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Fu Yuanzhou wandered around until Yuan Ye brought him back, then he sat down honestly, but not long after he was unwilling, so he pestered Yuan Ye to play games with him, Yuan Ye welcomed this, as long as Fu Yuanzhou could stay with him, it was better for the two to play together.

After the opening ceremony, the competition began. Some events went straight to the finals, while those with more spectacle would first have the preliminaries. The contestants walked down the stand and came to the designated meeting point.

“Hello, Yuanzhou, do you still remember me? I was last time…”

When Fu Yuanzhou walked over, he suddenly heard a girl calling him. The beautiful girl who had given him the water earlier was giving him a friendly smile as she said, “It’s only been a few days, how could I not remember that you came to cheer for the people in our class?”

“I came to see you.” He still remembered her, because of this the girl was a lot happier, so she gathered up the courage to say to him, “Jiayou in the game later!”

“Ah…thank you.”

Fu Yuanzhou was flattered and expressed his gratitude to the girl, but at this time he suddenly realized that there was no other feeling but gratitude, he didn’t seem to have any feeling of his heart beating, and he had no extra thoughts about this girl.

Anyway, he couldn’t fall in love…

Such a thought flashed in his mind, when he suddenly saw the girl’s face change slightly, and she took a half step back, but it was not aimed at him, but somebody behind him.

Fu Yuanzhou turned around and saw a boy in another school uniform walking over, he looked handsome and anxious: “Yaoyao…”

“I told you, stop pestering me, we’ve already…” The girl looked at Fu Yuanzhou nervously when she said this, and said ruthlessly, “We’ve broken up, you and I have long since broken up.”

“Yaoyao…” The boy’s eyes were a little hurt, but when he looked at Fu Yuanzhou, he was obviously very vigilant: “What’s going on with you and Yaoyao?”

“He’s just my classmate. If you have something to tell me, don’t be annoying.” The girl quickly pulled him away, then she reluctantly smiled at Fu Yuanzhou: “I wish you a good result in the competition later.”

Fu Yuanzhou frowned and wanted to say a few more words, but the girl had already pulled her ex-boyfriend away, and the broadcaster again announced that the 100-meter contestants should gather as soon as possible, so he had to go to the gathering place first and do warm-up exercises.


A gunshot rang out, and Fu Yuanzhou rushed out like an arrow. With a strong posture, he went straight to the finish line. He undoubtedly won the first place in the preliminaries. The camera also faithfully captured the moment when he crossed the finish line.

Applause broke out in the stands, especially the one where the No. 1 Middle School students sat was very enthusiastic. Fu Yuanzhou smiled at the camera, but he was a little absent-minded. He was still thinking about the girl just now, worried about what would happen with her ex-boyfriend.

And her ex-boyfriend’s school uniform looked very familiar. It was from the same school as the group of people who looked for Yuan Ye last time. It seemed to be No. 7 High School, but this was probably just a coincidence.

He looked around the stadium. There were a lot of people on the field. He happened to see the girl and her ex-boyfriend at this time. The girl was following her ex-boyfriend and looked very uneasy. They were not the only two. The boy was talking to a group of people with a smile. It turned out to be the few people he had met in the restaurant last time, and they actually really knew each other.

A nest of snakes and rats coming together was really bad luck, Fu Yuanzhou scolded inwardly. He was worried at first, seeing this boy hanging out with a group of people like that, he felt even more compelled to go and see, this was happening right under his nose, and if he was asked to stand by and watch, he could not do it.

“I also want to cheer for my classmates, don’t come to me…” The girl’s face was very bad, but her ex-boyfriend grabbed her wrist and said to her, “Then I will accompany you, I will go wherever you go.”

“No, let it go!” The girl was also anxious and started tearing at him. Several people in the same group were persuading her. They seemed to be nice, but they had actually surrounded her and were preventing her from running away.

“Yaoyao, it turns out that you are here. I have been looking for you for a long time. Will you not participate in the event after a while?”

Fu Yuanzhou walked over, pushed the others away unceremoniously, and took the girl out of the crowd.

The girl looked at him gratefully, her ex-boyfriend frowned, and his tone was very bad: “Why do you call her ‘Yaoyao’?”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know the girl’s name, so he could only call her that in order to pretend to be familiar, but he naturally wouldn’t tell him the truth, he just said lightly: “What does it have to do with you?”

“Fuck, it’s him!”

When Fu Yuanzhou came over, the several other people quickly recognized him: “Isn’t this the Omega that Yuan Ye was with the last time!”

“Yuan Ye?” When he heard Yuan Ye’s name, the ex-boyfriend’s eyes instantly became fierce, and he obviously seemed to have a deep relationship with Yuan Ye, “You are Yuan Ye’s Omega?”

When Fu Yuanzhou answered, he continued: “Did Yuan Ye not fuck you enough? Are you still thinking about other people’s girlfriends?


If you want to open your mouth, you will open your mouth? How fucking dare you!

Fu Yuanzhou was furious, and before he finished speaking, he had punched him down. Seeing that he, an Omega, dared to hit someone, everyone else was stunned for a while.

The girl reacted quickly, and immediately messed up her hair and clothes, pretending that she was being bullied, and screamed loudly, “Teacher!”

The incident, no one had noticed it just now, but now when the girl called, everyone looked over, others were more afraid, but the ex-boyfriend was completely irritated, he got up from the ground and wanted to fight back at Fu Yuanzhou: “You—”

Of course, Fu Yuanzhou wasn’t afraid of him, but before his fist approached, his wrist was caught by a slender and pale hand, which was still extremely powerful. He grabbed his hand firmly and didn’t let him move any more.

Fu Yuanzhou followed this hand and looked over but was stunned.

It was Shen Xigou.

He looked blankly at the person who was going to hit Fu Yuanzhou, and the strength in his hand increased little by little until the other party screamed.

Shen Xigou let go, the boy was in so much pain that he couldn’t stand up, so he knelt directly on the ground, while scary dark fingerprints were left on his wrist, and his hand trembled abnormally, making people wonder if the bones inside were broken.

“Come on, wipe it.”

Shen Xigou took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Fu Yuanzhou, his gloomy expression softened instantly, his blue pupils slightly curved, and a gentle smile appeared on his face.

“Don’t let him get your hands dirty.”

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