RNMG Ch. 2.1 (Vol. 2)

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The door just opened.

And a huge body rushed towards her.

Si Huang raised her foot against the conditions and was about to kick the person out, but in time she remembered that she was in a university dormitory. Eighty percent of the people you met in the dormitory must be your dorm mates. This kick turned midway to relieve its strength, but it still hit the person’s stomach. The soft and elastic touch made Si Huang’s mouth twitch slightly.

“Oh!” The scream didn’t sound like the person was in pain, it felt very pretentious.

Si Huang felt that the man was still leaning forward and felt a little unhappy. The room was her private territory, and she didn’t like strangers coming in. The knee against the person’s stomach used some strength to push the person back a few steps. Si Huang also walked out, closed the door smoothly, put down his feet and walked aside, taking a clear look at this uninvited person.

He had a chubby face, his eyes were not small, but they were shining brightly, and his body was as chubby as his face. He was wearing RB’s latest trendy clothes from this season, but the black clothes with sequins on him didn’t feel cool at all, but it did have the effect of attracting attention.

“Wow! It’s really you, Your Majesty!” The boy stared at her face closely at this moment. When he smiled, the whole face became active. He looked… happy and naive at the same time. Of course, it depended on how you look at it. Some people might think his smile was vulgar. “I just heard about it outside and I still can’t believe it! Come and give me a hug of revolutionary friendship!” After saying this, he opened his arms again to give Si Huang a hug of love.

Si Huang stretched out her hand and put a finger on the boy’s eyebrow, “No need for a hug. Nice to meet you.”

The boy moved forward hard but found that he couldn’t get closer to Si Huang except making the center of his eyebrows more painful. He raised his eyes and saw the gorgeous face at close range. The half-smiling expression made his heart tremble. He immediately restrained his thoughts and said with a smile: “I’m happy too, I’m so happy. My name is Su Yueban, 19 years old, and my family is in the real estate business.”

When Si Huang realized that he had given up, he put down his finger and said, “Si Huang, I am 17 years old this year.”

“I know, I know, I can tell something about you is coming out.” Su Yueban stopped pretending to be mature and complained bitterly.

“Haha, I just said you can’t take advantage of Mr. Si.” Yuan Liang came over and teased Su Yueban.

Su Yueban half-shrugged his shoulders and made excuses for himself, “If it’s so easy to take advantage of His Majesty, he wouldn’t be the perfect son for my mother.”

This tone still sounded full of resentment, but there was no real malice. Si Huang laughed, remembering what Grandma Yu would always said that the mom fans in her Weibo were showing her off. She didn’t feel anything at that time, but now looking at Su Yueban’s reaction, she thought for amusement: How many young people must regard her as enemies because of this?

“From now on, we are all fellow alumnis and roommates, just call me by my name.” Si Huang reminded.

Yuan Liang had already experienced her easygoingness and had no reaction to it, while Su Yueban showed a slightly surprised expression.

Although after Fenghua Entertainment was destroyed, Si Huang’s background was not as good as his family’s business, but in terms of personal achievements, there were really not many young people who could match her. The most important thing was that she was still a big star. Shouldn’t she be so proud that her nostrils were soaring to the sky?

Su Yueban half-deliberately waved his hands and shouted: “No, no, no! You are a big star and a great genius. It’s so appropriate to call you Young Master! Only in this way can I express my overwhelming admiration for you!”

“That’s it.” Si Huang raised his chin and smiled: “If you call me Master Si, then I’ll call you Fatty Su.”

Yuan Liang: “Pfft.”

Su Yueban: “…Okay, I I’ll call you by your name.”

Si Huang smiled, “Very good, Su Xiaopang.”

Yuan Liang: “Pfft, hahahaha!”

“Hey, hey! I won’t bring you like this!” Su Yueban waved his sleeves half-way, “Bad, this slave family is unwilling to follow you!”

“Hey!” Yuan Liang couldn’t bear to look at him showing such a disgusting look.

Si Huang calmly said, “Xiao Pang Su, be good and speak human words.”

When Su Yueban saw the other party’s desperate look, he knew that his resistance had failed, and his tender face twitched: He seemed to have tricked him!

“Creak-” The sound of opening the door sounded, and the three of them turned their heads to look.

A skinny boy came out of Room 4.

He was hunched over his chest and holding a water bottle. His hair was a bit long, and when he lowered his head, his appearance was unclear.

“Zong Hao, you came out.” Yuan Liang greeted him, “This is Si Huang, our last roommate. If nothing happens, we will live together for four years.”

