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The next day, when Lin Xin woke up, Shen Lou had already gotten up. But he was not wearing a wide-sleeved outer shirt, instead wearing a strong arrow-sleeve outfit, he was swinging a sword in the courtyard.

Yu Yuan Sword, whose full name was Yu Yuan Luo Sun, had sword energy like a rainbow when he wielded the sword. Even without Luli, just relying on Shen Lou’s own spiritual power, it could transform into a dazzling aura.

Stabbing, chopping, hanging, lifting, wiping clouds, and picking, repeating the most basic moves with a sword over and over again, Shen Lou’s wrist was as steady as a heavy weight, and each move hit the same position.

Lin Xin leaned on the porch, biting a willow branch to rinse his mouth, silently counting the number of times Shen Lou swung his sword.

At this time, he happened to change to the “sword swinging style”, raised the sword, sent it out from bottom to top, and turned the wrist to flirt. This move needed the cooperation of the strength of the waist, if it was not done well, it would look ugly. Shen Lou’s movements were comparable to the fine brushwork on a numbered musical notation. The movement of the sword was like a dragon swimming, one breath and one move, attacking a thousand times!

With this level of spiritual power, Shen Lou still had the perseverance to practice basic sword moves every day.

After spitting out the willow branch in his mouth, Lin Xin went back to the house and took out his small sword, and jumped out from the corridor, colliding with the “Yu Yuan” passing by.

“My lord, how beautiful was your sword-swinging move just now, teach me.” Lin Xin showed a studious and inquiring look.

Shen Lou looked at the small sword he held in his hand, “Okay.”

Lin Xin held the hilt of the sword and tied a flower, and set up a posture to follow Shen Lou, but unexpectedly, the man walked around behind him, “You make a move! Let me take a look.” The low voice, like a drum in the evening and a bell in the morning, drilled into his head from his ears, making Lin Xin almost forget his movements.

He casually posed in a sword-swinging pose. Before Lin Xin could open his mouth, his hand was suddenly supported by a big warm hand, “The sword-swinging style doesn’t matter how high or low it is, but the hand must be fast and straight.”

His risen body temperature because of sword practice was transmitted to Lin Xin along the place where the two touched. In the warm wind of late spring, it was infectious.

“Senior brother!” Jian Zhong hurried over, and saw his impeccable senior who had learned all the sword moves in the first year, posing crookedly like a beginner while performing a sword swing. This was even rarer than the master giving him a box of Luli.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Xin put away his sword and glared at his blind junior brother.

“Master is going down the mountain to eliminate demons, so let us go together.” Jian Zhong was fully dressed, with his natal spirit sword hanging on his waist.

“Get rid of what demon?” He quickly went back to the room and put on his outer shirt, casually threw Shen Lou’s wide black sleeves to him, grabbed the small bronze mirror with a handle on his waist, and asked as he walked.

“I don’t know either,” Jian Zhong smacked his lips, revealing two small dimples of grievance, “It’s still useless for breakfast.”

“You just know how to eat!” Lin Xin knocked him on the head. Jiang Zhong’s head, even if he was going to become a prince in the future, he could still knock it. Looking back at Shen Lou, he saw that the man was already fully dressed and following them silently, “Your Majesty is going too?”

Shen Lou was a little amused, this man handed him the clothes, didn’t he mean to invite him to go with him? But he still nodded with a smile.

Yanqiu was just a small soil bag, and five miles away from the soil bag was a small town called Luoyan Town. On weekdays, most of the food, clothing, and shopping were done in this town. Zhu Xingli’s so-called “going down the mountain” meant getting off the soil bag and going to the town.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Lin Xin picked up a handful of jujubes and ran to Zhu Xingli to ask.

Zhu Xingli grabbed a jujube and stuffed it into his mouth to chew, “Master watched the stars at night, and I noticed that there are demons appearing nearby.” He said so inscrutably and spit out the jujube core a foot away.

“Wasn’t it cloudy last night?” Lin Xin grabbed his Master’s shoulder and spat out the jujube pit one foot and three inches with a “bah”.

“Go, go, you talk too much.” Zhu Xingli raised his hand to hit him, but Lin Xin dodged it, hid behind Shen Lou, and made faces at his master.

Shen Lou pursed his lips and smiled lightly, letting Lin Xin run around him.

Because it was the junction of the Southern Region and the Eastern Region, with north-south connections and east-west roads, Luoyan Town was very prosperous, but it was by no means comparable to ordinary towns. Still inns, restaurants, and entertainment courtyards were all available there.

