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KHSW Ch. 107


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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“Has that matter been dealt with?”

Hearing Xu Yizhi’s question, a slight embarrassment appeared on Ling Xi’s face. It would be embarrassing to let him know that she would not hesitate to disguise herself as a man to seduce girls, right?

“Well, it’s alright.”

While she was worried, Xu Yizhi had already closed the computer, stood up and walked over to her, “My mother said that we should go back to eat at noon tomorrow, if you are free.”

Ling Xi opened her lips slightly and looked slightly surprised, but she didn’t respond for a while, “Ah?”

When he met her ignorant eyes, Xu Yizhi’s heart became softer, and at the same time, he felt distressed, “Star Dance King” was coming to an end, and her time will be getting tighter, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time, they will understand.”

Ling Xi suddenly returned to her senses, “Ah~ no, I’ll be free tomorrow at noon, I’m just thinking, I should buy some gifts for my father-in-law and mother-in-law. After all, I was in a hurry last time, and this time is a formal visit to my in-laws, so I can’t be empty-handed.”

“No, for them, a daughter-in-law is the best gift.”

Xu Yizhi said this lightly, without considering Ling Xi’s feelings at all.

He saw her biting her lower lip lightly, the blush on her face rippling little by little, like a pebble thrown into the middle of the calm lake, opening up the ripples layer by layer.

Her heart was beating uncontrollably again…it felt a little strange.

In early morning, the next day, as soon as there was a slight light, Ling Xi opened her eyes like a set alarm clock, and saw that she was still pulling Xu Yizhi’s sleeve, but there was a plush “teddy bear” in the middle.

Since the last time she woke up and found that she was sleeping in an indecent position, and after the kiss, she had the idea of sleeping separately from him, but she couldn’t sleep without Xu Yizhi, so she had to come up with this idea. The method of placing a “teddy bear” between the two, she had originally thought it would take some time to explain, but he agreed as soon as she mentioned it.

What she did not know was that her husband had endured very hard… With a sweet wife in his arms, he would inevitably be distracted, but he did not dare to cross that line until he could not truly determine her feelings for him.

He finally came into contact with happiness, and he cherished every moment he spent with her, so how could he do something he was not sure about?

In the past, when she woke up, there was no trace of Yizhi, and breakfast in an insulated box was always placed on the dining table. She knew that those were all made by Yizhi, and there was a taste of happiness in it.

Because it was a luxury suite of “Ya Zun Hotel”, it had everything in it, including a kitchen, giving people the feeling of home.


Xu Yizhi was awakened by the sound and saw that the other side of “Teddy” was empty.

“Ling Xi, are you okay?”

He followed the voice and ran into the kitchen, there he saw Ling Xi kneeling on the ground picking up broken pieces of porcelain.

“Ling Xi?”

Ling Xi, who heard the voice, slowly raised her head, with fear in her eyes, she kept shrinking back, and even subconsciously raised her arms to cover her face. This was an expression he had never seen before, and he had never seen Ling Xi in this state.

“I was wrong, don’t hit me, don’t hit me… I’ll clean up this place right away.”

Seeing Ling Xi trembling again to pick up the debris on the ground, Xu Yizhi couldn’t help but feel distressed, grabbed her wrist and put it on his neck, then lifted her body horizontally, “Don’t pick it up, it will hurt.”

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