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I Have Seven Big Brothers (IHSB)



From a poor girl who ate a hundred meals in a small mountain village to a wealthy lady, five-year-old Xiao Nuannuan lived a life of being spoiled by the whole family. The eldest brother iss cold and taciturn, he is the heir to the Gu family, the second brother is a genius with a warm personality and high IQ, and the youngest professor in the research institute. The third brother is a top star with fans all over the world. The fourth brother is a cold genius doctor who can steal life back from the hands of the King of Hell. The fifth brother is a genius painter, and his painting are worth millions. The sixth brother is one of the unruly and wild school tyrants, the seventh is a belly black bear child, and the king of children. And Nuan Nuan was favored by her brothers after returning home. 

Note that not all brothers are biological brothers, there are cousins ​.

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