FPH Ch. 54

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Gu Nian raised her hand to block the wrist of the man holding the knife. The knife slashed hard on the acupoint of his wrist, causing the man’s wrist to go numb and unable to exert any strength.

With a bang, the knife fell to the ground.

However, at the same time, the other two took the opportunity to attack Gu Nian.

When the knife of the man with the bag was chopped off, another man had already attacked. Gu Nian blocked the barrier, and another person attacked her from behind with a knife.

When Gu Nian found out, the knife was about to hit her face.

Gu Nian was startled and couldn’t care about anything else, she immediately raised her arm to block it. A sharp sting immediately came from her arm, the sleeves of the clothes were cut, and the blood dyed the surrounding fabrics red.

And the person who took the bag directly waved Gu Nian’s bag and smashed it hard on her cut arm.

“What are you doing!” An angry shout came suddenly from the alley.

The three were distracted, and Gu Nian took the opportunity to kick one of them, kicking him back and forth again and again, until a gap appeared, then Gu Nian took the opportunity to run out.

At the same time, Chi Yiheng also rushed over.

Gu Nian saw that it was him, and hope arose, then she was protected by Chi Yiheng behind him.

The man who took the bag shouted, “Go!”

At the same time, he threw the bag over.

Chi Yiheng could only reach out to catch the bag, otherwise the bag would have hit his face directly.

But also because of such a pause, the three of them got time to escape. At this time, they had already run to the other end of the alley. Chi Yiheng handed the bag to Gu Nian and chased after them without thinking.

But when they reached the alley, the three had already merged into the crowd and could not be found.

Helpless, Chi Yiheng had no choice but to run back, sweating profusely, and regretfully shake his head at Gu Nian: “Sorry, I couldn’t catch them.”

Gu Nian didn’t actually hold out much hope. Seeing Chi Yiheng’s disappointment, she comforted him: “It’s okay, thanks you for today. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Gu Nian said, “I’m already very lucky.”

When she was fighting just now, Gu Nian was only trying to rush out with all her strength, but there was no other thought in her mind.

Now that it was safe, Gu Nian felt afraid, and her legs were weak and trembling.

When Chi Yiheng saw her state, he held her arm, only to notice that her right arm was scratched.

“I’ll take you to the hospital to treat the wound first.”

Chi Yiheng said, “After the wound is healed, I will go to the police station for my statement. I saw the faces of the three people clearly.”

Gu Nian nodded, that was all she could do.

Chi Yiheng came by car. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and tied it on Gu Nian, saying, “Don’t worry, it’s clean. I haven’t used it today.”

Gu Nian laughed, she didn’t seem to be worried.

Sitting in the car, Gu Nian asked, “How did you come here?”

“I heard that you were transferred here. I happened to be passing by, so I came to see you. I didn’t expect this to happen.” Chi Yiheng explained.

Gu Nian thought that she was going to see Chu Zhaoyang, so she made an agreement with Chu Tian. But this happened. She had to go to the hospital to see to her injuries, issue a report, and then go to the police station for the statement. After such a tossing, all the time would be wasted tonight, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to see Chu Zhaoyang.

“Thanks to you today.” Gu Nian said gratefully.

He appeared at the most dangerous time and saved her in time.

At that time, when Chi Yiheng’s voice sounded, Gu Nian was really grateful, as if she had finally seen the light in the dark, and almost cried with joy.

Words could not express the gratitude and excitement in her heart.

“Don’t say that, how can I stand by and watch this kind of thing.” Chi Yiheng smiled slightly, “Besides, you have been my… student.”

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