Once they went down, Jiang Zhong was like a chick released from the forest in the town and went straight to the food stall on the side of the road, “Master, there are wontons over there!”

The owner of the stall looked at the person in front of him, with exquisite Luli beads on his forehead, he looked like an immortal with a high family background. Could such an immortal sit on a wonton stand and eat wontons?

Of course.

So, the owner of the wonton stall cautiously brought four bowls of hot wontons to the table, and watched helplessly as the immortals slurped down the wontons.

“Brother, I want to ask you something.” Zhu Xingli took a sip of the soup and gestured for the stall owner to come over and sit down. “I heard that someone lost his soul in this town. Do you know which one?”

“Yes, just the pharmacy on North Street.” Speaking of these rumors in the market, the stall owner gradually lost his previous restraint, then he threw the scarf on his arm over his shoulder, and sat down next to Lin Xin, who looked the most harmless, “The day before yesterday, his son went to the mountains to collect medicinal materials, but he did not come back for a day and a night. Later, when his parents went to look for him, they found that the son and the two medicine boys seemed to be asleep. Yao Shi is not a doctor, so he begged an immortal to come, but he died as soon as the soul was summoned.”

As if being squeezed by the stall owner, Lin Xin held the wonton bowl and moved closer to rub against Shen Lou, “If you lose your soul, you will die immediately. If you don’t die, you still have your soul. How can you die as soon as you summon the soul?”

“The immortal said that his soul was swallowed by a monster, and there was only a wisp of remnant soul, and the remnant soul didn’t last long.” The stall owner didn’t know much about these souls, and he had learned all this from hearsay.

“Nonsense, where did you find this trash immortal?” Zhu Xingli frowned, and after eating wontons in a few moments, he flicked his sleeves and headed towards North Street.

Seeing the master leaving, Jian Zhong picked up the bowl and poured it all into his mouth, then he wiped his mouth and quickly followed. Lin Xin didn’t finish eating at all, and he ran faster than his junior brother. Shen Shizi, who didn’t know why, was left behind to face the stall owner who was asking for money.

The pharmacy was closed, and a funeral was being held in the courtyard, and the old couple who as white-haired people had to send away the black-haired person[1] were sobbing. Seeing that it was an immortal, everyone got up and saluted one after another, and told the situation in a hurry.

The person who set up the soul summoning array was a passing immortal, whose name was not known, it was said that he only summoned souls, and the immortal said that it might be caused by the soul-swallowing gu eagle.

“Gu eagles must have come, didn’t many people die six years ago!”

“Hey, I thought they were all gone, why are they still here?”

Ordinary people without spiritual power were very afraid of these monsters.

“What happened six years ago?” Shen Lou immediately asked after hearing what happened six years ago.

“Several people died overnight in this town six years ago.” Lin Xin explained to him in a low voice. Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. The deaths of these people were also related to him, they were all the mistresses and attendants of the biggest restaurant in the town.

That year, he had just been granted the title of Marquis of Xunlu, and he came back to pay homage to his master during the Ching Ming Festival[2] and wanted to buy a portion of the master’s favorite sauced duck tongue at that restaurant.

“Half a catty of duck tongue, a roast chicken, and a jar of pear blossom wine.” Lin Xin sat alone in the lobby of the restaurant without any guards. It was raining in spring outside, and so pedestrians were in a hurry.

“Hey, isn’t this Marquis of Xunlu?” Three immortals in scarlet and golden jade robes recognized Lin Xin who was drinking tea with his head bowed.

Lin Xin looked up, the three of them didn’t wear Luli forehead pendants, so they were not direct descendants of the Zhu family, but they were also members of the Zhu family in the southern region, “When you see me, you are not polite. Is this how Duke Jiang taught you how to behave?”

“Bah. You still have the face to mention the Duke,” one of them threw the bamboo basket in his hand on the table, and in the basket was the incense paper money he had just bought, “You little bastard who killed his master and father!”

Lin Xin pressed his finger on the handle of the demon sword that swallows the hook[3], and there was ice in his voice, “Who are you calling a beast?”

“He helped you in forging a sword, but you killed him! The emperor actually appointed you, a heartless and unrighteous person, as Marquis of Xunlu, I’m sorry!” The three Zhu family children were filled with righteous indignation, shouting loudly, causing passers-by to stop and stare.

