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ACFBL Ch. 49


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Barrage? What barrage?

When debugging the lens before, there was no barrage.

Yan Yan was a little dazed, glanced at the lower right corner, and found that Ji Juechuan hadn’t lied to him.

There were really bullet screen comments.

He stared at those bullet screen comments for two seconds, still wondering if this was a new feature added by the live broadcast platform, in order to make the anchor feel more realistic when testing the effects of the shots.

It wasn’t until he saw the contents of the barrage clearly that Yan Yan’s body froze, and the corners of his curled mouth slowly flattened, without the lazy look just now.

Except for the “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” that swiped the screen, the content on the bullet screen was obviously sent by real netizens, and it was not a new function of the live broadcast platform.

“Turned on the screen and got hit critically, who can tell me what’s going on???!”

“Ahhh, are you here to reveal your relationship!”

“Raise your phone a little higher baby! I want to see which wild man you are lying in the arms of! (Wipe saliva)”

Glancing at the content of the bullet screen, the corners of Ji Juechuan’s lips curled up a little calmly, and the anger that was pent up in his heart yesterday became much smoother.

Seeing the words “wild man”, he twitched the corner of his mouth slightly.

What wild man, he and Yan Yan have got their marriage certificates, and he was his legitimate husband.

Yan Yan’s phone was not held high, and the camera only captured half of Ji Juechuan’s face, so the barrage howled for a long time, but they didn’t know whose arms Yan Yan was lying in.

They could only see the man’s smooth jawline, beautiful thin lips, and the handmade suit that they could tell was not cheap at first glance.

After the fans calmed down, they started discussing on the barrage.

“Yesterday, the little anchor brother just had an affair with Yan Yueluo, and today he’s here to clarify, isn’t he?”

“Sister upstairs, Yan Yueluo sent out a clarification in the middle of the night last night. Your 2G network is not good enough.”

“So it’s official?”

“Woooooo, I have only been addicted to my ‘Luoyan’ CP for a day QAQ.”

“Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, the fanfiction I wrote hasn’t become hot yet and the master came out to refute the rumors, who will understand my pain?”

Seeing the series of whining on the barrage, the corners of Ji Juechuan’s lips twitched, a disdainful arc was drawn, and a slight snort was also given out.

Even Yan Yueluo and Yan Yan’s CP could go on, these people were too blind.

The fans in the studio did not miss Ji Juechuan’s subtle movements.

“Grass, did he ‘cut’ us just now?”

“Is this the aura of an elite worker? It’s so crazy, I love it so much.”

“I can do it again! Give me a pen, I can still write!”

“Pass the pen upstairs, my friend said she wanted to read their 4000-character little yellow article before she died.”

Seeing the content of those bullet screens getting more and more excessive, Yan Yan’s face became hot, and he thought about turning off the live broadcast, but because he was too flustered, he couldn’t hold the phone steadily.

Fortunately, Ji Juechuan reacted quickly enough to catch the dropped phone. It was just that when he returned it to him, he didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, but he showed his full face to the screen.

Although it was only for a moment, someone in the live broadcast room recognized him.

“Damn it! Isn’t this Ji Juechuan from Wangjue Group??”

“Ah? Is it the Ji Juechuan I thought of?”

“Wasn’t it on the news that Ji Juechuan got engaged a while ago? What’s this??”

Yan Yan quickly shut the camera, and looked back at Ji Juechuan nervously, “What should I do? They recognized you.”

Ji Juechuan didn’t seem to respond, just nodded slightly, “Explain to them.”

“Hmm… explain what?”

Yan Yan was still a little confused.

He didn’t expect to accidentally turn on the live broadcast and let so many people see him nestled in Ji Juechuan’s arms. Now that even Ji Juechuan had been recognized, his mind was full of the words “it’s over”.

This time it was really playing big.

How could he explain to fans now that he had fallen into Ji Juechuan’s arms?

Yan Yan bit his lip, covered the camera and glanced at the barrage, his brows furrowed even tighter.

Ji Juechuan: “Tell them who I am.”

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, and said, “They already know who you are.”

“…” Seeing his dull look, Ji Juechuan couldn’t help reaching out and pinching his earlobe lightly, “I mean, tell them about my relationship with you.”

“Oh…” Yan Yan’s palms were sweating, but he knew it was the only way to go.

Otherwise, if those people misunderstood that Ji Juechuan was hanging out with others after getting engaged, it would damage Ji Juechuan’s reputation.

He pursed his lips and let go of his hand covering the camera.

“That…” He looked at the camera, his slender eyelashes fluttered, and his light eyes were full of tension, “Let me introduce to everyone, this is, this is my boyfriend.”

After finishing speaking, he raised his hand a little higher to focus on Ji Juechuan behind him.

The barrage paused for a moment, and it became even crazier in an instant.

Ji Juechuan frowned lightly, “Boyfriend?”

This time, Yan Yan quickly understood what he meant. It seemed that this explanation was not enough, and it was easy for people to misunderstand that Ji Juechuan was still dating a young boyfriend after he got engaged.

So, he corrected again, “It’s my husband.”

Only then was Ji Juechuan satisfied, put his hands on Yan Yan’s waist, and squinted his eyes to look at the barrage.

“Damn it, I’m stupid.”

“Have any sisters decided on a CP name? Take me in!”

“Am I the only one who saw the hand on the waist? This is so possessive.”

Yan Yan watched the barrage for a while, and his face started to turn red again.

Only then did he realize that he was still sitting on Ji Juechuan’s lap, so he quickly supported his legs with his hands and got off Ji Juechuan’s body.

“I, let’s start today’s topic.” Yan Yan looked at the camera, trying to ignore the barrage below.

But he still accidentally saw a few conspicuous bullet screens.

