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At the beginning, Yan Yan’s live broadcast room did not show such a harmonious scene, but an atmosphere completely opposite to the current one.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, there were only a few barrage messages, and they were all full of sarcasm. It wasn’t until Yan Yan picked up his phone to watch the barrage seriously that those taunting barrages lessened.

At the same time, a large number of question marks began to appear on the barrage, making Yan Yan’s head full of question marks.

“Sisters, stop for a second, this person doesn’t seem to be that cub?”

“Fuck, I was so scared that I left the room and took a look, I didn’t go wrong!”

“Is this a relative of that guy, I can’t tell what’s wrong, but I just can’t keep cursing.”

Yan Yan’s long eyelashes drooped slightly, and he frowned slightly and moved closer to the screen to see the bullet screens interspersed with question marks, but there were fewer bullet screens in the end.

Seeing the sudden decrease in barrage messages, he thought it was because the netizens had left the room, so he took a look at the number of viewers, and found that there were still dozens of people, not even one was missing.

After the barrage began to be silent, a long barrage message suddenly appeared, to the effect that he was asked to read a modern poem and it had even listed the title of the poem.

The long barrage message was extremely conspicuous in the empty live broadcast room, and everyone saw the barrage.

Senior black fans saw this barrage and laughed meaningfully behind the screen. They all knew that the anchor in the live broadcast room dropped out of school early because of poor grades. He could not even use the right words sometimes, let alone read poetry.

It was not that they discriminated against people who didn’t study well, it was just that the anchor dropped out of school by himself, and even went to the live broadcast room of college students who were part-time anchors to sneer, saying that reading was useless, which caused many people’s dissatisfaction.

Although this anchor had done more wicked things than this one but after this incident, being uneducated had become the anchor’s biggest point of ridicule.

Now this barrage made the host read poetry, and it was obvious what the other person was thinking.

When the anchor read it out later, won’t they know if the little beauty on the screen was the anchor who deserved to be beaten?

Although the bewildered little beauty on the screen made them feel a little embarrassed, in order to know the truth, someone still posted a barrage of support.

Yan Yan naturally noticed the long barrage, and saw a few echoing barrages behind it, and he understood after a moment of thought.

It turned out that when the original host was an anchor, the content of the live broadcast was to read poems to fans.

Fortunately, the original owner was not a game anchor, otherwise he really wouldn’t know what to do.

Yan Yan regained his energy in an instant, switched the live broadcast interface to the search interface, and searched for this modern poem on the Internet.

First, he glanced at it roughly, and then muttered in a low voice: “A lot of uncommon words.”

He thought that when the live broadcast software was in the background, netizens would not be able to see his appearance, so he no longer controlled his expression, and wrinkled his beautiful face together, trying to identify the rare words one by one.

The camera zoomed in, and the black fans saw that the exquisite facial features took up the entire screen, and they could even see every slender eyelash of the anchor.

Under such an impactful beauty, many black fans couldn’t help but suffocate, and some even secretly took a few screenshots.

Seeing Yan Yan’s distressed and childish expression, not only did they not feel like laughing, but they also blamed the person who made the barrage in their hearts.

What are you doing with a poem with so many uncommon words? It was not enough to simply test, it depended on the difficulty when giving to the child.

Fortunately, although there were many uncommon characters, he knew all the words and their pronunciations.

After reading the poem silently in his mind, Yan Yan switched back to the interface of the live broadcast software, placed the poem in split-screen mode at the bottom of the screen, and then cleared his throat.

His soft voice rang in the ears of netizens, like a ray of breeze in summer, driving away the heat in their hearts.

The black fans were first attracted by the reciting voice, and then they focused on what he read, and were surprised to find that he did not mispronounce any of those uncommon words.

This modern poem was a lingering love poem, so when it was read by Yan Yan, it seemed that a young boy was expressing his love to the person he liked, and his shyness and love couldn’t be hidden.

The poem was not too short. After reading the poem, Yan Yan raised his eyes to look at the barrage, only to find that the barrage messages had begun to increase at some point.    

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! His appearance and voice can make me ignore the name.”

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment and looked at his livestream name in the upper left corner, only to find that the name of the original host’s page was “You can’t care about Master Yan’s business”.

The corners of his lips froze, and he quickly clicked on his profile, changed his name to the word “Yan”, and then returned to the live broadcast interface, his face still a little hot.