Everyone didn’t expect that the famous Marquis of Xunlu was actually a young man who hadn’t even reached the crown bearing age. No matter the mortals or immortals, they couldn’t help but look at him a few more times, wondering if he was the legendary three-headed and six-armed beast.

Yes, he was a beast who killed his teacher, and the Zhu family could curse and scold him, but the majesty of Marquis of Xunlu could not be provoked!

He pulled Tungou[4]  out of its sheath, his ferocious killing aura instantly shattering a row of tables and chairs in the lobby. Those three people were not afraid at all, and they sacrificed the Luli pendants one after another, forming a Luli three swords formation. It turned out to be the Zhu family’s master “three swords”!

The double swords used by all three of them consumed six deer glass at a time. However, the Zhu family was rich and powerful enough to afford the supply. The six spirit swords criss-crossed and rushed towards Lin Xin like a spider web.

Tungou was one against six, but it did not fall behind. However, the Zhu family had enough Luli, after fighting for half an hour, the Luli on Tungou turned into powder, but the three of the Zhu family took turns to exchange for new Luli. Lin Xin didn’t bring anything with him, only a pack of duck tongues and a jar of white pear blossoms. The powerful spiritual power pressed down on his head, crushing the wine jar, and the fragrant wine dripped all over the floor.

Lin Xin, who was kneeling on one knee, had blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth.

“Master, what is the source of spiritual power?”

“Spiritual power is actually the essence of the sun and the moon. Luli is born with it, and it is the top grade means for storing the essence of the sun and the moon.”

“What is the soul?”

“The soul is the essence of heaven and earth. The sun and the moon are swallowed up; the soul is imprisoned by the body and grounded into the earth.”

The essence of the sun and moon in the Luli could be used, so the essence of the soul could also be used naturally! Reversing the spiritual veins, drawing the power of the surrounding souls, countless light spots gathered from the surroundings, the silver blade of the Tungou suddenly seemed dipped into a pool of blood, and the red light flourished, twisting the sword light that was only half an inch away from the three sword smash.

“What kind of sorcery is this!” The three people from the Zhu family were taken aback and turned back their swords to defend.

The soul power of the opponent was continuously drawn, and the more he sfought, the weaker he became, while Lin Xin, who did not have Luli, became more courageous as he fought.

“Boom—” The three of them were thrown out of the restaurant, and because their souls were weak, they fell to the ground and convulsed.

Lin Xin put his sword back into its sheath, his dark blue eyes were as bright as stars, like an ancient soul-swallowing monster who sucked others’ soul and increased his cultivation base.

Looking back, he saw that the mistresses and the attendants who were hiding in the corner had lost their souls and lost their vitality. It was the first time he realized the power of the soul, and he had a way to draw on it, because of which he had taken away all the soul power within a radius of three feet.

Immortals, cultivating the soul, separated the different souls from the soul to form a divine soul. If the soul was lost, they would turn weak; but the souls of a mortal were connected and extremely fragile, and the soul-absorbing power could destroy their soul.

“Ah, murder—” The people scattered and fled.

The Marquis of Xunlu killed innocent people indiscriminately, even the unarmed white-haired people, and just like this his reputation spread hundreds of miles overnight, and just his name could stop children from crying at night.

Returning to Yanqiu again, Lin Xin went to the restaurant for the first time, but found out that the attendants and mistresses here had died suddenly six years ago. The boss was terrified because of this, so he sold the restaurant and went back to his hometown to farm.

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Xinxin: (passing the sword) Lao Gong, Lao Gong, I want to catch demons at the foot of the mountain

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Xinxin: What are you doing with the sword, you want to follow me? Hey, you’re so clingy

Loulou: …

Xinxin: (passing lubricant) Old Gong, old Gong, I’m going to sleep

Loulou: Good

Xinxin: Oh, what are you doing, you pervert! I originally planned to cultivate my body and mind_(:з*)_

Loulou:  …

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[1] A child dying before his parents.

[2] The Qingming festival or Ching Ming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English (sometimes also called Chinese Memorial Day or Ancestors’ Day), is a traditional Chinese festival. During Qingming, Chinese families visit the tombs of their ancestors to clean the gravesites, pray to their ancestors and make ritual offerings. Offerings would typically include traditional food dishes and the burning of joss sticks and joss paper. The holiday recognizes the traditional reverence of one’s ancestors in Chinese culture.

[3] Reference to Chapter 7… This is the name of grown-up LX’s sword which is said to be demonic.

[4] This will now be called Tungou (which means swallowing the hook) because its actual name is too long and unsuitable

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