KHSW Ch. 108: Warm Comfort

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Hearing the man’s words, Ling Xi raised her head in confusion, her frightened eyes were very similar to the eyes of a bunny who was afraid of humans.

When he held her in his arms, he felt her fear, and her constant trembling made him feel even sadder.

He gently lowered down his tone to comfort her, “Ling Xi, don’t be afraid, no one dares to hurt you.”

She remembered that this was Yizhi, not that man.

The moment she broke the bowl just now, she panicked, as if she had returned to her previous life.

She didn’t know how to cook, so Chi Jiayang’s mother forced her to do it. After making a mess in the kitchen, she finally didn’t have to go into the kitchen anymore.

However, just because she accidentally smashed the bowl, Chi Jiayang kicked and punched her. She was a star and needed to rely on her face to eat, but her nose and face were often bruised and swollen, no matter how thick the foundation was, it couldn’t cover the blue marks on her face.

Of course, not only on her face, but those scars left a deep psychological impact on her?

Knowing that the man in front of her was Yizhi, she threw herself into the man’s arms and hugged his strong waist tightly, as if she could gain a little sense of security and dispel the darkness in her life this way.

She had never been a woman who wanted to rely on a man, but somehow, as long as she thought that the man beside her was Yizhi, she automatically wanted to seek comfort from him, it seemed that he had become her shelter from the wind and rain .

Xu Yizhi couldn’t see Ling Xi’s thoughts, and just gently stroked the back of Ling Xi’s head, “It’s just a bowl. If it’s broken, you can use other ones.”

“Well.” Ling Xi made a dull sound from her nose.

“Our family’s Ling Xi is so good. I will never scold you in my life, let alone do anything to you. If you are not happy, you can fight and scold me as you please. That’s good.”


“If someone dares to bully our family’s Ling Xi, you can bully them back. If you can’t bully them, I will take care of everything.”

Hearing Xu Yizhi’s comfort, Ling Xi’s heart warmed up.

If these words were heard by those who knew him and were familiar with him, they would definitely feel that they were seeing a fake Xu Yizhi.

How could a man who was so cold and stern coax a little woman so gently?

All of this was bound to be surprising.

Feeling that the person in his arms was no longer trembling, Xu Yizhi said softly, “You’re better now, so I’m going to make you breakfast.”

Ling Xi lifted the head buried in his arms gently, but only when she raised her head, did she realize that he was not wearing slippers. He must have hurriedly come down as soon as he heard the sound, and the warmth in her heart was surging.

She was worried for by such a man, and he also cared about her like this.

Ling Xi…Ling Xi, you are too selfish.

You don’t deserve to have such a good persom.

Xu family mansion

“Husband, how about you try my cooking first?”

Su Zhiyan nervously watched Xu Xinrong pick up the dishes and put them in his mouth, “Well, this time it’s much better than before, so there should be no problem.”

Su Zhiyan finally felt relieved. For this “big meal”, she practiced for a month. Her biggest wish now was to hug her grandson.

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