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RNMG Ch. 47.3


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In the following time, Si Huang spent her time acting, taking pictures, and studying. It had been more than a month since she first came to Yangcheng. To this day, when her role had finally been completed.

During this period of time, the major entertainment reports had weakened a lot, but it had never ended, especially a gossip reporter called ‘Real Entertainment Voice’, it was still biting at Si Huang like a mad dog.

From the beginning, the masses of the people followed the entertainment gossip news and learned more about Si Huang, and they also drowned out a lot of other guesses and voices.

For example, why when Si Huang was attacked by entertainment gossip, Fenghua Entertainment did not come forward to stop it.

Tie Lao and Grandma Yu were also silent, but they were photographed by the paparazzi once or twice having a meal with Si Huang.

And no matter how the entertainment gossip attacked, the truth was as Si Huang said, her role had not been lost at all, she and her agent still posted Weibos, posted about their lives, and beautiful photos, reflecting that the jumping entertainment reporters were like a joke.

If there were people who were interested to observe the changes in the comments on Si Huang’s Weibo, they would find that as time went by, her Weibo had fewer and fewer trolls and more and more supporters.

At the end of the afternoon’s work, Director Liu personally treated the guests to bid farewell to Si Huang.

The other (female) members of the crew were full of reluctance.

In the end, Director Liu still didn’t get to do it, because Grandma Yu also knew when Si Huang finished work. As soon as everyone came out of the set, they saw Grandma Yu sitting in the car and waving to them. She gave the order to invite the guests.

Others also saw how Grandma Yu valued Si Huang.

Grandma Yu bought a panorama package in a famous restaurant in Yangcheng and set up four tables in total. There were two tables for the crew, one table for the other supporting actors, and one table for Si Huang, Director Liu, Guan Li, and the old couple.

The dinner party was very enthusiastic, and many people came to toast, showing familiarity and intimacy in their attitudes. Whether it was true or not, the dinner party was finally happy.

Si Huang drank a few glasses but didn’t drink too much, all thanks to Grandma Yu’s words, “Xiao Huang is still a minor” used to send the crowd away – to be honest, after watching Si Huang’s performance and drama in the crew for more than a month, it really made people ignore her real age.

Si Huang stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with a glass of warm water, looking at the night scene outside.

Grandma Yu came over and asked with a smile, “Isn’t it uncomfortable to drink?”

Si Huang turned around and smiled at her: “It’s only a few cups.”

Grandma Yu deliberately sneered, “How old are you, drinking is not good at all? I don’t care how many glasses or not, if you didn’t choose to enter this industry and work, you won’t have to learn how to deal with it, so you don’t have to drink if you don’t want to drink a cup.” Then she sat on the sofa beside her, leaning against the sofa lazily. She turned her back and asked Si Huang, “What’s your plan next?”

Si Huang had already thought about it, “The exam is coming soon. I plan to go directly to the capital after the exam.”

Grandma Yu showed a surprised look, “Go to the capital?”

“Yeah.” Si Huang smiled: “I want to skip the grades to study at Jinghua University in the capital.”

Tie Lao, who had happened to be bringing over a bowl of soup, heard this, and first handed the warm soup to Grandma Yu, then he said to Si Huang sternly: “Young people shouldn’t be too ambitious.”

Before Si Huang could speak, Grandma Yu scolded: “What’s the point of being too ambitious, your Majesty is smart! He would never do anything he doesn’t have confidence in!” Turning to Si Huang, she blinked and asked for confirmation, “Right?”

The style changed so quickly that everyone who was secretly watching was stunned.

Si Huang laughed and said, “Yes.”

This indifferent and calm answer, the confidence revealed in the small smile, made Tie Lao take one more look, and also made the people around him look shocked.

They did see that Si Huang often brought textbooks to the crew, and would read them when he had free time, but they didn’t expect her ambitions to be so great.

Director Liu walked over with a blushing face and laughed loudly: “Okay! Have ambition! When you are actually admitted to Jinghua University, it will be almost time for the screening of “The Emperor’s Path”, and then it will be a new avenue of publicity, the Jinghua Xueba trained by our “The Emperor’s Path” crew!”

As soon as he opened his mouth, all kinds of praises from other people followed.

It was late at night. Tie Lao and Grandma Yu left the banquet first. Before leaving, Grandma Yu explained to Si Huang: “Before you leave, remember to tell me, Grandma will see you off. It’s good to go to the capital. Grandma’s house is in the capital.”

Si Huang agreed with a smile, and as Grandma Yu and the others left, Si Huang received a host of envious and jealous eyes.

After the departure of Old Tie and Grandma Yu, the atmosphere in the banquet also dropped significantly.

Si Huang’s expression did not change, he stayed for a while, went to the bathroom that came with the private room and came out, then said goodbye to everyone, “It’s getting late, everyone still has work tomorrow, if you are late and absent from work, I will be arrested. If Director Liu scolds you, you can’t find me to settle the account.”

