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Yuan Ye stared at him for a while, not knowing what he was thinking, he suddenly curled his lips and called obediently. “Brother Yuan.”

“Dear Xiaoye.”

Fu Yuanzhou was very pleased. He almost burst into tears. Finally, he heard Yuan Ye call him brother again, and he finally found the feeling of his previous life again! What Xie Lin liked him, what Yu Fei had become a man, it had nothing to do with him at this moment!

He retracted his no longer painful leg, got up and held Yuan Ye’s hand, and solemnly promised him: “From now on, I will cover you. We are blessed to enjoy and fight together.”

Speaking of which, he remembered the bet that Yuan Ye had raised with him before, and said in a good mood: “Actually, you don’t have to bet with me to go out with me, even if you don’t ask for that, as a friend, as long as I have time, I can go out with you at any time. …”

He was full of energy, and his eyes showed light, which looked bright and dazzling. Yuan Ye looked at him directly, suddenly chuckled, and responded: “Okay.”

“Where do you want to go…”

Fu Yuanzhou was about to ask him, but suddenly he felt that his shoulder was pushed slightly, pushing him down on the recliner. He still didn’t understand why Yuan Ye had to do so, and Yuan Ye was already pressed up against him, with one hand supporting the recliner, looking at him condescendingly.

At such a close distance, Fu Yuanzhou could even feel the humid heat emanating from Yuan Ye, as well as his mint-flavored pheromone. At this moment, the mint-flavor was not sharp, on the contrary, it was stained with hot temperature, like it wanted to melt and envelop Fu Yuanzhou’s senses enthusiastically.

As soon as he breathed in the mint smell, Fu Yuanzhou’s face began to flush, Yuan Ye looked at him intently, lowered his head, and spoke in a low and dumb voice.

“Can’t help it, let me kiss you.” His kiss fell on Fu Yuanzhou’s face.

Even a slight touch was enough to make Fu Yuanzhou almost fall off the recliner in shock, leaving his brain blank.

“What are you doing?”

Seeing that the two of them seemed to be too close, the teacher yelled from a distance, Yuan Ye got up from the chair, smiled and said to the teacher: “Fu Yuanzhou said that his eyes hurt because he went into the pool water. I was helping him to see.”

“Yuan Ye!!”

Fu Yuanzhou gritted his teeth and called Yuan Ye’s name but did not dare to let other people hear him. His voice was very low, his neck was red, and he stared at him fiercely.

Damn, was this kid tired of living?! He actually dared to–

“Brother, it hurts.” Yuan Ye smiled and looked very bad. “I have endured it for a long time. I wanted to kiss you since the first time I saw you. It made me feel so uncomfortable.”

“You and him. Damn!”

Fu Yuanzhou picked up the swimming goggles and threw them on Yuan Ye. As soon as Yuan Ye hid, the goggles plunged into the water, and he immediately backed up and jumped into the pool: “Hey, don’t be angry, I’ll get it back for you.”

What about Fu Yuanzhou. He was not just angry, he was furious, was that what made Yuan Ye call him brother? This was almost flirting. Damn it!

Yuan Ye saw that he was really angry, so he confessed his mistakes and kept coaxing him. When he coaxed people patiently, he was always the most talkative. After school, he never forgot to send a message to Fu Yuanzhou to coax him. Fu Yuanzhou was still angry, but his anger had cooled down a little, so he forgave him reluctantly.

After his anger gradually dissipated, Fu Yuanzhou was shocked again afterwards. It turned out that Yuan Ye had that kind of thought towards him. He had always regarded Yuan Ye as a buddy, but Yuan Ye actually wanted to treat him as an Omega!

This beast, beast! How was it the same as Xie Lin?

Fu Yuanzhou sat in the classroom waiting for Xie Lin to leave school. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became. After a while, Yu Fei came to him and brought his favorite snacks. When he saw him angry, he asked, “Zhou, what’s wrong with you? You don’t look happy?”

“It’s okay.” Fu Yuanzhou said dully. Of course, he couldn’t tell Yu Fei what happened. He couldn’t let others know about it, absolutely.

“But you don’t seem to be okay.” Yu Fei stroked his hair, “Let’s go out to eat, then you tell me?”

“Let’s go.”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded and agreed, thinking about bringing Xie Lin something to eat by the way. When they walked out together and left the door of the classroom, they unexpectedly ran into someone, Ran Shutang.

“You wait a minute.”

Ran Shutang stopped Fu Yuanzhou. When he saw Yu Fei, his movements stopped for a while, and then he returned to normal. He was still looking at Fu Yuanzhou as he handed out some materials: “I’ve sorted it out for you. You can take it back and have a look.”

“The efficiency is so high?”

Fu Yuanzhou took the information in surprise: “Thank you…”

“Since I promised you, I have to do it well.” Ran Shutang said, “See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Ran Shutang left after speaking. Fu Yuanzhou said goodbye to him. He was not quite used to talking to his opponent so calmly. The more they got along, the more he felt that Ran Shutang was pretty good. Why did they become opponents?

It seemed that Ran Shutang hated him first, right? What did he do wrong?

Fu Yuanzhou mused, but could not think of the answer, then Yu Fei curiously asked him: “What is this?”

“Information he sorted for me.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Let me first put it back.”

He turned back to his seat, put down the information, flipped through it casually, and suddenly saw a notebook that was not very new, with a leather cover, and which seemed to be quite thick.

This was Ran Shutang’s notes?

Fu Yuanzhou flipped through it. Before he could see the contents clearly, a piece of paper fell from the page. He picked it up and found that it turned out to be a photo.

He realized that Ran Shutang might have given him the wrong thing. Originally, he didn’t intend to spy on the privacy of others, but when he saw the two people in the photo, his movements stopped immediately, his face involuntarily showing a look of surprise.

Because he recognized it, the boy in the photo was himself, and he looked very familiar with the younger boy next to him.

He suddenly realized that this younger child turned out to be Ran Shutang.

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