AROEDM Ch. 73.1: The IF Line: Ran Shutang P. 3

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Ran Shutang hugged him tightly, Fu Yuanzhou tried to break free, but he couldn’t let go, so he frowned and said, “Let go.”

“I’m sorry.” Ran Shutang apologized to him, his voice was low, but he didn’t let go, “Don’t be angry.

Fu Yuanzhou said coldly, “I’m not angry.” He just wanted to kick someone.

Ran Shutang could naturally hear his insincere words, and finally let go, and apologized to him again, Fu Yuanzhou slapped the folds of his clothes with a cold face and was not so angry anymore. Although he didn’t speak, he didn’t leave either.

“It’s my fault.” Ran Shutang lowered his eyes, “It’s also my first time, so I don’t have much confidence in myself. That night…did you feel okay?”

Could this be asked? Fu Yuanzhou was still angry at first, but was immediately ashamed by Ran Shutang’s questioning, his face was now burning with panic. The spirit of not being ashamed to ask was not to be used in this place!

In fact, he felt good, otherwise he wouldn’t have been entangled with Ran Shutang for so long that night, but the sequelae were more serious, and since it was also the first time for Ran Shutang, he wouldn’t be at a loss…

Of course, it would be impossible to say that even if Fu Yuanzhou was killed. So he simply remained silent and continued to keep silent.

“I’m very glad that I gave you my first time.” Ran Shutang said, “Your first time was also with me…”

“Have you said enough?” Fu Yuanzhou blushed with embarrassment, and couldn’t listen anymore, so he interrupted him.

Ran Shutang realized that he had talked too much and felt shy, so he stopped talking about that night, and instead said: “You asked me why I talked about the past, I thought about it for a long time after I went back, you are right, I shouldn’t hide all my thoughts.”

“I like you, Fu Yuanzhou, I’m serious.”

“Now I want to tell you, I will pursue you until you promise me.”

Then Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t remember what he said. He was shocked by Ran Shutang’s words and returned to the apartment in a daze.

Ran Shutang wanted to pursue him? Who was he kidding?

However, the situation that sounded very absurd did actually happen. Fu Yuanzhou had no idea what Ran Shutang wanted to do, and he couldn’t imagine it.

Ran Shutang quickly took practical actions, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t need to imagine, seeing was believing.

Since that day, Fu Yuanzhou’s school could often see a figure, and many people recognized him. He was the great god Ran Shutang of the school next door. He was very famous. He was not only powerful, but also handsome. Who was he, they got to know him after the acquaintances learned about it. After all, he was not a passer-by, and he could remember it once he had seen it.

They also knew what Ran Shutang was here for, to find Fu Yuanzhou – Fu Yuanzhou was also very famous in this school, the two handsome guys were doubly eye-catching when they walked together, and more and more people had started noticing that they often appeared together.

Going to class, eating, hanging out… It could be said that Ran Shutang appeared quite frequently. Someone with good intentions counted his timetable and found that whenever he was free, he would come to Fu Yuanzhou most of the time. If Fu Yuanzhou was attending class, he would just sit with him.

Was this a situation?

A troublemaker once asked Ran Shutang insinuatingly why he came to Fu Yuanzhou so frequently, but since he was not familiar with Ran Shutang, he was cold-tempered towards him, and after not answering once or twice, the troublemaker was embarrassed to ask him again and could only harass Fu Yuanzhou.

“What’s your relationship?”

“Just high school classmates.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“Can ordinary classmates be so close?” The troublemaker smiled, “Is he chasing you?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…Are you blind?

“He’s serious about you, why don’t you follow him!”

Fu Yuanzhou: “Get lost.”

He had to say that the eyes of the masses were discerning. After being asked a few times, Fu Yuanzhou started feeling guilty. In fact, Ran Shutang didn’t look for him very often. He was still very busy. He usually only came here once every two or three days. Really. Was it that obvious?

