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Part-Time Taoist Priest (PTTP) [BL]



The most important duty of a Taoist priest is getting rid of monsters, exorcising ghosts, and raising his temple’s reputation! Xie Lingya, though, is not a Taoist priest. He just has the Immortal Roots…

Some people can learn in a day what takes others ten years of hard work. Xie Lingya is like this–other people have to cleanse themselves and meditate to draw talismans, but he can do it as easy as drinking a glass of water. Unfortunately, in this era, graduating from a renowned university is much more valuable than the talent for cultivation. He who has the Immortal Roots finally chose to study finance.

However, the world is unpredictable. His uncle, a Taoist priest, died unexpectedly, leaving his temple to Xie Lingya. His last wish was for his nephew to find the right person to inherit his sect’s teachings.

So Xie Lingya, who had no intentions to become a Taoist, ended up as… the owner of a Taoist temple. He began to earnestly manage the deserted little place, striving to gain believers. He also struggled to recruit priests, in hope of finding a suitable successor for his uncle. After a chance encounter, his target became Shi Changxuan, who came from an influential Taoist family and had outstanding skills. Not scared off by the man’s aloof personality, he struck up a conversation and tried to get his phone number. He didn’t realize this move could be easily misunderstood…

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Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen Ai, Supernatural

Disclaimer: The copyright of this book rests with jjwxc and the author. Furthermore, if there are any issues in the future because of the jjwxc website, then I would either lock the chapters or delete the novel (Fair warning)/// The rights to my translations however are with me… and I hope that no one steals my translations

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.1: Star Bone

Chapter 1.2: Star Bone

Chapter 2.1: The Middle Finger

Chapter 2.2: The Middle Finger

Chapter 3.1: Talisman

Chapter 3.2: Talisman

Chapter 3.3: Talisman

Chapter 4.1: Issued Mission

Chapter 4.2: Issued Mission

Chapter 5.1: Kindness is Kindness

Chapter 5.2: Kindness is Kindness

Chapter 6.1: Picking Tiles

Chapter 6.2: Picking Tiles

Chapter 7.1: The First Taoist Priest

Chapter 7.2: The First Taoist Priest

Chapter 8.1: Selling Talismans

Chapter 8.1: Selling Talismans

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

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