YXBG Ch. 67.1: Reunion and Separation

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The setting sun slanted a few traces into Yin Zhefei’s window, rendering his room an orange-red color.

Yin Xiaomei was curled up lazily in his arms, stroking his body reluctantly.

“Say, you prefer my soul or my body!” Yin Zhefei held her little face jokingly.

“What do you think? You still have a soul, why didn’t I know.” Yin Xiaomei regained her vitality and climbed onto his body, wishing she could kiss him a hundred times more.

It was only at this time—


Her stomach seemed to be hiding a huge monster, who was screaming from hunger.

“…” Yin Zhefei laughed in a low voice, “Wait for me, I’ll go get you something to eat.”

“Go quickly and come back!” Yin Xiaomei said worriedly, wasn’t it said that men were dogs who ran away after eating.

“Okay, I promise I won’t run away after eating.” He scratched her little nose.

After a while, he came back with a large tray of food. His slender body, like a Greek sculpture, matched the food in his hand, making Yin Xiaomei realize for the first time what a beautiful meal was!

“Miss, please~!” He respectfully handed the knife and fork into her hand.

Whoa whoa! Yin Xiaomei was so excited that she wanted to scream, no wonder the female officials in ancient China were willing to raise a pretty boy! This picture was so eye-catching! So happy!

Yin Zhefei immediately saw her happiness and said more considerately: “Don’t forget to eat, drink some porridge.” Saying that, he fed the porridge to her mouth with a spoon.

Ahhh! Only now did she more clearly perceive Yin Zhefei’s handsomeness, especially when he stared at her with a smile, those black eyes seemed to have some kind of magic power, and his black hair—— She couldn’t help but reach out to curl his hair.

“We can take a bath when we’re full,” he whispered in her ear, “You can watch me from 360 degrees.”

“Shit! Who wants to watch you!” She took back her hand, “It’s enough to watch myself.”

“Okay, then give me a chance to watch you well…” He kissed her earlobe, already not being able to hold back.

He was bound to make good use of this private space that he had so conveniently obtained.


When Lin Diyi received Yin Xiaomei’s invitation for her engagement banquet, it was also when the last episode of “World in Love” was being broadcast.

She finally heard her dream confession.

At this moment, the door of Gao Yu’s room opened, and he walked in against the light.

“Ah, Gao Yu, you’re awake, I’m sorry, did I disturb you?” She hurriedly turned down the sound of the TV, but her face was already blushing.

“I’m sorry, Diyi…” he whispered.

“Huh? Why do you want to apologize?” She was puzzled.

“My confession was not what Xiaomei guessed.”

As if something had collapsed in her suddenly, Lin Diyi heard her voice sounding empty and weak: “Then…you…”

“The person I like has always been Xiaomei.” Gao Yu lowered his eyes and didn’t look at her.

In fact, Lin Diyi was very grateful to him for doing so, because hot tears crept across her face, and she knew that she was always ugly when she cried. “But…but Xiaomei is already getting engaged, she is getting engaged to Yin Zhefei, and the person she likes is him…”

“I know, I also received an invitation letter, I know that I can’t have anything with her, I’m not delusional.”

“Why! Why!” She stepped forward sadly, “You tell me where I am inferior to her? Or you tell me, where you like her, I can become like her.”

“No, Diyi, you don’t understand,” Gao Yu held her shoulders, “I like her, not because you are not good enough, on the contrary, you are very good, you are my friend…”

“I don’t want to be your friend!” she cried out in pain, “Gao Yu, I love you, you know it.”

“I know…” He also lowered his head sadly, “That’s why I hid this from you, I thought if you see clearly early, you will find your own happiness! Diyi, you are good to me, I am very moved, but my being moved is not love. The only thing I can give back to you is to provide you with a job and the chance to have a better life, but I can’t give you love, I can’t deceive you…”

“Why, Gao Yu, you know that’s not what I want! Gao Yu, you have been separated for so many years, she is already getting married, can’t you forget her? I beg you, I will only beg you this one time, give me a chance, I will make you fall in love with me, please…”

Gao Yu saw her heartbroken like this and was also very sad: “Diyi, you are so smart, why can’t you understand? It’s just like how Xiaomei doesn’t love me, not because I’m not good enough, but because she already has someone in her heart. Maybe one day, I will learn to let go, learn to forget her, but at this time I can’t do it…”

“I can wait for you, I am willing to wait for you.”

“Diyi, I know you hate me right now, but sooner or later, a good girl like you will have to reject a good boy. At that time, you may understand that it’s not that the other party is not good enough, it’s just that you don’t love him. You don’t love him, even if he is very handsome, even if he has a lot of wealth and is rich, it is useless. Diyi, the problem is not with you, it’s me, I can’t do it!”

Lin Diyi’s expression was as gray as the ashes after gorgeous fireworks, why did she understand every word of Gao Yu’s, but her heart still hurt…

But she knew that she was in no position to blame Gao Yu.

Yes, she did things for him, but Gao Yu also repaid her in other ways. A generous salary, a part-time job in his gallery, he had brought her to meet various artists, and made her resume more dazzling…

He never wanted to owe her anything.

He had never loved her.

Lin Diyi rushed out of the door.

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