But it was true that Ran Shutang took the initiative much more than before. He also brought him food and sent him messages every day. He was really trying to get close to him…

Realizing this, Fu Yuanzhou felt that he had to say something , and when Ran Shutang came to him again, he said to him: “Don’t always come to me in the future.”

Ran Shutang was slightly startled, and asked, “Have I bothered you?”

“Not really…”

Fu Yuanzhou muttered, in fact, Ran Shutang was very good at advancing and retreating, and he could do things to the end, so that it won’t bother people, and after the misunderstanding was resolved, he had a subtle attitude towards Ran Shutang. After gaining his favor, he actually softened his heart, and was slowly accepting the other party unconsciously.

“Others saw you looking for me.” Finally he said to Ran Shutang, “They all asked me what’s the matter, I can’t tell them.”

After hearing this, Ran Shutang was silent for a while, he could understand, so he asked: “Then can I ask you to meet outside the school?”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou was silent.

“Once a week?” Ran Shutang asked.


“In two weeks?” His tone became more cautious.

“Forget it.” Fu Yuanzhou was irritated and became soft-hearted by his question. The irritability was for those gossip-loving people. Fuck them, who cares what they think, “Just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“Thank you.”

Ran Shutang thanked him, obviously very happy, showing a faint smile, seeing him smile, Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, his heart skipped a beat for a moment, and he looked away.

Recently, people in the school saw a lot of Ran Shutang, and they all praised him for being handsome. Fu Yuanzhou always listened to it and thought it was the same as when he was in high school.

A few days later, Du Man found Fu Yuanzhou after class, and asked him for something: “Hero, can you do me a favor?”

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing her coming to him, Fu Yuanzhou felt a little guilty. He was almost seen through by Du Man, and since then he had been deliberately avoiding her. This time, he was also taken aback, but it seemed that she had something serious to do, so he asked her as naturally as possible.

“You know, I’m a member of the school’s debate association, and we’re going to have a debate match with the school next door this Saturday morning.”

Du Man said, “This match has to be reported out and someone has to take pictures, but the person in charge before that day has something to do and can’t come, I remembered that your shooting skills are quite good, so I came to ask you, are you free?”

“Oh, yes, I happen to be free.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“I knew you were reliable!” Du Man was happy, and patted him on the shoulder vigorously, “Thank you, then I will leave this matter to you, and treat you to dinner later!”

Fu Yuanzhou thought it was nothing, just helping a friend. He got out his camera and went to the venue where the debate was to be held. He arrived earlier and wanted to take pictures of the scene that Du Man and the others had prepared in advance. Later, when the time was approaching and there were more and more people, he realized that the people who came to watch the debate were really unexpectedly many.

“In fact, many people came to see Ran Shutang.” Du Man told him, “They are preparing in the next room.”

Fu Yuanzhou froze for a moment, he hadn’t heard that Ran Shutang was coming.

“Huh? You don’t know?” Du Man glanced at him, full of meaning, “I thought it was because of him that you agreed so simply…”

“What does it have to do with him?” Fu Yuanzhou’s tone was light, but in his heart he was a little upset, why didn’t Ran Shutang tell him that he had a debate match today?

“Just don’t get cold feet and cheer him on,” Du Man said.

“Am I this kind of person?”

“You are not, hero, please help us take pictures.”

There was still a while before the start, and both debaters entered the arena. When Ran Shutang came in, he saw Fu Yuanzhou in the crowd at a glance. Seeing him, his dark eyes became a little brighter, and he stepped forward and greeted him actively: “Are you coming to the competition too?”

Fu Yuanzhou snorted, “Can’t I come?”

“It’s just a little unexpected.” Ran Shutang shook his head, “I thought you would sleep until noon.”

Fu Yuanzhou was suddenly embarrassed. Could it be that Ran Shutang didn’t tell him about the debate because he thought he couldn’t get up? But it was true that if he had nothing to do on weekends, he basically slept until noon, but wasn’t why he stayed in bed becuase he was free.

He defended himself, unconvinced: “Who do you think I am? If I have something to do, I will definitely get up.”

