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“Lord Wu.” Shen Lou slightly nodded.

Wu Zhaoyang wore the Zhong family’s plain brocade robe, but the neckline was not decorated with white tiger fur.

After Zhong Changye passed away, even with Shen Qirui in charge, the Western Regions were still in chaos. The incompetent Zhong Suifeng could only rely on capable subordinates, and Wu Zhaoyang, who was already popular with Zhong Changye, immediately stood out. Last year, he was named Guanneihou, a position equivalent to the prime minister of the Western Regions.

“My eyes are clumsy, I wonder who this young master is?” Wu Zhaoyang turned to Lin Xin politely, because he smiled all the year round, deep smile lines had formed in the corners of his eyes, like the tail of a koi carp, which made him seem very amiable.

“Second Uncle Zhu’s apprentice.” Shen Lou gave a brief introduction without mentioning Lin Xin’s name.

“It turned out to be the second master’s disciple, no disrespect.” Wu Zhaoyang bowed his hands in salute and did not dare to neglect Lin Xin because of his young age.

Lin Xin’s eyes fell on the jade pendant on Wu Zhaoyang’s waist. Most of the jade pendants immortals of noble origin wore showed their family patterns. If not matching the family pattern, then it was something auspicious like Pisces or the like. But this person’s jade pendant was carved with an osmanthus cake.

A square piece with a few blemishes on the surface, it looked like petals scattered on the sweet-scented osmanthus cake.

This person was interesting, Lin Xin raised his eyebrows slightly, and invited Wu Zhaoyang in as one of the masters. Looking back at the carriage, there were only a few ordinary guards, and there was no sign of Zhong Lun.

There was no need for the Duke to deliver the tea and wine in person. Zhong Changye came here in the first place to bond with Zhu Yangai. Zhong Lu, as Zhong Changye’s mad dog, naturally went wherever his master went.

“Master, I saw the man who chased and killed Uncle Zhao.” The young Lin Xin still didn’t know how to wield a sword, so he ran to Master’s side with a sigh of relief. Turning around suddenly, he found Zhong Lu standing outside the window, staring at him with the eyes of a hunting dog looking at his prey.

“Second Master Zhu, is this your apprentice?” Zhong Changye walked in, then his eagle eyes turned slightly, and fell on the pale-faced Lin Xin.

“Yes, Xin’er, this is Zhong Shibo[1].” Zhu Xingli rubbed Lin Xin’s head with a smile, motioning for him to say hello.

Lin Xin stared at Zhong Changye, “I’ve met Zhong Shibo.”

“This look reminds me of someone else.” Zhong Changye frowned slightly, then he helped Lin Xin who was saluting up, “There are two people who are about the same age as you at my place. My sons are very mischievous, after the Tumi Festival, why don’t you come to Mogui Mountain to play with them?”

It was an ordinary elder’s invitation to the younger generation, but when these words fell in Lin Xin’s ears, it made him tense up.

“Mogui Mountain is shit, who wants to go there?” Zhu Xingli waved his hands in disgust, “When will you pay me back for the Luli you owed me last time?”

“When did Gu owe you for Luli?” Zhong Changye asked. He had heard that Zhu Xingli had learned a lot about nonsense and obsession, so he didn’t want to continue talking to him, thus he turned around and left.

Zhu Xingli spat cursingly and dragged Lin Xin to Qingliang Hall.

“Brother, I’ll go back after the Tumi Festival, you help me look after the child.” Zhu Xingli leaned over and snatched the wine from Zhu Yangai’s hand.

“Get out!” Zhu Yangai slapped him.

“Meow!” Mrs. Jing, who was squatting on the armrest, followed suit and beat him up.

Zhu Xingli rolled over on the spot with his head in his arms, and stood up with a smile, “That’s it, before I come back, don’t let others kidnap you, especially the one with the surname Zhong.”

“Master?” Lin Xin looked at his Master suspiciously.

“Stupid boy, I can’t beat Zhong Changye, but your uncle can. Stay in the Yinian Palace and come back after the sword is cast.” With the natal spirit sword, he could run away even if he couldn’t beat Zhong Lu, so he wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Only two days after their separation, the bloody Moyu’er suddenly flew to Yinian Palace.

