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Lu Rong closed the dialogue box with Ji Wenfeng and sat down.

The fujoshi looked at Lao Wang opposite, feeling nervous yet excited; while Lao Wang looked at the fujoshi opposite, his eyes full of doubts.

Was this little girl a famous contemporary young writer? She looked like she was still underage! Could she really write a love story? Did she have personal experience so early?

“I don’t even have a girlfriend yet, and now little girls are starting to write unforgettable love stories in their novels at such a young age!” Lao Wang burst into tears in his heart.

Lu Rong: “This is Xiao Xiao.” He winked at Lao Wang and asked him to start bragging immediately.

Lao Wang understood.

Lao Wang, who had changed his image, had also changed his behavior. The new suit had completely transformed him. He gave Lu Rong a reassuring look, stood up with dignity, smiled loudly, shook hands warmly with the fujoshi, and said calmly in a voice as low as a bell while using slow words: “So you are Xiao Xiao, hello, hello! Hey, I am your loyal reader. I finally met my idol today. I am so excited… Do you mind signing an autograph for me?”

Lu Rong thought in his heart, secretly shouting “no”: it’s too much.

The fujoshi’s nervousness skyrocketed, she was sweating profusely and her face was red: “Have you…have you read my article?”

Lao Wang: “That’s natural! Although I have passed my forties, love is literary. This theme is something everyone will love to read at any age!”

The fujoshi couldn’t help but laugh. Although she really wanted her tomboy erotica to be widely circulated, what was the difference between having a 40-year-old man see the high-quality content she wrote and having her parents find a word file in a folder on their computer?

Fujoshi: “I didn’t expect… uncle is so advanced in thinking… that he can still accept such love…”

Lao Wang pretended to be a hero who was beyond his generation: “Hey, this is not a matter of advanced thinking or not, love is originally free and equal! Love should have various forms. We Chinese are too conservative and insist on making things the same. We put shackles on such a beautiful thing as love! To tell you the truth, I just love to see this kind of avant-garde love literature! Society is not yet inclusive, so we must dare to make breakthroughs in literature! Only when we take a step forward ideologically will a new trend of thought emerge in society, hahahahahahaha!”

The rotten girl was executed in public. When she recovered from the excitement, her eyes were bright, and she was in awe: Wow, this is really the style of a discerning person! She winked at Lu Rong triumphantly: “Let you look down on my pornographic article, listen to what others say, listen.”

Lu Rong pretended to hold his chin, not wanting to receive the fujoshi’s triumphant eyes at all, and secretly winked at Lao Wang, telling him to stop bragging and move on to the next step.

Lao Wang: “Rong Rong has already told you, right? I’m here this time to talk about a cooperation project with you – I want to print your works on paper and share them with more people!” Mainly share with all the students at their High School who ate spicy chicken food after school.

The smile on the rotten girl’s face slowly dissipated, and she said sadly and frustratedly: “Uncle, the General Administration of Publication won’t pass the review.”

Lao Wang glanced at Lu Rong doubtfully: How pioneering is the love story this little girl wrote? To the point where the General Administration wants to ban it?! Is it the level of Jin Ping Mei? Lu Rong, if you don’t share this with me on Baidu Cloud, it’s your fault!

Lu Rong slowly shook his head behind the fujoshi: Believe me, you don’t want to see it.

Lao Wang became more and more curious and decided to discuss the matter later. He controlled his facial expression and reassured the rotten girl: “It doesn’t matter, we have other channels, which are absolutely safe and reliable.” It was the channel where they sold the napkin wrapped in the small fish cakes. You can throw it away after having your fun, it was foolproof and the bureau won’t be able to find it.

Although the fujoshi could write about hundreds of male and female positions, she was not experienced in the matters of the world. When Lao Wang vowed, “I have someone above me,” she breathed a sigh of relief: “Then how many words do I need to write?”

She used to generate electricity for love, but academics was her top priority, and she was worried that becoming a full-time writer would affect her grades.