“I know.” Ran Shutang responded, then seeing the camera in Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, he probably guessed it, “Are you here to take pictures?”

“Yes, Du Man asked me.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“…” Ran Shutang glanced at Du Man but said nothing.

“You didn’t tell me that you were coming to compete, I didn’t know.” Fu Yuanzhou complained dissatisfiedly, “Today we are enemies, and I won’t cheer for you.”

Ran Shutang was startled, but asked him: “If I told you that I would be here for the competition today, would you be there to cheer for me?”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou choked, and hey, he really had come to participate in the debate competition, he could really catch the loopholes.

“Would you wake up early to watch my competition?” Ran Shutang asked again, “Isn’t my competition unimportant to you?”

“You talk too much, why don’t you compare it?”

Fu Yuanzhou became furious because he knew in his heart that if he knew in advance that Ran Shutang had a match, he would have surely come to watch it. Because of this, he wanted to strangle Ran Shutang even more, which clearly revealed his old background.

“I’m going to the competition.” Ran Shutang touched his hair, “I hope you can enjoy watching.”

Fu Yuanzhou patted his hand away and ignored him.

The debate started. The debaters were seated on the stage. Fu Yuanzhou was taking pictures off the stage. Ran Shutang was sitting in the main seat. He was dressed very formally today in a slim black suit, which made his temperament even more outstanding.

Ran Shutang debated three times. When it was his turn to speak, he was very calm, well-organized, and the questions he asked were very sharp. He won applause from the audience. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help but raise his camera and take a few more photos of him. While filming, he heard someone beside him discussing Ran Shutang in a low voice.

“Ran Shutang is really amazing.”

“Does he have a girlfriend?”

“No, but I heard that he already has someone he likes.”

“Who is it?”

Hearing this, Fu Yuanzhou shook his hand, and the photos he took became a little confused, but he reminded himself to be calm.

“I don’t know, it seems to be from this school. Ran Shutang pursued him, but he hasn’t agreed yet.”

“Isn’t his vision too high, he doesn’t even like Ran Shutang?”

“Then I don’t know, maybe there are other reasons. By the way, have you heard, it seems that the department flower of our school’s Chinese Department is chasing Ran Shutang, I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

Who was that?

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart skipped a beat, his attention was distracted, and he wanted to listen to a few more words, but the people who were discussing it were not very clear, and soon stopped talking. They didn’t say anything, but Fu Yuanzhou paid attention, and kept thinking about it until the end of the debate, thus the whole process was absent-minded.

In the end, it was Ran Shutang who won the debate. It was no surprise that he was the best debater. The people in the school next door were all beaming, and Du Man and the others were not very depressed. They were quite convinced by their loss.

After the game, the crowd dispersed, and Du Man came to Fu Yuanzhou: “How did the photos go?”

Fu Yuanzhou gave her the camera and asked her to look at it by herself. Du Man looked over one by one, and his expression gradually became subtle: “Have you seen these photos yourself?”


Fu Yuanzhou took the camera and looked at the photo that was just brought out, no problem, it was very clear that there was no problem with the angle and light.    

“I mean,” Du Man glanced at him, “Why do you take Ran Shutang in seven out of ten photos?”

Even if it was not seven, but four or five out of ten must be Ran Shutang.


Fu Yuanzhou blushed. Was this really a “good thing” he did, that he actually took so many photos of Ran Shutang? Why was he completely unimpressed?

Fortunately, his photography skills were excellent, and other photos were taken well, which was more than enough for a report. Du Man was still very satisfied, so she put the camera away, and said to him with a smile: “I will send you a photo for your private collection later.”

“What private collection photo?” Fu Yuanzhou was so ashamed and angry that he just wanted to find a crack in the ground, “Stop talking nonsense!”

“Don’t talk hard in front of me.” Du Man patted him, smiled for a while, and persuaded him seriously, “Admit it when you should admit it, and take the initiative when you should take the initiative. If you really miss it, it will be useless to regret it.”

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