Zong Haohao heard the voice and raised his head slightly then he glanced towards the three of them.

This also allowed Si Huang to see his appearance clearly, and his eyes flashed.

If you want to describe Zong Haohao’s appearance, it could be summed up in the simplest two words.


He had an ugly face that made people not want to look at it again. He had acne-prone skin, sparse eyebrows and single eyelids. His eyes looked very lethargic and a bit swollen. The lips were wide and thick, which was a sexy lip shape that women liked very much. However, with such a face, it was also uglified. So, instead of becoming his highlight, it made people think of sausages.

No wonder Yuan Liang said from the beginning that when she meets Zong Haohao, she would understand why he was withdrawn. It was really normal for a person with such an appearance to be withdrawn and gloomy.

At this time, Zong Haohao was a little distracted and kept turning his head to stare at Si Huang’s face.

“Hahahahaha, Haohao must be fascinated by this. Do you think His Majesty’s appearance is unparalleled in the world?” Su Yueban teased loudly.

Zong Haohao came back to his senses, turned his head sharply, and heard a low and sweet voice in his ear, “Hello.”

He couldn’t help turning his head to look at Si Huang, and opening his mouth, “…Hello.”

Si Huang’s expression changed, and he had to admit that Yuan Liang’s evaluation was right. Zong Haohao’s voice was indeed very pleasant, and it could even compete with her usually restrained voice. Maybe it was because the other person was a real man, with a more masculine voice and look than her. So, when the words were spoken, they seemed to have their own sound effects, coming from a distant place. The leisurely and ethereal sound attracted people as soon as they heard it, and their minds automatically imagined a stunningly talented and beautiful man.

“Haohao, why did you come out to fetch water?” Su Yueban asked in a familiar tone.

Zong Haohao frowned, “Don’t call me Haohao.” If his face showed even the slightest hint of displeasure, he would look very vicious. However, none of the three people present were disgusted. This made Zong Haohao regain his composure. He lowered his head and continued walking to the kitchen. He answered Su Yueban’s question from before, “Boiling water to make noodles.”

“What kind of noodles are you making? You eat them every day. This kind of junk food is bad for your skin… cough, and bad for your health!” Su Yueban walked over and put his hand around Zong Haohao’s shoulders, “Let’s go, let me take you out for a big meal to celebrate the future of our four brothers’ revolutionary friendship.”

Zong Haohao struggled, but he did not have the strength and skill like Si Huang, and his thin body was not as heavy as Su Yueban, so he was pulled out by him.

“The rich man is treating me to a treat, I must go!” Yuan Liang followed him happily and looked back at Si Huang.

Si Huang asked: “Do you know the route to the food street?”

Su Yueban showed a surprised expression, “I know, I know! I have already found out all the places to eat, drink and have fun in Jinghua!”

The other three people had different expressions, but their thoughts were different. Surprisingly uniform: It’s not something to be proud of, really.

As a result, Zong Haohao was unable to resist and left the boiled water bottle in the dormitory. Su Yueban pulled him away and the dormitory door was locked. However, the four of them did not know that in Room 3, a certain hamster was patting the door with its small paws, “Zhizhizhizhi!”

No one responded, making Five Treasure very sad, angry, aggrieved, and unhappy!

It turned around and found the tablet on the table, used its flexible limbs to open the lock screen, worked hard to position the tablet, turned on the camera’s timer photo function, then stood in front of the camera, raised its head high, and exhaled from its nostrils in anger, hearing a ‘click’ sound, the picture was frozen and the photo was taken successfully.

Five Treasure looked at the effect of the photo and felt very good about himself, and then continued to use his limbs to open Weibo with difficulty.

[His Majesty’s most handsome, cunning and adorable Five Treasure V in the world: {Photo} Today, on the first day of school, His Majesty locked me in the room and went to have a big meal by himself. Uncle Five Treasure is very angry!]

This Weibo was just posted, and the comment area was immediately refreshed with the latest comments.

“Uncle Five Treasure, you are so pitiful! Can I help you beat your Majesty?”

“Uncle Five Treasure, be good, don’t be angry!”

“It’s all because Uncle Five Treasure is too cute, Your Majesty is afraid that if you are taken out, you will be taken away by the bad guy!”

The fans’ comfort and admiration made Five Treasure’s mood gradually improve, so he was still in the mood to choose some comments to reply to. Who took the photo of Mr. Five Treasure? Five Treasure’s reply: Of course it’s Uncle Five Treasure himself! The person who asked Uncle Five Treasure if his background was His Majesty’s dormitory room, Uncle Five Treasure told him with great mercy, that’s right! One also asked Master Five Treasure if he could take more secret photos of His Majesty’s room? Uncle Five Treasure said loyally that even if His Majesty does not take him to have a big dinner, he will not betray His Majesty!

