The Big Villain Asked Me to Save Him When I Was Reborn (TBVSR)


Jiang Yu was born again and returned to a time when she was a poor and naive 17-year-old. In her previous life, because of poverty, she was forced to abandon her dreams of ballet and become the substitute for the white moonlight of a second generation scumbag. Jiang Yu really didn’t want to experience her poor and miserable youth again.

However, when she was helpless, she accidentally discovered that her mobile phone had also traveled with her. Through this mobile phone, she could actually contact people in the future. 

So, a steady stream of future business found Jiang Yu——  

“Please help me tell my mom, to not do stock trading when she has money!”

“Please help me tell myself in the past, to not study in the same university as my boyfriend, for which I made a deliberate mistake in the college entrance examination”

“My dad is no longer alive, help me tell him that I am not a waste of space.”

Jiang Yu relied on the mobile phone business and earned a lot of money. Until one day, when Jiang Yu received a man’s request for help. The man’s voice was low and magnetic, with a hint of wickedness.
Upon hearing this sound, Jiang Yu was so scared that the phone almost flew out of her hand.

He is a criminal with a high intelligence quotient, Qiu Li, who has been constantly reported in the TV news for ten days. For committing a sensational crime. He hoped that Jiang Yu would save him when he was a teenager so that he would not go astray.
According to his information, Jiang Yu found the teenager Qiu Li. 

Young Qiu Li was held up in the dark alley, being punched and kicked and his eyes filled with repressed and a forbearing light.
And that day, Qiu Li lying in a pool of blood saw the girl in a white dress at the end of the alley.
After seventeen years of endless night, that was the first time he saw the moon.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1-3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Dancing Shoes

Chapter 6.1: The First Kiss P.1

Chapter 6.2: The First Kiss P.2

Chapter 7: Passing By

Chapter 8: Nightmare

Chapter 9: The Rotating Black Swan

Chapter 10.1: Breaking up

Chapter 10.2: Breaking Up

Chapter 11: Let’s Get Together

Chapter 12

Chapter 13: Itching

Chapter 14.1: Life Experience P.1

Chapter 14.2: Life Experience P.2

Chapter 15.1: Unpredictable P.1

Chapter 15.2: Unpredictable P.2

Chapter 16.1: Once More (She was the only color in his black and white life)

Chapter 16.2: Once More (She was the only color in his black and white life)

Chapter 17: I seem to Like you a Little!!!!

Chapter 18.1: I won’t do it anymore, Xiao Yu!!!!

Chapter 18.2: I won’t do it anymore, Xiao Yu!!!!

Chapter 19: The Nutcracker

Chapter 20: Dancing Shoes

Chapter 21.1: It’s so good (he likes watching Jiang Yu getting angry at him)

Chapter 21.2: It’s so good (he likes watching Jiang Yu getting angry at him)

Chapter 22: Clubhouse

Chapter 23: Showdown

Chapter 24: VCI Dancing Shoes

Chapter 25.1: Don’t be afraid

Chapter 25.2: Don’t be afraid

Chapter 26: Hug

Chapter 27: Fake Shoes

Chapter 28: The B Letter

Chapter 29.1: Repair the Door

Chapter 29.2: Repair the Door

Chapter 30: The Truth about the Shoes

Chapter 31.1: Acknowledgement

Chapter 31.2: Acknowledgement

Chapter 32: Lipstick

Chapter 33: Trapped Beast

Chapter 34.1

Chapter 34.2

Chapter 35: The Library

Chapter 36: Gifts

Chapter 37

Chapter 38: Countdown

Chapter 39.1: Repair

Chapter 39.2: Repair

Chapter 40: Mission

Chapter 41.1

Chapter 41.2

Chapter 42: Green Tea Skills!!!

Chapter 43.1: The Dance

Chapter 43.2: The Dance

Chapter 44.1: Jealous Sister

Chapter 44.2: Jealous Sister

Chapter 45.1: I was wrong

Chapter 45.2: I was wrong

Chapter 46.1: Guarding

Chapter 46.2: Guarding

Chapter 47

Chapter 48: Missing Appointment

Chapter 49: Tonight I….

Chapter 50.1

Chapter 50.2

Chapter 51: Her Choice

Chapter 52

Chapter 53: Original Intention

Chapter 54.1

Chapter 54.2

Chapter 55

Chapter 56: Justice

Chapter 57: Recommendation Letter

Chapter 58.1: Beicheng University

Chapter 58.2: Beicheng University

Chapter 59

Chapter 60.1: Double Spring

Chapter 60.2: Double Spring

Chapter 61: Score

Chapter 62: The Clown

Chapter 63: Parental Love!!!!

Chapter 64: Lover

Chapter 65: Undersea Restaurant

Chapter 66: Dad

Chapter 67: Restraint

Chapter 68: Flashback

Chapter 69: Concert

Chapter 70: Recognition

Chapter 71.1

Chapter 71.2

Chapter 72: The Bu Family

Chapter 73: Part-time Job

Chapter 74

Chapter 75.1: Evening Party

Chapter 75.2: Evening Party

Chapter 76: Stunning

Chapter 77: Moved

Chapter 78

Chapter 79: Lover

Chapter 80: Two Dads

Chapter 81: Courage

Chapter 82: Truth

Chapter 83.1: Hold

Chapter 83.2: Hold

Chapter 84.1

Chapter 84.2

Chapter 85.1

Chapter 85.2

Chapter 86

Chapter 87

Chapter 88

Chapter 89

Chapter 90.1

Chapter 90.2

Chapter 91.1: Little White Snake

Chapter 91.2: Little White Snake

Chapter 92.1: Reunion!!!

Chapter 92.2: Reunion!!!

Chapter 93.1: Bikini

Chapter 93.2: Bikini

Chapter 94.1

Chapter 94.2

Chapter 94.3

Chapter 95

Chapter 96

Chapter 97

Chapter 98

Chapter 99.1

Chapter 99.2

Chapter 100

Chapter 101.1: Polygraph

Chapter 101.2: Polygraph

Chapter 102

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105

Chapter 106

Chapter 107

Chapter 108

Chapter 109

Chapter 110

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