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I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist (ISIQP) [BL]



System: You are the only human who meets the binding requirements of this system- please bind with me!

Su Yu: I have money, good looks, power and influence, why should I bind myself to you?

System: You haven’t fallen in love ye-

Su Yu: Aiya! My stomach is hurting all of a sudden!

Su Yu bound himself to a system; his only task is to scatter some IQ to the brainless male protagonists. The soft-headed male protagonist chases after the female protagonist, the male protagonist with some intellect chases after him. He feels that something is not quite right…

Su Yu: System, is there something common between these male protagonists?

System: Yes, they are all male protagonists.

Su Yu: …Suddenly, I don’t feel like talking anymore.

Male Protagonist who has been scattered with some IQ: Then don’t talk, just kiss me.

Su Yu: …Suddenly, I don’t feel like doing the task anymore.

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Tags: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Quick Transmigration

Disclaimer: The copyright of this book rests with jjwxc and the author. Furthermore, if there are any issues in the future because of the jjwxc website, then I would either lock the chapters or delete the novel (Fair warning)/// The rights to my translations however are with me… and I hope that no one steals my translations

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-157

Arc 10: Scattering IQ to the NPC Boss

Chapter 158

Chapter 159

Chapter 160

Chapter 161

Chapter 162

Chapter 163

Chapter 164

Chapter 165

Chapter 166

Chapter 167

Chapter 168

Chapter 169

Chapter 170

Chapter 171

Chapter 172

Chapter 173

Chapter 174

Chapter 175

Chapter 176

Chapter 177

Chapter 178

Chapter 179

Chapter 180

Chapter 181

Arc 11: Three Words, I Love You

Chapter 182

Chapter 183

Chapter 184

Chapter 185

Chapter 186

Chapter 187.1

Chapter 187.2

Chapter 188.1: Extra- Ball

Chapter 188.2: Extra- Ball

Chapter 189: The Overbearing President’s Imprisoned Pet P. 1

Chapter 190: The Overbearing President’s Imprisoned Pet P. 2

Chapter 191: The Overbearing President’s Imprisoned Pet P. 3

Chapter 192.1: Self-Inflicted Evil

Chapter 192.2: Self-Inflicted Evil

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