Five Treasure would not admit that he didn’t do it because he was afraid of being discovered in the end and offending Si Huang.

Five Treasure, who was having a great time playing on Weibo, didn’t notice that the other one on the bed had also woken up. He locked eyes with it, as it stretched and walked towards it silently…


Jinghua Campus.

The pine trees on both sides of the road were lush and evergreen.

Si Huang and the four of them were walking on the road, attracting the attention of passing by students.

Su Yueban wasn’t even aware of it at all, and still kept talking loudly, looking for topics to chat on his own, “I’ve already figured out where to eat, drink and have fun in Beijing, the beauties from all major departments, the list of school beauties, and the list of top students. If any of you want to know anything, just come and ask me! By the way, by the way, Si Huang…”

Si Huang turned his eyes, “Huh?”

Su Yue smiled with a smile on his face and a sense of joy, “You ah! I just came to school, and you have already entered the Jinghua School Tyrants and Academic Top Rankings, directly knocking off the original number one school grass!”

“Isn’t this a matter of course.” Si Huang raised his eyebrows.

Su Yueban was stunned for a moment, then laughed loudly and gave him a thumbs up, “You are strong! But you have to be careful. The original number one student in school was Duan Qizhou. He is a bully on campus. His background is as big as his temper. Maybe someone will come to trouble you because they don’t like you, but don’t confront them head-on, after all, this is their territory.”

Si Huang was noncommittal.

Su Yueban was afraid that his persuasion would backfire and arouse the young man’s excitement, so he immediately changed the subject, “Do you know about the military training for freshmen entering the school?”

Yuan Liang: “What’s this? Who’s going to go up? This happens in all universities.”

“I’m talking about the incredible instructor in charge of our military training.” Su Yueban made an exaggerated expression.

Yuan Liang looked confused, and even Zong Haohao looked over curiously. Si Huang asked, “Why is it so serious?”

Su Yueban asked semi-mysteriously, “Do you know the Qin family in the capital?”

“Yes. But not much.” Yuan Liang shook his head.

Si Huang thought for a while and didn’t rush to speak.

Su Yueban was embarrassed to whet their appetites for too long, and then said: “The Qin family is this in the capital.” He raised his thumb to the sky, “They are specialized generals in the military. They are very powerful, I heard that their family still has the blood of the ancient royal family!”

“And the only son of the Qin family is already a top leader in the military at the age of 26 or 27. I heard that he had already been on the battlefield when he was as old as us. He is a registered student at Jinghua University, but he came anonymously. He really only studied for less than one semester and left, but he set a record at Jinghua University that has not been broken in ten years. He is simply a monster at the level of a god of study!”

Su Yueban made various expressions while talking. It looked very fun to see him coordinate it with body movements. “Few people know his real name, and even fewer have seen him in person. Only the princes who grew up in the compound know what he looks like. Right, but the guys from the compound are very wary of him and are unwilling to say much about him.”

“Then what? That’s all you have to say?” Yuan Liang said, “It’s not interesting.” With a ‘not cool enough’ expression.

Su Yue was half anxious, “Of course it doesn’t stop here. Let me tell you, I have received clear information. This time our military training instructor is him! I heard that he applied for it on his own initiative. Everyone is guessing that there’s his fiancee among this batch of freshmen and so on. Also, I already know his name and even his appearance!”

Yuan Liang: “What’s his name? What does he look like?”

Su Yueban deliberately kept his mouth shut and looked at Si Huang and Zong Haohao.

Si Huang smiled and cheered: “Tell me to listen.”

Su Yueban said: “Qin Fan! In terms of appearance, he is so fierce that you will definitely not dare to look at him again after the first glance.”


Su Yueban’s semi-exaggerated expression was startled, and he, Yuan Liang, and Zong Haohao all looked at the laughing person.

Si Huang pursed her lips and tried to suppress her smile, but failed, “It’s okay, just keep talking.”

Su Yueban stared at her smile for two or three seconds before shaking his head and sighing. He reached out to pat her shoulder but failed due to his lack of height, “Brother, you have to be careful. I also heard that Mr. Qin despises pretty boys the most. If you are so handsome, you might be deliberately targeted.”

Si Huang was about to speak when her cell phone rang. When she took it out and looked at the caller ID, she couldn’t help but smile.

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