Lao Wang: “It doesn’t need a lot. We value quality over quantity! Even one sentence a day will do!” It only needed to be printed on a napkin and used as a love guidance manual for high school students. Writing more was a waste of paper.

The fujoshi beamed with joy, and asked carefully and tentatively: “In this case… the royalties won’t be very high, right?”

This was the point of the question.

Judging from the current financial reserves of this small fish cake mobile stall, Lao Wang could not pay any royalties at all.

Lao Wang followed the rhetoric taught to him by Lu Rong and slapped the fujoshi on the shoulder solemnly: “For a well-known author like you to only give you a publication fee is an insult! I want to give you a 5% option!” Give non-existent options for non-existent business!

The fujoshi was surprised. Her brother worked in a startup company and she knew what options were!

The fujoshi was completely in a daze: Wow, I am really not an ordinary person! Just writing some tomboy pornographic stories for Ai Deng could attract big bosses to offer stock options, now she firmly believed in her dream of becoming a tomboy erotica writer in the future again!

Seeing that the fujoshi was completely defeated, Lao Wang and Lu Rong exchanged glances: The plan was successful.

Lao Wang took out the licensing contract, the fujoshi signed it, and the three of them had a good time talking while drinking Coca-Cola, looking forward to getting rich overnight by selling fish cakes and pornographic books.

Ji Wenfeng walked into Wuji Restaurant in a hurry, and the dining room waiter greeted him with a smile: “Sir, how many are there?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Order a few dishes to take away.”

Waiter: “Okay, here is the menu.”

Ji Wenfeng sat down at the door and started ordering. The desserts here were good. He liked them very much and wanted to bring them back to Lu Rong to try.

Just as Ji Wenfeng was concentrating on flipping through the menu, he heard a familiar laughter coming from not far away.

Like a bloody desert hyena who smelled his prey, Ji Wenfeng suddenly raised his head and stared at the direction where the laughter came from.

A few seconds later, Ji Wenfeng’s face darkened, he mercilessly crushed the menu in his hand, stood up and strode toward the booth.

Lu Rong was enjoying a soda drink with his new “partner” when he suddenly felt a burst of air-conditioning behind him, which was colder than the ice Coke he had just swallowed. He didn’t even need to look back, he just threw away the spoon and sat back on the chair with a headache: No, here we go again.

Didn’t you agree to go to a KTV to have a party?

Not even giving him a night of peace?!

Lu Rong suspected that Ji Wenfeng had put a locator in his mobile phone. Otherwise, he himself was actually living in a Danmei novel, and Ji Wenfeng was the son of this world’s plane. How else to explain that Ji Wenfeng always bumped into him no matter where he went!!!

Lao Wang sitting opposite him faced Ji Wenfeng, his face under his big beard had lost the grace of a big man, and he timidly rolled his little eyes – he had not forgotten the man who made him repair the door at Lu Rong’s house last time.

Sensing that something was wrong in the atmosphere, the fujoshi turned around silently and gasped: It’s Ji Wenfeng!

Ji Wenfeng stared at Lu Rong’s back with a murderous look!

She turned around nervously, her cute CPs were so cute! And they seemed to be following the script of angry sex! Oh my dear mother!

He could survive the first grade of junior high school but could not survive the fifteenth grade. Lu Rong turned around stiffly and faced Ji Wenfeng’s gloomy face.

Ji Wenfeng didn’t even need to say anything. All he had to do was stand in the shadows, wait for Lu Rong to find him, then turn around and leave, which would perfectly express the meaning of “you are dead”.

Lu Rong quickly chased after him.

Vinegar-making A-shares were producing vinegar again. If he didn’t stop it quickly, who knows what would happen.

“Ji Wenfeng!”

When Ji Wenfeng heard Lu Rong’s urgent call, he stopped in an obedient yet domineering manner, paused for two seconds, turned around and then pointed at Wuji Restaurant angrily: “Didn’t you say you were being good at home?”

