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“Ahem.” Xiao Zheng looked away dumbfounded.

Xiao Ye smacked his lips and said again: “Actually, this matter can also be thought of in another way. Waiting for Xiao Jing to join Tie Ying, maybe we can get the information we need from him. After all, we are all members of the Xiao family.”

“We are aboveboard soldiers, how could we do such surreptitious things.” Xiao Zheng sat back on the chair, and after thinking about it, he felt something was wrong.

Wait, what did Xiao Ye mean by that sentence just now?

Let Shen Chengfeng call him third brother?

What does it mean to call him third brother?

Xiao Ye squinted his eyes, the implication was self-evident.

Xiao Zheng was anxious: “What do you mean by asking Shen Chengfeng to call me third brother?”

“Did the third brother not understand what I said?” Xiao Ye was full of smiles, and his face was even more smug.

Xiao Zheng slapped the table and stood up, “You’d better take back your thoughts. You don’t know who Shen Yanwang is? It’s not our Xiao family who wants a relationship with him.”

“Third brother is wrong. This is not a business, how can it be regarded as a loss or a gain?”

“You definitely did it on purpose. Shen Yanwang has a special body, and he will never want to marry a wife and have children in this life. After pushing Xiao Jing to him, are you looking for death?”

Xiao Ye waved his hand, “It’s not that the third brother is ignorant of Xiao Jing’s special features. You don’t know what his body looks like? He is immune to any corrosive things, so how can he be afraid of Shen Chengfeng’s contact?”

“That won’t work, and nothing more needs to be said. You’d better get Xiao Jing back for me, or I’ll kill you.”


Xiao Ye frowned, subconsciously feeling that his third brother was definitely not joking, and as if he seriously wanted to strangle him to death.

Xiao Zheng picked up the military cap on the table and left the room without looking back.

The empty room was filled with a strange cold air, Xiao Ye covered his arms, then thinking about Xiao Zheng’s bright show, Xiao Yu’s sullen show, and Xiao Hong’s dark show, he felt a chill down his back.

Damn, it’s like seeing a ghost, why did he make such a mess.

He put so much effort into sending Xiao Jing to Tie Ying, was it easy for him?

It’s not easy, risking the fate of being beaten to death by a bunch of people, and facing my brothers without hesitation, it was all for them!

Sure enough, he was the kindest in the entire Xiao family.


“Boom, boom, boom.” The methodical knocking sound secretly lingered in the silent room.

The quietly sleeping figure on the hospital bed turned over.

In the dark night, a silhouette of a body loomed over him under the moonlit night.

“Oh my god, what is it?” Xiao Jing suddenly got up from the bed, staring at the tall and silent figure standing beside her bed with a dumbfounded expression.

Judging from the body shape, this person should be more than 1.85 meters tall, and guessing from the imposing manner, this person was definitely built!

“Look at your arm, it’s still not useless.” Xiao Ye bent down, poked Xiao Jing’s stump lightly, and smacked his lips: “It’s really you who can be crippled like this in such a small training. The expectations for you are too high.”

Xiao Jing raised her brows slightly, staring at the man who was close at hand without blinking, if she could, she really wanted to beat him to death with her sandbag-like fist.

“Look at your slender arms and legs. If it wasn’t because I lived with you since I was a child, I’d be really worried. Are you a girl who disguised herself as a man and came here to eat and drink?” Xiao Ye moved a chair and sitting on the edge of the bed like this, crossed his hands and clenched his fists, with a mocking tone in his tone.

The inexplicable Xiao Jing felt a little guilty, so she coughed lightly, “Fifth brother doesn’t seem to be here to visit.”

“When did our relationship get so good that you needed me to come all the way to visit you if you were hospitalized?” Xiao Ye stroked his chin thoughtfully, his eyes flickering on Xiao Jing, then he continued: “In order not to let it be too embarrassing, I am going to submit an application to Shen Chengfeng for team transfer.”

Xiao Jing stood up with a bang, and said in astonishment: “Who said I was going to transfer teams?”

“I said so.” Xiao Ye said firmly.

“General Xiao Ye seems to be the leader of the SS505 unit and does not belong to our 501 regiment. Does this count as usurping his identity and interfering with other camps? If this matter is spread, he will be locked up.”

“This is for you.”

“For my sake? How can I need to dispatch General Xiao Ye to advise me personally, I am such a small person, so I don’t need to bother General Xiao Ye.”

“I am giving you a step, do you think you have the ability to stay in Tie Ying with your little strength? Fourth brother, if you are sent back to the 525 regiment, our Xiao family can’t afford to lose this face.” Xiao Ye covered his mouth and handed over the application form, “Sign it, I will take you to a better place, and I guarantee that you will continue to live prosperously for the next three years.”

Xiao Jing looked at the so-called application form, and with a single sentence, she was torn into two pieces, then she raised her head and chest, and said with iron bones: “Although I am weak, I have the backbone. Even if I fail, I am willing to fail, I’m not afraid of failure. I don’t even have the courage to challenge.”

Xiao Ye was at a loss for words, staring at the other party intently, the room was very dark, so dark that he could only vaguely see Xiao Jing’s facial expression, then he let out a long sigh, and suddenly felt a sense of déjà vu as if he had lifted a rock and thrown it on his foot.

This Xiao Jing, with an obsessive appearance, looked too vicious. Hadn’t he thought about whether he would end up being beaten to death?

Xiao Jing silently felt a coolness hit her back, and it was not difficult to see from Xiao Ye’s eyes that he had a kind of hostility towards herself, he seemed to be thinking of touching her with his fist as hard as a rock and hitting her flower and jade-like little face.

“Think about it for yourself. Today it’s just an arm injury. Maybe tomorrow you will lose a leg. In the next three days, you will either have a hole in your body or a bloody head. Think about your face that is more delicate than a girl’s doll, if you accidentally get stabbed, fourth brother, we have to do what we can.” Xiao Ye warned earnestly.

“Don’t talk about it, even if I am disabled, I will ask for it myself.”

Xiao Ye gritted his teeth, facing Xiao Jing who was not willing to listen, he had only one way.

In the ward that was silent for about half a minute, the man’s voice lingered forcefully: “I have made friends with Shen Chengfeng before, so I know him well. I know his hobbies very well. There are always many rough men with special hobbies in places like the camp. Shen Chengfeng doesn’t even have a woman in his thirties, so do I need to clarify such an easy-to-understand answer?”


“He is always followed by Mu Xichi by his side, everyone in Tie Ying knows it, could it be because he feels bad that Mu Xichi was late.”

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