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EVLM Ch. 33.2


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The tall and mighty gate had two stone lions with shining red satin hanging around their necks. The door was locked, and there were lively conversations and laughter that could be heard from inside, it was as if the city lord’s mansion was holding a banquet.

The six of them were studying how to sneak in when the door creaked open.

A little brother in servant clothes ran out from the inside and shouted with a smile: “The distinguished guests are here. Please come in!”

This man bowed his back humbly and smiled warmly, no matter what, he seemed like a normal person.

This was even stranger.

Jiang Zheng whispered: “Have you noticed? There are no zombies roaming around the city lord’s mansion alone.”

Ji Muye calmly nodded, and said aloud: “May I ask if there is a happy event in the mansion?”

Jiang Zheng thought that the servant would say something like my master is marrying over his daughter today, but she became surprised after hearing: “My master’s third wife gave birth to a big fat boy. Today is the full moon. So, the mansion is holding his full moon banquet. Everyone in Wuyou City knows that master’s happy with the birth of his son. Everyone who comes here is a distinguished guest, please come in.”

The servant said as he walked down the steps, as if he must invite them all to join in with joy.

Jiang Zheng stared at him and suddenly said, “You are not human.”

#Hahahaha suddenly started cursing.

#The whole city is occupied by zombies, don’t you think it’s weird that the city owner’s mansion is still in the mood to hold a full moon banquet?

#This servant is also a zombie, but it is an evolved high-level zombie, and it looks like a normal person on the surface.

The servant was taken aback, obviously this was not in the scene he was trained in advance.

However, his acting skills were excellent, so after being stunned for a few seconds, he said solemnly: “I’m really human.”

At this moment, several servants came out of the doors, rushed up, and “invited” the six people to directly go in.

Once inside, it was like another world. The huge yard was full of round wooden tables, with dishes and bowls on them, and all kinds of food was available. Around the table were the well-dressed guests, all smiling and looking at the stage in front of them.

An unknown tune was being played on the stage.

When the six people came in with a look of horror, the excitement in the yard came to an abrupt end, and everyone turned to look at them expressionlessly.

But three seconds later, the player turned back and continued to play.

The servant was very enthusiastic and led the six to a table and asked them to sit down.

Jiang Zheng grabbed the servant’s arm suddenly, “Where’s your eldest lady?”

Somehow this sentence hit the servant’s sore point, his whole face twisted, and he said with a trembling voice, “My eldest lady is a devil.” After speaking, he hissed with a pale face, “It can’t be said.”

Jiang Zheng snorted, and suddenly a suona sound cut through the sky, and everyone fell silent.

Xiao Cheng touched his nose, “Is this a blow of joy, or a blow of mourning.”

#Hahahaha it’s just normal, but in this case, blowing suona is too intrusive.

#Suona is the only musical instrument that is played from birth to the death.

#Is this the soundtrack of the zombie king?

Amidst the sound of the suona, a glamorous young woman came out decked in gold and silver. She was holding a swaddled baby in her hand, which should be the child whose full moon banquet was being celebrated today as mentioned by the servant. The glamorous young woman was likely to be the third lady.

There were three ladies, so there must be a first lady and a second lady. In other words, the city lord had at least three wives. Since she was called the third lady and not the concubine, was it possible that the first lady and the second lady had passed away?

The third lady did not seem to notice the appearance of the six strangers, and she just walked over with her child to let the group of noble ladies play with her son.

The sun was about to turn overhead, and after running all morning with high tension, everyone was a little hungry. The table in front of them was indeed a running water mat with all kinds of colors and flavors, and they could find everything from chicken and duck to fish.

Liang Xiaoduan swallowed, “Well, we should be able to eat it.”

Xiao Cheng got up and walked to a female guest, then imitating the way of greeting from the ancients, he clasped his fists and bowed, “Can I borrow this silver hairpin on your head?”

The female guest was originally just an NPC who had come to make up the number, but she was suddenly pulled in front of the camera. She blushed and choked for a while, then she reached out and slapped Xiao Cheng in the face, “Stinky rascal.” Then she stomped up and ran away.

Everyone: “…”

#Hahahaha I’m just an NPC, why are you teasing me?

#This NPC had absolutely no response. The director, remember to add a chicken leg for her.

#Xiao Cheng, were you going to use the silver hairpin to test for poison?

At this moment, a group of servants suddenly came over. It was completely different from the smiling faces just now. One by one, they rushed over fiercely, grabbed Ji Muye and left, shouting, “It’s him.”

Jiang Zheng’s face sank, then she rushed over to block in front of Ji Muye.

The servant shouted: “Get out of the way. He is the son-in-law who was hired by our city lord three months ago. It is he who turned our eldest young lady into a devil.”

Jiang Zheng grabbed Ji Muye’s arm, “He is obviously my husband.”

No matter how weird “Terror City” was, it was also a suspenseful horror incident with a self-consistent internal logic. She was talking nonsense, but she did not believe that these NPCs who only remembered their lines could pick on her.

The servant was stunned for a moment, and instantly got stuck. He naturally knew that Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye had nothing to do with each other. The other party suddenly swore that Ji Muye was her husband, such an obvious nonsense, but he couldn’t expose himself as an NPC. Finally, after a long time, he said, “What evidence do you have to prove that he is your husband?”

Jiang Zheng laughed, “Then what evidence do you have to prove that he is the husband of your eldest lady?”

The servant had no evidence, just that the lines he recited said so.

Jiang Zheng patted Ji Muye on the shoulder, “If I will call you husband, do you dare to agree?”

Ji Muye stared at Jiang Zheng’s bright face, nodded, and said obediently, “Dare!”

The barrage exploded directly.

#FuckFuckFuck! what happened?

#Why suddenly shouting husband and wife, I’m very confused.

#Aahahahah I don’t care, I don’t care, it’s really happening.

The director watching the live footage: Damn. The story that I came up with after killing a lot of brain cells was messed up by the bug of Jiang Zheng. Please give me a way out.

The author has something to say: Hahahahahahaha why I dare not agree?

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