He kept saying that he would wait for him at home, but as soon as he had time, he ran out to see Lao Wang. Was Lu Rong blind?! He was more than 20 years younger than Lao Wang. He had six-pack abs and a head of black and shiny hair. In fact, he had to go to the barber shop to get it trimmed every month!

Lu Rong opened his mouth to say something ridiculous but found himself speechless.

He couldn’t perform today.

Those plays that were easy to perform in the past could not be performed today.

As soon as he saw Ji Wenfeng’s handsome face, his mind was filled with high-h barrages scrolling – “Ji Wenfeng pressed Lu Rong against the wall angrily”, “Ji Wenfeng vigorously pushed Lu Rong onto the bed”, “Ji Wenfeng roughly untied his tie and tied Lu Rong’s hands”, “Ji Wenfeng smiled evilly and pressed Lu Rong against the mirror”…

Lu Rong: “…”

Completely unable to think!

It was like being debuffed!

Lu Rong could not look directly at Ji Wenfeng, his eyes slipped to the side silently, and he stammered: “I, I didn’t…” Embarrassment was written all over his body.

This was regarded by Ji Wenfeng as a sign of lying – he did not dare to look into his own eyes!

Ji Wenfeng sneered: “Haha, no, who is that man sitting there?”

At this moment, 70% of Lu Rong’s brain capacity was occupied by high-h barrages, and he mistakenly thought that Ji Wenfeng meant: He didn’t recognize that the person sitting inside was Lao Wang.

“The two of them only met once. Lao Wang has completely changed after this image design. It’s normal that he can’t recognize him. In this case…” Lu Rong was certain in his heart, raised his face and said to Ji Wenfeng innocently:

“He…he is my father.”

Looking at Ji Wenfeng’s face, the floodgates of beautiful articles in Lu Rong’s mind opened again: “During the wedding march, Ji Wenfeng solemnly took Lu Rong’s father’s hand. “, “‘Want to repay your father’s debt? Use your own body.’ Lu Rong’s shirt was torn into pieces under Ji Wenfeng’s cold words.”, “Lu Rong covered his mouth and did not dare to scream because his father “Still sleeping in the next room”…

Lu Rong quickly lowered his head: Damn, rotten girls are poisonous, right?! What kind of mental pollution is this?! By entering Ji Wenfeng + keywords, porn clips could be retrieved and played in a loop in one second. He would go crazy because of this!

Lu Rong’s shameful silence accidentally created the embarrassing effect of a rich man’s young wife being caught on the spot by her rich husband after her father, who had huge gambling debts, demanded money for nothing.

Ji Wenfeng was amazed when he saw Lu Rong’s performance: Do you think I can’t tell that that man is the fat bald man who hid with you in the golden house on Sunday?!

He laughed angrily, this free-spirited man was really lying.

Ji Wenfeng caught Lu Rong’s flaw but calmed down and sneered: “Oh~ it turns out to be your father.”

Act, continue to act for me.

Lu Rong nodded obediently.

Ji Wenfeng put his hands in his trouser pockets: “In that case, we can be considered a family. Isn’t it too much for me to go say hello to him?” As he said that, he strode towards Wuji Restaurant.

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong rushed to the table before Ji Wenfeng, staring at Ji Wenfeng’s sneakers, he introduced Lao Wang: “This is my father.”

Fujoshi: “!” This, it turned out to be… Uncle Lu?!

Lao Wang: “…?”

Ji Wenfeng reached out with a smile and said, “Hello, uncle.”

Lao Wang suddenly became a father and glanced at Lu Rong inexplicably. Urged by Lu Rong’s eyes, he stood up and followed Ji Wenfeng shook hands: “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…okay.”

When he sat down, his hand had swelled by two sizes.

Ji Wenfeng smiled politely and cast dangerous eyes on the fujoshi: “You are Lu Rong’s who again…”

The fujoshi came into close contact with her son-in-law and felt the ferocious murderous look in his eyes, and shuddered. Thus, her head suddenly short-circuited: “I, I, I, I, I, am his mother!”

Ji Wenfeng’s smile froze.

Are you two here to fu**ing tease me?!

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