Tianting Kindergarten (TK) [BL]


There is a saying in the heavens and in the sea. That is, when the sea turns into a mulberry field, or when the mulberry field becomes a sea, a reincarnation will occur in the heavens. 

Bai Ze woke up and found that the immortals became children.

Jade Emperor: Bai Ze, open a kindergarten,

Bai Ze: Hey?

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Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Yaoi

Disclaimer: The copyright of this book rests with jjwxc and the author. Furthermore, if there are any issues in the future because of the jjwxc website, then I would either lock the chapters or delete the novel (Fair warning)/// The rights to my translations however are with me… and I hope that no one steals my translations

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Jelly Beans

Chapter 5: Class

Chapter 6: Examination

Chapter 7: Drawing

Chapter 8: Red Thread

Chapter 9: Beauty

Chapter 10

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