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YXBG Extra: Xiaomei’s First Kiss


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“Hum Hum.. Hum Hum..” In the dead of night, Yin Xiaomei, whose little butt was greeted, was curled up on the bed crying, but it was only thunder and no rain[1]. You couldn’t blame her for that. It was common for her to be spanked by Yin Zhefei, so she couldn’t cry anymore.

That’s right, she didn’t want to stop selling photos, but was caught by Yin Zhefei again, and the money she had managed to save was confiscated again. Yin Zhefei had confiscated her money before, and he was able to buy a new pair of headphones with the money, but that was not all, he even showed them off in front of her.

He was really a bastard, bastard, Yin Xiaomei wiped away her tears, and thought that he caused her not to see the kissing scene of the male and female protagonists in “Beautiful Love”, she waited so long for that scene, and now she had to wait for the replay, she didn’t know if she would have to wait until the year of the monkey and the month of the horse.

Yin Xiaomei sniffed, sat up, and looked at her watch. It was half past one.

She couldn’t sleep, so she jumped to the ground without wearing slippers, and walked out of the room lightly.

The dark house was only lit with dim yellow corridor lights, and it was completely silent.

She was going to leave soon, and before leaving, she must take back everything that belonged to her! She stood on tiptoe and came to Yin Zhefei’s door like a thief. She took a deep breath, slowly opened his room, crawled in like a gopher, and closed the door again.

The room was full of the sound of Yin Zhefei’s breathing, his breathing was long and regular, and he was obviously sleeping soundly.

Of course, Yin Xiaomei knew that he had just finished the monthly exam today, so he must be sleeping very hard. She was crawling around, rummaging through his closet, but damn, her piggy was full, but she couldn’t find it anywhere.

She cursed lowly, and crawled under Yin Zhefei’s bed again, ha! bingo! it’s here.

She carefully pushed the little piggy out, and was sweating profusely by the time she emerged.

But she had just stuck her head out—

“Damn it!”

Yin Xiaomei almost screamed and fell to the ground. She saw Yin Zhefei’s head resting on the side of the bed, his eyes closed, obviously he was talking in his sleep.

Whoosh! Scared her to death! She stroked her chest in shock, feeling like she was about to urinate.

“Damn brat… lied again…” Yin Zhefei muttered.

Yin Xiaomei crawled out from under the bed little by little, like a dedicated agent. It was just that when she looked at Yin Zhefei like this, she thought to herself, no wonder the big sisters were crazy about him. Looking at him like this, he was still pretty good-looking!

She sat beside his bed and tilted her head to look at him. With long eyelashes, a tall nose, and full lips, his facial features looked good separately, but they looked even better together.

Yin Xiaomei’s little head was lying in front of his face, she really wanted to know how a kiss felt.

Anyway, he was asleep, so he won’t know, just give him a kiss and see.

She thought that he had caused her to not see the kiss scene in the finale of the series, and she suddenly felt courageous!

He owed him, and she called this the way of repaying with his own body!

So, she pouted, leaned in, and pressed her lips against his lips for a while.

She blinked, except that she was so nervous that she wanted to pee her trousers, she didn’t seem to have any other feelings…

Yin Xiaomei turned her head back in disappointment and wiped her mouth – it turned out that the happiness when kissing on TV was all a lie, she didn’t know anything about it. There was no feeling at all, just like sticking to a piece of warm salmon with the smell of Yin Zhefei.

She tiptoed out of Yin Zhefei’s room, feeling as if she had nothing to lose even if she didn’t watch the hellish ending.

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[1] There was only some sound but no actual tears.

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