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TBVSR Ch. 54.1


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Hearing Jiang Yu’s words, Bai Shuyi almost couldn’t contain the anger in her heart.

She really didn’t expect that after so many years of Bu Tanyan’s death, this woman who cast a huge shadow on her adolescence could still affect her in such a way that she would lose control again and again.

With a gloomy face, Bai Shuyi lowered her voice, and said to Jiang Yu who stood on the stage: “In order to defend the person you admire and believe in, will you not hesitate to destroy your own future?”

Before Jiang Yu could speak, Xue Jiayi suddenly smiled and interjected: “Yeah, what can you do if other than admit her mistake to Teacher Bai. Teacher Bai teaches you with all her heart, it is for your own good. Where is Esmera, even if you stay in Class F, look within the country, they are considered to be the top dancers in the ballet world, and it is not worthwhile to lose their future for such a trivial matter.”

Jiang Yu knew that Xue Jiayi had always disliked her, but what she said now, it sounded like a sarcasm, but it was true.

For a moment of pride, give up your hard work for so long, and give up the bright future you see… Was it really worth it?

Jiang Yu couldn’t get an answer.

But the only thing she was clear about was that she was right.

Maybe, maybe adults should not distinguish between right and wrong, but only look at the pros and cons…

But in this world, there were always some people who stuck to their inner beliefs.

It may seem stupid, but Jiang Yu just couldn’t give up.

“I’m not wrong.” She still repeated these three words: “The way is different, we don’t conspire with each other. If Teacher Bai thinks that I am not suitable for Esmera, I can leave.”

Bai Shuyi said coldly: “In this case…”

“But I still want to say tha ballet should not have only one model and norms. The expression of the dance is the first, and the skill is the second, and it should serve it.”

Everyone was startled.

This sentence, in the final battle when Bai Shuyi was defeated by Bu Tanyan, Bu Tanyan once said this sentence to Bai Shuyi condescendingly, “Skills always serve the emotions of the body. Put the cart before the horse, and you can’t bring out of the most beautiful ballet.”

These words like sharp knives, had been stuck in Bai Shuyi’s heart for many years.

Now Jiang Yu actually… poked her sore spot again.

Xie Yuan sat alone in the last row of the auditorium, but no one noticed his arrival.

Only Qiu Li who was not far from him noticed him.

He didn’t realize that Qiu Li was looking at him all the time, because all his focus was on the girl on the stage.

Her tone of voice, the pride that flashed in her eyes, the courage to not turn back without bumping into the south wall… were exactly the same as the little girl who dared to laugh and dance for him on the street full of people in order to chase him back then.

It was all so…headstrong.

There was no need to have any doubts, no need to do a paternity test, Xie Yuan was absolutely sure that Jiang Yu was his daughter, the daughter of him and Bu Tanyan.

Just when Xie Yuan was about to get up to help Jiang Yu, Xue Jiayi suddenly said: “There is no need to make a fuss like this, Jiang Yu’s level is obvious to all, Shuyi, if you really give her a failing grade, I am afraid it will be difficult to convince everyone.”

Bai Shuyi looked at Xue Jiayi coldly, of course she knew that Xue Jiayi was looking for a step down for her.

With so many students present, if Jiang Yu was really kicked out of Esmera by her, how would the students talk about it in the future, saying that Esmera’s chief dance teacher abused her power to expel students because she disagreed with the student!!!

If word got out, her reputation would be ruined.

“Then what’s your opinion?” Bai Shuyi asked Xue Jiayi expressionlessly.

Xue Jiayi didn’t want Bai Shuyi to succeed, so she said, “Since Teacher Bai, you don’t want her. There are too many obedient students in my class B. It’s not bad to have such a rebellious little girl.”


Bai Shuyi said incredulously looking at her: “Do you want to take her in? Don’t you hate her the most…”

“Teacher Bai, I’ve always been the most fair person, and I never retaliate with personal grievances.”

Bai Shuyi understood that Xue Jiayi just wanted to compete with her. If Xue Jiayi really accepted Jiang Yu. In future competitions, Jiang Yu would definitely help her win awards, there was no doubt about it.

Who didn’t want to get good seedlings, the competition between teachers was no less than that between students.

How could she allow such a thing to happen!

Bai Shuyi couldn’t let Jiang Yu go to Xue Jiayi’s class, couldn’t expel her, and couldn’t continue to keep her by her side, after all, she had reached a tacit agreement with the Shen family to accept Shen Aoqing as a closed disciple.

She could only lower her stand, and say to Jiang Yu in a soft tone: “Of course, as a student, you can reserve your own opinion on what the teacher says, and the teacher will not force you to accept it.”

Saying this was basically slapping herself in the face.

The students were chattering, Bai Shuyi had never spoken to a student with such an attitude.

Bai Shuyi looked at Xue Jiayi resentfully. If she hadn’t intervened halfway, how could she have fallen into such a shameful situation, subdued by a student?

“Jiang Yu, how about this, class A or class B, you choose one, how about it, go to Ms. Xue or continue with me, you choose yourself.”

The students boiled up, class A and class B, of course choose A. After all, the heroines were basically Class A students!

Who wouldn’t want to go to Class A!

Xue Jiayi’s face darkened, she looked at Bai Shuyi, and Bai Shuyi looked at her openly.

Anyway, no matter what, even if she was abolished, she must be kept by her side, and she could not be taken advantage of by others.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Jiang Yu said calmly, “I choose Class F.”


Xue Jiayi and Bai Shuyi were surprised at the same time!

How did she choose class F!

The students discussed in shock, “Jiang Yu actually entered Class F!”

“She was allowed to choose from between Class A and B, but she chose Class F?”

“No way!”

“Top teacher!”


Xue Jiayi couldn’t believe her ears, no matter how much she thought about it, but why was Jiang Yu was willing to go to the bottom class F!

“You, are you sure?”

Xie Yuan looked seriously at Jiang Yu on the stage, if she was unwilling, he would help her… His own daughter who had been lost for so long, he couldn’t wait to pamper her… He could give her anything she wanted.

But the little girl seemed to have a mind of her own. Many times, Xie Yuan couldn’t help even if he wanted to.

But Jiang Yu still insisted: “I’ve made up my mind, I’m willing to enter Class F.”

Bai Shuyi said with a serious face, “Jiang Yu, don’t delay your future because of anger.”

Jiang Yu said calmly: “Actually, this is Bai Shuyi. One of the truths my teacher taught me before is that the ballet stage is not just the stage for the protagonist, whether it is the swan queen or the little swan, every role is very important, I have thought about it for a long time, maybe class F is my new start.”

Bai Shuyi was speechless, inexplicably ashamed.

That’s right, this was the first lesson that Bai Shuyi taught Jiang Yu, but she didn’t expect her to remember it all the time.

She also saw that what happened just now, Jiang Yu was not targeting her in vain, Jiang Yu was just defending her inner beliefs.

In such a comparison, Bai Shuyi felt like a clown…

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