KHSW Ch. 169

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The coldness on Ling Xi’s body had reached her bone marrow, and she slowly approached her ear, “Ou Mengxue, everything that you owe me, how are you going to pay it back?”

Ou Mengxue shuddered and took a step back suddenly, no, this woman was the most stupid, but she was actually afraid of her now?

This was impossible, everything must be an illusion.

Ou Mengxue suddenly reacted and thought that she could never admit to these things, “Ling Xi, you must have been deceived by that woman. You must not believe her words. The purpose of her telling you this is to sow discord.”

“Oh? Really? Did I just say who told me about this?”

Ling Xi’s eyes just made Ou Mengxue break into a cold sweat. Her words made her heart shudder.

“Ling Xi, you must believe me, how could I do something that would make me sorry to you?”

She thought, she would fake a few tears and make her believe her like a fool?

“Ling Xi, I thought the relationship between me and you was indestructible. Could it be that because of one Chi Jiayang, you will not even care about the friendship between us sisters? Do you remember that everyone hated you, when you first entered the university? You were poor, and only I was your friend. I said at that time that I would treat you as my own sister, think about it carefully, what reason would I have to harm you?”

“Yes, I also want to know, what’s your reason for doing this?”

Seeing that she still didn’t believe in her, Ou Mengxue became anxious, “Ling Xi, do you have any brains? If I really wanted to harm you, why should I be your agent and help you everywhere?”

Ling Xi sneered, “Hehe, Ou Mengxue, I really underestimate your determination, the reason why I listened to you talking so much nonsense is just to see how ugly your face can be. You are helping me on the surface, in fact, it is just slaughtering me, right.”

How would she know? With her brain, how could she possibly come up with it?

There must be someone behind her.

“Ling Xi, would you rather believe others than me?” Tears rolled down Ou Mengxue’s eyes.

“Whether you admit it or not, next, just listen to what I have to say.” Ling Xi approached her a little more, and her height advantage became apparent, as she stared condescendingly into her eyes, “I’m not the same Ling Xi I used to be. Don’t try to fool me with your worthless tears, I know that every step of the way has been a trap for me.”

“Come on, look at my skin, isn’t it beautiful?” Ling Xi suddenly showed a charming look again.

Ou Mengxue nodded, not knowing what she meant, but she cursed her with the most vicious words in her heart.

Seeing her nodding, Ling Xi raised the corner of one side of her lips, “So you relied on my face blindness, put on heavy makeup on me all day, and almost took me for plastic surgery, right?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Ling Xi wouldn’t listen to her explanation and continued: “After you got to know my husband is a rich man, you pushed me to divorce him. Ou Mengxue, tell me, what is your motive?”

“I do not have one.”

“Before the recording of “Star Dancer”, you clearly knew that I couldn’t dance hip-hop, but you deliberately dug traps for me. During the rehearsal for the first hip-hop show, you made me pretend to fall off the stage, but you didn’t expect that not only can I dance hip-hop, but the team I led also won the first place, I guess you must have vomited blood at that time?”

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