It was too embarrassing for him to have been wearing this name in front of everyone just now.

The barrage in the live broadcast room was still increasing, most of them were praising the poem he just read, and there were barrages asking him if he was a professional in broadcasting.

Yan Yan’s fair face flushed a little, he pursed his lips and shook his head: “The teacher at school thought my voice was okay, so he taught me some recitation skills.”

“Is this voice called just okay?? Then my voice is like a duck, right?”

“Fortunately, you didn’t meet me, this voice makes me want to tie you up and let you scream all day.”

“? Something is wrong with you upstairs.”

“When does the anchor usually go on the air, it’s every day, is it?”

The overly active barrage made Yan Yan feel that something was wrong, so he took another look at the number of viewers and found that the number had increased to nearly four digits.

He was surprised for a long time before he remembered to answer the barrage question.

Considering that Ji Juechuan would be at home in the evening and that he had to prepare to welcome Ji Juechuan back home in the afternoon, he thought about it carefully and replied: “Generally, it is broadcast live in the morning, not every day, but only on weekdays.”

Hearing his answer, the barrage was obviously very disappointed. The traffic on weekdays was much smaller. Most of the people who appeared in the live broadcast room were fishing during working hours. They could only watch quietly with headphones on, which was not enjoyable at all.

And if it was only broadcast on weekdays, that was, it was only broadcast five times a week, which was obviously not enough for them.

But they didn’t mind, and soon started asking about other topics. Yan Yan saw that it was still early, so he looked at the barrage of questions and answered them one by one, and pretended not to see the questions that were inconvenient to talk about.

As the number of people in the live broadcast room increased, the content of the barrage became more and more open, so there was the scene that Ji Juechuan and Lu Ji saw in the office.

Yan Yan didn’t know that Ji Juechuan, whose eyes were shining green in Lu Ji’s eyes, was also watching his live broadcast. After he answered the question about the sack, he was startled by the sudden bullet screen.

Seeing that the bullet screens were all talking about buying sacks, Yan Yan’s long eyelashes blinked slowly a few times, feeling a little puzzled.

Why were they all suddenly buying sacks? Still want to buy green?

Before he could figure it out, he saw from the window that Aunt Zhang had come back from shopping and was coming in through the iron gate outside the villa.

He hurriedly bid farewell to the netizens in the live broadcast room, saying that he was going to upload the broadcast.

The group of netizens who were still obsessed with buying sacks stopped talking about sacks and said goodbye to him one after another, and there were bullet screens asking what the next live broadcast would be about.

Yan Yan thought for a while, just reading poems was indeed a bit boring, there were so many anchors on the live broadcast website, if he didn’t have some innovative content, what if the fans ran away?

After thinking for a while, his eyes lit up, and the corners of his lips curled up: “Next time I will show you my new bartending skills, it’s fun.”

After finishing speaking, he heard Aunt Zhang’s footsteps walking into the living room, and said “See you next time” quickly, and then quickly uploaded the broadcast.

The live broadcast room suddenly fell silent, leaving only a black screen.

The two men in the office watched the live broadcast room turn into a black screen, and fell silent for a while.

Lu Ji didn’t dare to speak out because he felt that the green light on his CEO’s head exceeded the standard, for fear of being used as a punching bag.

Ji Juechuan was still thinking about the way the boy’s lips curled up and his eyes seemed to have crushed stars in them before he went down.

Did he smile like that to everyone?

Lu Ji coughed lightly, breaking the silence:

“President Ji, shall I go back to work first?”

Ji Juechuan didn’t say yes or no, but only waited for Lu Ji to walk to the door before he said:

“The poem that the bullet screen said… What poem?”

After the live broadcast ended, many netizens stayed in the live broadcast room to chat, and many people were discussing the poem Yan Yan read.

But by the time Ji Juechuan and Lu Ji started watching the live broadcast, Yan Yan had already finished reading the poem and was chatting with the barrage, so they missed the previous scene of Yan Yan reading the poem.

Lu Ji put on his smile again: “Mr. Ji, don’t worry, I’ll find you a screen recording in a while, guarantee the highest definition.”

Ji Juechuan frowned: “It’s working time now.”

Lu Ji’s smile froze. On the surface, he nodded quickly and said yes, but he began to count down three two one in his heart.

Sure enough, when he counted to one, Ji Juechuan said again:

“Give it to me when I get off work.”

Oh, he knew it.

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