Blood, there was blood everywhere on the Yanqiu Hill. With one step placed down, the crimson thin shoes worn by Zhu house people were completely soaked in blood. When he lifted his foot, there was a lot of meat foam.

The plain white cloth was like shredded paper money, scattered everywhere, entangled with the flesh and mud, making it unable for the original appearance to be seen.

“Master!” Lin Xin quickly walked through the dead land, rummaging through the ruins, “Zhu Yixiao[2]! Zhu Xingli!”

“Xin’er…” A weak cry sounded from the cluttered grass.

Pushing aside the gravel with his bare hands, he saw Zhu Xingli leaning against a messy pile of stones. His crimson crocodile cloak looked much redder than usual, and the Luli pendant on his forehead had fallen somewhere, leaving only a light empty golden chain on his tilted head.

“Xin’er,” Zhu Xingli opened his eyes, his face was calm, but the veins on his neck were tense, his voice sounded like it was coming from an old bellows, from which the wind was leaking, “Kill me… quickly …”

His slender arms were bent at abnormal angles, and he touched the Spring Mark sword next to him with difficulty.

Lin Xin picked up Spring Mark, held his Master’s wrist, and tried to transfer spiritual power to him, but it was like a mud cow falling into the sea. The spirit veins were cut off, there was no vitality, and it didn’t matter even if something was still swimming in the veins.

“This is an evil thing that destroys the immortal way,” Zhu Xingli took a trembling breath, and said the sentence completely, “Xin’er, I can’t hold it anymore, kill me!”

The veins on his neck became more and more tense. Zhu Xingli finally showed a look of unbearable pain.

“No…Master…um…” Lin Xin struggled in his dream, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Lin Xin, Lin Xin!” Shen Lou was tugging at him.

Opening his eyes suddenly, the blood mist had faded away, and all he saw was a thin tent, and the sound of the rain curtain was sounding next to his ears. The weather was hot, and the coolest place in Yinian Palace was Qingliang Hall, and the elders on both sides were not there, so Lin Xin pretended to want to sleep here and dragged Shen Lou to accompany him. Looking up, he could see the stone room where his master was.

The time when Master’s accident had happened was approaching, so he was like a hysterical lunatic, he could only feel at ease for a moment when he saw the closed stone door.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Shen Lou supported him with one hand, looking at him with clear eyes, it didn’t seem like he was woken up, it seemed like he hadn’t slept all this time.

Lin Xin looked at him and his lips trembled slightly, as if he wanted to say something. Turning over suddenly, he poked his head into Shen Lou’s arms, hugged him tightly with both hands, and said in a hoarse voice, “Shen Qingque, don’t be so nice to me.”

Shen Lou froze for a moment, then he thought that Lin Xin had seen through that he was born again, “What’s wrong?”

Taking a deep breath, the faint scent of grass and trees on Shen Qingque’s body could always dispel the haze he was in. Everyone in the previous life said that he was a master-killing demon, only Shen Lou asked him if he had any difficulties.

He was like a man trapped in the desert, bruised and tired, about to die of thirst. Shen Qingque was a bottomless pool, even knowing that he would drown if he jumped into it, he still crawled towards it without hesitation, willing even if he lost his life because of it.

Lin Xin didn’t answer, but just hugged him tightly.

“Hoo–” With a slight piercing sound, Shen Lou turned over in an instant holding Lin Xin, and stopped a small silver sword by catching it between his fingers.

“Moyu!” Lin Xin grabbed the sword and looked at it, the word “heavy” was engraved on the back, it was cut and sent, something must have happened at Yanqiu.

Zhong Changye was already dead, how could something happen at Yanqiu?

Lin Xin’s fingertips went icy cold, and he tightly held the little sword that was trying to escape to the refining room, “I want to go back to Yanqiu, immediately, immediately.”

Shen Lou quickly got up and dressed, looking at the pale sky, “Should I call your master…”

“No!” Lin Xin raised his voice suddenly, and tightly grasped Shen Lou’s wrist, “Master must not know, not a single word!”

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[1] Affectionate call to father’s old friend.

[2] This is most probably ZX’s official name. As I explained above, there are two names of every person: one birth name and the other an official name (which is used rarely or by people who are not very close).

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