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Yuan’a was an ancient divine sword whose light was like a dragon coming out of the abyss, and it could slay the evil spirits in the world. Now this sword had been lost for many years, and the royal family made imitations according to the legend, with a broad sword and a thin blade.

Lin Xin selected nine people from the Habayashi Army to form the Fourteen Blades as his own guards. Three of them were from the list given by Shen Lou, and they were used as hole cards; while the others were not involved with any parties and could even be said to be randomly pointed out.

As for the few “elites” recommended by the commander of the Habayashi Army, none of them were wanted.

The nine people, who were not good in appearance and only average in spiritual strength and swordsmanship, put on a dark green brocade robe with dark patterns of peacock feathers on the piping, and lapis lazuli silver cuffs on their wrists.

After distributing the Yuan’a Swords to everyone, Lin Xin nodded in satisfaction. In his previous life, Yuan’a was called the green fly by the princes’ family, but this time they would have to change their words.

“I chose you not to set fire or to kill people, but to gain momentum.” After leaving Shen Lou in the care of his master, Lin Xin took the Fourteen Blades, who had not yet been trained, to Zhu’s house in the Southern Region.

Everyone didn’t expect that Zhu’s family would be the first to be cut off by the Marquis of Xunlu. After all, he should first try to squeeze soft persimmons, and the Zhu family could be said to be the most difficult to crack. Moreover, this was his master’s family, and Lin Xin was closest to that family among the princes.

The luxury of Yinian Palace remained the same, as Lin Xin led the murderous Yuan’a, stood outside the door and knocked on the door obediently, and then walked in in a well-mannered manner.

Zhu Yangai was lying on the soft couch, leaning against the thick-haired Mrs. Jing in his arms, “What advantage did Feng Zhuoyi give you to make you work for him like this?”

“Meow?” Madam Jing, who had changed her hair, turned her belly up and looked up at Lin Xin.

“Since you are a subject, you should share the worries of the emperor. This nephew is not doing this for fame and wealth, but to protect the foundation for the future.” Lin Xin said solemnly, letting the fur ball that came running up and down hook on the hem of his clothes to climb up.

The Fourteen Blades maintained a murderous expression behind him.

“Heh.” Zhu Yangai gave a cold snort without understanding, raised his hand slightly, and the guards carried the boxes containing Luli into the hall continuously.

Box after box was filled to the brim, surrounding Lin Xin and Yuan’a in the middle. Lin Xin glanced at it and found that these Luli were at least twice the amount required.

“I’ve not seen that Luli order, so you just pick it. Pick the ones you think are good-looking and send them to Feng Zhuoyi.” Zhu Yangai took out a small dried fish from the low table, and rushed to grab Mrs. Jing from Lin Xin’s shoulder.

“Meow.” Madam Jing ignored him, happily rubbing against Lin Xin’s head.

There was nothing wrong with this way of communication. Lin Xin entrusted this matter to Yuan’a and sat beside Zhu Yangai with Mrs. Jing in his arms, and instantly put on a flattering expression, “Madam’s temper seems to have improved a lot.”

Zhu Yangai stretched out his hand and touched the cat’s head, Mrs. Jing turned around unwillingly and pretended to bite him, but she didn’t stretch out her claws to scratch him as before.

“Shen Lou, boy, didn’t let Madam eat the flame fish. After the fish was cut off, the temper really is much better,” Zhu Yangai said, with a little smile in his eyes, and raised his hand to throw an octagonal exquisite golden incense ball to Lin Xin, “This is his reward.”

The small ball made of gold thread was only the size of a quail egg, and it was no different from the incense pendant hung on the waist of ordinary people. It was just that Lin Xin could see that those seemingly messy golden threads were actually formation diagrams, and various complex formations were superimposed to become a container for storing remnant souls.

“Once the remnant soul enters, it will last for ten years.” Zhu Yangai was very satisfied with her new work, “This thing is called Huang Quanzhu[1].”

With this thing, Lin Xin wouldn’t have to use his spiritual power to hold the thing he found the remnant souls. Tying Huang Quanzhu around his waist with great care, he then looked at his uncle anxiously, “What about my spirit sword?”

“You have Mojian, what more spirit sword do you need?” The main hall suddenly turned silent.

Lin Xin looked back, the people from the Zhu family and Yuan’a were staring at each other, there shouldn’t be any trouble, so he immediately replied to Zhu Yangai quickly, “It was bestowed by the emperor, so I dared not refuse. Mojian is an evil thing and the evil spirit on it is very heavy, so I can’t use it much.”

Zhu Yangai glanced at him sideways.

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[1] This literally means Lord of the Underworld, ZY really is a bit of a diva, but I’m going to continue to use the Chinese name since LotU seems a bit ostentatious.

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