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IHSB Ch. 5: Parent-Child Activity


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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The housekeeper’s heart melted when he saw her well-behaved appearance, so he asked her why she got up so early.

Nuan Nuan had a soft and sweet smile on her face, and her voice was particularly nice.

“Nuan Nuan can’t sleep anymore. I’m used to getting up at this time.”

She used to get up to feed the chickens and ducks, go up the mountain to pick up firewood, and water the vegetables in the yard, but after getting up today, she found herself to be free, she didn’t know what to do, and suddenly she was feeling a little flustered and helpless.

Looking at the little girl in front of him, the distressed look in the housekeeper’s eyes became even more intense.

“Can’t sleep?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head obediently, she couldn’t sleep after waking up.

“Then Miss Nuan Nuan, let’s watch cartoons.”

The housekeeper took her to the soft sofa to sit, and then turned on the TV to play cartoons. Nuan Nuan watched the childlike animation and couldn’t move her eyes instantly.

When she was in the village, she also watched TV, but it was all at other people’s houses, and because she was busy, she actually had very little time to watch TV.

Trying to move her gaze away, Nuan Nuan looked at the housekeeper eagerly.

“Grandpa housekeeper, Nuan Nuan hasn’t washed her face, brushed her teeth or brushed her hair.”

“I see, then…”

“I’ll take Nuan Nuan.”

Before the housekeeper could finish speaking, Dad Gu’s voice came from upstairs.

Nuan Nuan raised her face and looked over and her bright black eyes met Dad Gu’s gaze.

Gu Linmo’s expression softened, “Come here Nuan Nuan, Dad will take you to wash.”

Of course, the housekeeper was happy to see this happen, he thought this would help Miss Nuan Nuan and her family develop their relationship.

Facing her father’s expectant eyes, she warmly puffed up her face and nodded her head obediently.

At the end, she showed him a super healing and sweet smile, and said yes.

“Thank you, Dad.”

After she said that, she jumped off the sofa and walked upstairs with her short legs. When she walked to Dad Gu, a large palm stretched out in front of her.

Nuan Nuan hesitated, pursed her small mouth, and slowly put her thin little hand on it. Dad’s palm was big and warm, giving her a very safe feeling.

Nuan Nuan sniffed, but her eyes were slightly red. She lowered her head and dared not let her father see that she was about to cry. She was not a little crybaby.

The small palm was wrapped by her Dad’s large palm. Gu Linmo slowed down and led her to the bedroom. The little girl followed him step by step, and secretly glanced at Dad’s palm holding her own small hand. She couldn’t help but purse her lips and reveal a shallow smile, her brows and eyes were curved, and those clear and sparkling eyes looked very beautiful.

Mother Gu was sleeping, and she was awakened when she heard the door open, so she quickly glanced to the side subconsciously.

She didn’t see her daughter.

Mother Gu panicked, lifted the quilt and sat up, only to find that her husband had come in, and he was holding her obedient and soft little daughter’s hand.

Mother Gu’s heart calmed down and she put on her shoes and walked to Nuan Nuan, then she squatted down and hugged the child into her arms.

“You scared mother to death. I thought everything that happened yesterday was a dream.”

Nuan Nuan hugged her mother’s neck and patted her softly, comforting her softly.

“Mom is fine, she’s warm.”

The little girl was very warm.

Knowing that her husband came to wash Nuan Nuan, Mother Gu immediately got busy and expressed her desire to do it together.

“Do you want to wash up by yourself or do you want Dad to help you?”

Nuan Nuan’s little face was flushed, and she answered crisply, “Nuan Nuan can wash up by herself.”

The washstand was a little high for the little one, so Dad Gu brought her a small stool, and held the little girl easily.

The moment she was picked up, Nuan Nuan let out a small exclamation, but then she laughed happily.

“This is your toothbrush.”

A slender hand took out the small pink toothbrush and squeezed toothpaste on it and handed it to her.

“Thank you, Dad.”

Nuan Nuan took the toothpaste and thanked him softly, and then began to brush her teeth by herself under the gentle gaze of her parents. After brushing her neat little teeth, her mother taught her how to wash her face with facial cleanser, the one she had asked people to buy was especially for children, it was natural and harmless, it would not hurt the skin, and it had a fragrant milky sweet fragrance.

Finally, Dad Gu used a warm towel to wipe off the foam on her face.

This small parent-child activity also made Nuan Nuan feel a little closer to her parents.

After Mother Gu wiped the skin care cream on Nuan Nuan’s face, she personally combed her hair into two cute and beautiful pigtails.

Dad Gu had been watching greedily while standing next to them, and he also wanted to comb the hair of the fluffy little girl.

Mother Gu raised her chin proudly, “Forget it, you big man with thick hands and feet, don’t hurt her warm hair.”

Dad Gu was not convinced, “Why do I have thick hands and feet, wait a minute. Shall I comb Nuan Nuan’s hair after I practice?”

The last sentence was for Nuan Nuan, the party involved.

The soft little girl leaned on her mother and nodded obediently, “Okay.”

“That’s good!”

Mother Gu lovingly kissed her daughter’s forehead.

She lowered her head softly and shyly, her eyes sparkling obviously very happy.

It was half past six when everything was done. Now, Nuan Nuan was holding her father and mother’s hand, her beautiful big eyes were bent into small crescent moons, and she looked very beautiful.

The old man downstairs was drinking tea, his eyes lit up when he saw Nuan Nuan coming down, and he waved to the little girl cheerfully.

“Nuan Nuan come to Grandpa.”

Nuan Nuan replied obediently and walked over, and the old man smiled and rubbed her fluffy little head.

“I heard from the housekeeper that you got up early, are you hungry? Is there anything you want to eat for breakfast?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head and replied softly, “Nuan Nuan is not a picky eater.”

“It’s good not to be a picky eater, only by being a non-picky eater can you grow healthy and taller.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes were bright as she nodded her head, “Well, Nuan Nuan will grow taller in the future.”

The soft appearance made the old man have an extremely rare happy thought. It’s better to have a girl, look at how cute she is, even the little boys in the family were not very sticky even when they were young.

The breakfast was very rich. She sat on the chair, warm and well-behaved, looking at all kinds of cute and delicate Xiaolongbao[1], fragrant seafood porridge[2], dumplings, and finally a cup of steaming milk.

Good… a lot, could her belly fit all this?

“Nuan Nuan let go and eat. If you can’t eat any more, don’t hold on, or your stomach will hurt. After eating, grandpa will take you to the villa to go shopping, and by the way, also meet the cat and dog you brought.”

Nuan Nuan raised her face and looked at him eagerly. She didn’t see Briquette and Rhubarb last night.

The old man laughed when he saw her like this.

“Don’t worry, those two are fine. Yesterday, the servant took them to take a bath and get vaccinated. After that, they will stay at home with Nuan Nuan.”

“Thank you, grandpa!”

The old man was so elated.

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