he bit his index finger and painted it with blood.

Shen Lou failed to hand out his finger, so he paused for a moment in mid-air, and then diverted his hand back to Yu Yuan’s sword hilt.

“Give me three pieces of Luli.” Lin Xin stretched out his hand without looking back.

Shen Lou took out three Luli pieces and gave it to him, and it was quickly placed on the formation. The moment Luli entered the formation, it was as if a giant beast was suddenly awakened, the cinnabar turned bright red, the spiritual power started flowing, and the dead bamboo leaves on the ground started moving automatically without wind.

“Let’s go.” Lin Xin grabbed Shen Lou and quickly exited the bamboo forest. This dear friend who deserted his post to pee would soon have a companion come looking for him, so it was not suitable to stay here for a long time.

“Will this large formation trap them?” Shen Lou confirmed with Lin Xin.

“No.” Lin Xin looked up at him, his deep blue eyes silent, “It will kill them.”

Shen Lou glanced at the pile of corpses in the grass, the boy who delivered the vegetables was still facing the sun, “Okay.”

Unexpectedly, Shen Lou agreed so quickly, Lin Xin looked at him suspiciously, “Don’t you think I’m being cruel?”

“They deserve it”, Shen Lou shook his head, called everyone over, and used a branch to draw the general orientation of the yard on the ground, “Zishu will be used as bait, the three of you are on the periphery, driving the barbarians to the bamboo forest…”

Clear division of labor which maximized the usefulness of each person.

“Everything will not start until Xinxin and I rescue Jian Zhong.” After the appointment, everyone lay down in the dry grass and waited for the dark.

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“Dry three times, Kun six breaks; shake the bowl, cover the bowl; leave the center empty, and the ridge is full; push up the gap, and the sun breaks down.” quoted from Song Zhuxi’s “Bagua Quxiang”.

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