“I just noticed that today’s theme is to take everyone to visit his husband’s company.”

“Isn’t it an open relationship??”

“Just change today’s theme to what do Husband and Wife do everyday, I love watching this…”

Yan Yan’s face turned hot, he shook his head, and choked out a few words: “No more.”

What was so interesting about his daily life with Ji Juechuan?

Glancing at the time, he turned his head and looked at Ji Juechuan: “Honey, I’m going out first.”


Ji Juechuan stopped him and made a phone call. After a while, a tall young man appeared at the door, who seemed to be the company’s security guard.

“Let him follow you.”

“Okay.” Yan Yan nodded obediently and went out with his mobile phone.

He brought a handheld gimbal, fixed his phone on it, put on his headset, and smiled at the camera.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to adjust the lens just now, but there was an accident, which delayed everyone’s time.”

“No delay, no delay, to be honest, I want to watch it again, can we set up a charging model?”

“Can baby call out ‘husband’ again? I still want to hear it!”

Yan Yan was walking, so he didn’t see the barrage clearly, and just continued talking to the fans.

For today’s live broadcast, he did a lot of homework at home last night. Not only did he go through a lot of vlog videos made by others, but also learned some information about his company with the help of Ji Juechuan.

Because he had done enough preparations, he could be said to be able to handle today’s live broadcast with ease. He talked to the camera along the way, and the security guard behind him was surprised.

He didn’t expect that this person, who looked like a delicate young master, could do a decent live broadcast.

When Yan Yan came to the company last time, Lu Ji took him around the company, so he was quite familiar with the paths here.

After walking for a while, he arrived at the place where Lu Ji took him to rest last time.

He was talking to fans along the way, so now he was a little thirsty, and there happened to be a water bar nearby, so he wanted to go and order a drink.

Yan Yan handed over the equipment in his hand to the security guard who had been following him, went to the water bar and ordered two drinks.

While waiting on the chair for the clerk to make drinks, he suddenly heard a familiar voice, turned around and saw that it was Sheng Mowen whom he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Sheng Mowen had a little smile on his face as before, but he didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

He nodded towards Yan Yan: “Is it live?”

Yan Yan smiled at him, “Yes.”

Then, there was a sudden “click” in his heart.

He didn’t have any equipment in his hand, and the security guard wasn’t too close to him. How did Sheng Mowen know that he was here to broadcast live?

Did he also watch his live broadcast just now?

Did Sheng Mowen know about him and Ji Juechuan?

Yan Yan pinched the corner of his clothes, a little afraid to look at Sheng Mowen.

No wonder he didn’t look very well, presumably he knew about his relationship with Ji Juechuan.

“Your drink is ready.” Sheng Mowen brought him two drinks.

Yan Yan took it and whispered, “Thank you”.

Just as he didn’t know whether to turn around and leave, he suddenly heard a lot of movement not far away.

He looked over and found that an employee was talking to the security guard, and the two seemed to be having a little dispute.

Seeing that the employee was about to snatch the equipment from the security guard, he hurried over. Before he could figure out what happened, he was bumped by the emotional employee, and half of his drink was spilled on him.

The employee turned his head to see him, was taken aback for a moment, and then quickly apologized to him.

Yan Yan shook his head, said “it’s okay”, and asked what happened.

Seeing Yan Yan’s extraordinary temperament, the staff told him the matter without any hesitation: “The company prohibits video recording, this person violated the rules, and he refused to put it away.”

Yan Yan didn’t expect it to be because of this, so he quickly explained to the staff and told him that the shooting was allowed.

Presumably, the decision on this live broadcast was too hasty, and Ji Juechuan hadn’t had time to notify other employees of the company, so this misunderstanding occurred.

After he finished explaining, he apologized to the staff, but the staff acted guiltier than him, and instead kept apologizing to him.

After the misunderstanding was cleared up, the employee left. Yan Yan handed the drink in his hand to the security guard and looked down at his wet clothes.

The wet area of the clothes was a bit large, and it was all on the chest and stomach, sticking wetly to the body, drawing out his soft waistline.

The bullet screen comments were all concerned about what was going on, so Yan Yan comforted them with a few words, and then told them: “The live broadcast will be suspended for a while, I’ll go and change my clothes, see you later.”

After he quit the live broadcast, he went straight back to Ji Juechuan’s office.

Ji Juechuan was working, so when he heard the door open, he thought it was Lu Ji who had come in.

It wasn’t until he smelled the faint sweetness of the drink that he frowned and looked up, “Lu Ji, you…”

At this glance, he was a little stunned.

He stood up and walked quickly to Yan Yan, frowning even deeper, “What’s wrong?”

“Something happened.” Yan Yan raised his curled eyelashes, looking a bit like a small animal begging for food, “Honey, do you have any clean clothes?”

Ji Juechuan glanced at the clothes that were clinging to his body and pursed his lips, “Yes.”

He often spent the night at the company, so there were several sets of clothing in the lounge.

He took Yan Yan into the lounge, brought him a set of clothing, and asked him to take a shower in the lounge bathroom.

Yan Yan just felt that his body was sticky with the drink, so he took his clothes and went into the bathroom.

After washing his body in the bathroom and changing into the clothes Ji Juechuan gave him, he realized that the clothes were a bit too big.

The clothes Ji Juechuan gave him were a white shirt. Its long sleeves needed to be rolled up twice to expose his hands, but they were still loose.

He sat down on the bed in the lounge and planned to continue the live broadcast.

As soon as the live broadcast started, many question marks were posted on the barrage.

“What happened in just ten minutes??? Why did he change into his boyfriend’s shirt?”

“Could the camera go down a little further? I don’t mean anything, it’s just that this angle is uncomfortable.”

“Okay, my favorite couple is coming!”

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