RCFS Ch. 68: Face Slapping Begins 4

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“Five suspects? Yunxi, how do we find them!”

“And they are still in the southern suburbs, and the southern suburbs are huge!”

“Sure enough, the most difficult thing for Junyao is not the cultural test, but the actual combat exam!”

At the beginning, they had counselled several people, but Ye Yunxi was very calm, and this test was really not difficult.

“Is it difficult?”

“Hey, don’t you think it’s difficult? I also think it’s very difficult. Nan Cheng College never takes this kind of test, what’s the point of finding someone? Why don’t you just come and play, by the way, I’m Fang You. It’s amazing, I’m still learning boxing now, do you want to try it with me? Isn’t there a bonus point? Otherwise, let’s fight, come on… blah…blah…”

From beginning everyone felt that this person…wasn’t he too much of a talker?


Ye Yunxi rubbed her sore temple, and the four of them looked over together.

“I said very simple, I meant…”

Ye Yunxi went to a newsstand, bought a map of the south of the city, and spread it out under the shade of a tree.

All of them gathered around and looked at Ye Yunxi curiously: “What are you going to do?”

Ye Yunxi looked at the map with a calm face, a few strands of her long hair fell, and when the wind blew, it revealed her white cheeks.

For a while, the several people were stunned.

Ye Yunxi was really temperamental and beautiful.

“First of all, you must remember the scope of the southern suburbs. From Gang Cheng West Street to the north, Hongqi Road to the south, the east and west are Jiahe and Xishui River. This is the scope we are looking for.”

All of them nodded.

“We have five people, and we are looking for five people each, so one person will keep an eye at an area and look for people you think are suspicious.”

“Huh? Find them separately?”

“Can we really find the person?”

“I don’t have much confidence in myself…”

“I don’t have confidence either, but it looks interesting. Can I punch him directly when I find a suspect? Criminals should also know martial arts, right? If he can fight with me, will it prove that he is a criminal? And…”


Ye Yunxi sighed, she finally knew why this person could be alone and had to join her team!

Because there must be no one who wanted to be with him!!!

This talker!!!

“Add the WeChat accounts, you can start a video if necessary, and keep in touch at any time!”

Ye Yunxi divided the area and couldn’t wait to turn around and leave.

He must have talking tuberculosis or something, bye!!!

The rest of the people also left, and when the five people left, Ye Wanting’s team also caught up.

“Wanting, what should we do now? They’ve separated.”

Ye Wanting glanced at the direction Ye Yunxi had left: “Go after Ye Yunxi, and about the rest, I don’t care.”


In the southern suburbs, there were more than a dozen residential areas, two large commercial areas, and a circle of orchards on the periphery, but fortunately, the areas were divided, and it was better to act separately.

“How much more stamina can I exchange?”

[Master, you now have 10630 XP, which can be exchanged for 1063 stamina points, and the time is for 17 hours. 】

17 hours?

Couldn’t use so much.

By 5pm, 7 hours would be enough.

“Exchange for seven hours.”

[Ding! The conversion is successful, Awesomeness XP: 6430, physical strength: 432! 】

[The host is very big, there is one item for customs clearance now, if you exchange 6000 Awesomeness XP, the suspect can be found immediately! 】

The system was very dog-legged, the host was so powerful, and he wanted to help!

“No need.”

Ye Yunxi curled her lips and smiled confidently..

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