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And such a future leader was right in front of her at this moment. Shen Yuqing stepped forward on high heels for a few steps, with a hesitant expression, “Pei Jin, you and him…”

Shen Yuqing deliberately asked Pei Jin to introduce her in front of He Xun, but at this time Pei Jin was already pulled by Yu Yuan to go. As soon as Pei Jin left, He Xun and Zheng Li would naturally not stay, so they also left with them.

Shen Yuqing couldn’t help but stomp her foot heavily.

After Qin Jun noticed Shen Yuqing’s reaction, he glanced at her thoughtfully. Qin Jun’s tablemate greeted him from a distance, “Qin Jun, we’re going to the big box, come on.”

Qin Jun’s tone was light, “I’ll be there right away.” After speaking, he stepped forward and went somewhere.

When Pei Jin finished going to the bathroom, Yu Yuan was still in the cubicle. Hearing Pei Jin washing her hands, she hurriedly shouted, “Pei Jin, you go out and wait for me, I want to do a big one.”

Pei Jin pursed her lips and smiled, “Okay, I’ll wait for you, don’t worry.”

When Pei Jin wiped her hands with a tissue and walked out of the women’s bathroom, she did not see He Xun and Zheng Li, but saw an unexpected person. Qin Jun.

Qin Jun stood very tall and quiet, his eyes fixed on a certain place, not knowing what he was looking at. Pei Jin thought he was waiting for someone, so she found an open space that would not disturb him and stood firm.

As soon as Pei Jin stood still, she saw Qin Jun walking towards her.

“Long time no see.” Hearing this greeting, Pei Jin was really surprised.

Pei Jin thought that on the surface, she and Qin Jun had been classmates for two years, so she replied, “Yes, it’s been a long time.”

“You…” Qin Jun originally wanted to ask something, but he felt that it might not come out as appropriate. Pei Jin transferred school without saying a word. The reason for the transfer was probably related to him. But he really didn’t intend to hurt Pei Jin.


The question turned on the tip of his tongue, but he still didn’t ask. After giving up the question, Qin Jun’s tone returned to the calm at the beginning, “It’s nothing, I just came here to tell you, don’t just say anything in the future that others tell you to say. If you are too undefended to others, you may end up hurting yourself.”

Pei Jin widened her eyes in surprise. Was Qin Jun reminding her? Reminding her to be careful of Shen Yuqing in the future, who was acting as a “good girlfriend” on the surface, but could sell people out after turning around?

Maybe he realized that he was a little bit more talkative, and Qin Jun added, “Of course, it’s up to you to listen.”

Pei Jin looked at Qin Jun, who looked indifferent in front of her, but had a bit of warmth in his heart. She felt that the original body did not like the wrong person. He just spoke up to protect her self-esteem and image in front of so many people, and now he specially reminded her not to say things others tell her to say, which showed that he was a very good person.

Thinking of what happened just now, Pei Jin said thank you sincerely. If Qin Jun didn’t help her out, she didn’t know what it would be like just now. But she would have been ridiculed for sure.

“No need.”

After speaking, Qin Jun was about to turn around and leave.

But after walking a few steps, he suddenly turned around and asked, “Pei Jin, do you still like me now?”

Pei Jin looked over in surprise and found that Qin Jun’s expression was serious now.

He was earnestly waiting for her to answer.

Pei Jin took a deep breath, smiled and shook her head, “I don’t like you anymore.” The girl who liked him deeply was no longer there.

“Really?” Qin Jun’s tone seemed to have three points of regret, Pei Jin didn’t know if she had heard it wrong.

What was he regretting? But if Qin Jun was interested in the original body, he wouldn’t have been so decisive when he refused?

“I see, goodbye.” After speaking, Qin Jun stepped away altogether.

After Qin Jun left, Pei Jin found a figure not far away at the corner. Just now her attention was focused on Qin Jun, so she ignored the shadow.

Judging from the exposed corners of the clothes, that person seemed to be He Xun?

When Pei Jin was still wondering if this person was He Xun, He Xun had already walked out of the corner.

The smell of smoke on his body was so heavy that it was a bit choking. He raised his eyes and glanced at Pei Jin, and slowly spit out two words from between his teeth, “Peipei.”

He was clearly speaking through gritted teeth, but Pei Jin inexplicably heard some feelings of grievance from it.

Pei Jin thought of a bullied little milk dog for some reason, blinking a pair of big wet black eyes, and wagging his tail happily at the moment, while begging for comfort and caresses from the owner. When she thought of this picture, she wanted to laugh very much.

“He Xun…” There was a bright smile in her voice.

He Xun lowered his head in annoyance. Obviously, when Pei Jin and Qin Jun had a conversation just now, his heart was sad. When he thought that Pei Jin had liked others before, and told people that she liked him in person, he felt that his whole heart was soaked in the vinegar bucket, and the sourness was about to bubble.

He had said his love words to her countless times, but she had never said he liked him, not even once. This made him feel frustrated, but also made him feel sour.

This sourness, like the feeling of turning over a vinegar barrel, He Xun encountered it for the first time in his life.

But looking at Pei Jin’s bright smiling face at this moment, he felt the warm sunshine coming back. He grabbed Pei Jin, who was close at hand, into his arms tightly, buckled her hair with his fingertips, and clasped her head tightly to his chest.

As soon as he hugged him into his arms, He Xun just felt that his empty heart was filled up all at once.

Although he was still a bit wronged, he thought that a little Qin Jun would be nothing to him when he thought that her now and the rest of her life would be his.

He didn’t show up before, but now he was by Pei Jin’s side. Naturally, Qin Jun had nothing to do, and Qin Jun couldn’t have a chance anymore.

But He Xun’s tone was still sour, “Peipei, I only like you.”

In the past eighteen years, the only person he liked, and he liked more day by day, was Pei Jin.

After hearing these words, Pei Jin only felt that her heart was warm.

She pressed her face to He Xun’s chest, lowered her eyes and smiled, and slowly said, “He Xun, I like you too. I only like you.”

This was the first time Pei Jin said her feelings to a boy.

She thought she would be ashamed to say this, but in fact, telling He Xun that she liked him was not as difficult as she thought.

He had said that he liked her so many times, this time, it was her turn.

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