Director Liu laughed and scolded: “In your eyes, I’m such an unreasonable person?”

Si Huang looked innocent, “Just look at everyone’s faces. You’ll understand.”

Director Liu immediately turned his head to look around at everyone, and the people also immediately restrained their expressions, saying that they didn’t know anything.

Guan Li put down the wine glass, walked in front of Si Huang, took out her mobile phone and said, “Report your number.”

Si Huang smiled and was about to speak. But Guan Li noticed the pricked ears of the people around her, and then said, “Key it in.” She handed the phone to Si Huang.

Si Huang also naturally entered her own number.

Guan Li said, “There will be time to get together in the future.”

“Okay.” Si Huang agreed.

The attitude of the two was too natural, and people couldn’t see anything between them, so there was no way to imagine something superfluous.

“You can’t favor one over the other.” An Yiyuan also came over and handed his mobile phone to Si Huang, “The two of us don’t know each other, but we will become brothers in the future. Of course, you are my younger brother and I am your elder brother.”

Si Huang entered the number, raised his eyes and glanced at him, “We’ll talk about it when you really win.”

An Yiyuan’s back molars itched again, and he wanted to bite this arrogant young boy.

Which of the previous newcomers didn’t hug his thigh with a shy face, and this dead boy made him suffer again and again.

It was not that the others didn’t want to come to Si Huang to ask for his number, but they all had self-knowledge, and they couldn’t compare to Director Liu, Guan Li and the like. If they really went, they would definitely be embarrassed.

After everyone dispersed, Si Huang went downstairs and got into the car driven by Yu Xi—During this time, Yu Xi also got his driver’s license, and the car was temporarily rented.

When the car was about to start, a figure suddenly rushed over.

Si Huang saw it, made a gesture to Yu Xi, rolled down the car window, and asked Du Qiang, who came over, softly, “What’s the matter?”

Du Qiang took a deep breath and said nervously, “Your Majesty, I …I heard you say that you are going to the capital, and you have applied for your own company, so do you want to live in the capital from now on?”

This was a personal question, it was okay if Si Huang doesn’t answer, Du Qiang was ready to be rejected, but she heard a low-mellow and soft voice in her ear: “Well, at least I will be there for a few years for college.”

Du Qiang was inspired and then said: “I want to join His Majesty’s company. Is it possible?”

Si Huang asked, “Is it bad to work here?”

“There’s nothing wrong, I just want to work for Your Majesty!” Du Qiang should have passed the age of chasing stars, but this period of time getting along with Si Huang, let her really like this young boy.

This love was not crazy where she wanted to marry him and do what he liked, but she simply loved this person, loved his personality and whole person, loved the role he played, loved the feeling of chasing and supporting him, and loved seeing him with her own eyes. She had grown up step by step as a knight herself.

Si Huang said with a smile, “If you don’t think my temple is small.”

Du Qiang’s eyes lit up with joy, and what she said was more confident than Si Huang herself: “Even if it is small now, it will grow in His Majesty’s hands one day.!”

Si Huang laughed, “That’s true.”


Si Huang followed the promise she had made to Grandma Yu on the day she left, and told her the time in advance. In the end, Grandma Yu came to see Si Huang in person as she said.

It was just that this was not the other way. Grandma Yu took a private plane and sent Si Huang and Yu Xi from Yangcheng to H City.

Because of this, the reporters who got the news early in the morning waited for them all in vain.

‘Real Entertainment Voice’ did not miss the opportunity to spray Si Huang, and a report was issued the next day——

[The arrogant newcomer lied about the return time, played with the media, has a corrupt personality, and should get out of the entertainment circle!]

During this period of time, ‘Real Entertainment Voice’ had been beating Si Huang, so as soon as the report came out, even if there was no real signature, everyone knew who they were referring to.

Sure enough, when they opened the report a little bit, it was criticizing Si Huang for being arrogant and domineering, not knowing how to respect the media, and telling how the reporters had waited so hard.

The majority of netizens saw this as a joke after dinner. At first, all kinds of comments were noisy until one comment appeared.

“Si Huang forwarded and replied, everyone, go and see it! [Link]”

Most of them clicked with great interest, and then Si Huang’s Weibo address appeared on the screen.

[Si Huang V: Blame me for making you wait for a long time. \Real Entertainment Voice V: The arrogant newcomer lied about the return time, played with the media, has a corrupt personality, and should get out of the entertainment circle!]

“Pfft hahaha! Your Majesty, you are so naughty!”

“Long live Your Majesty, blame me~”

“Your Majesty, you are so simple, but people like it so much!

The net battle that had a strong smell of gunpowder was instantly broken by such a sentence from Si Huang.

A large number of netizens flocked to the news of ‘Real Entertainment Voice’, and they queued up–“Blame me~”

The sentence ‘Blame me’ was really amazing. It perfectly blended mockery, cuteness, arrogance and disdain.

A group of netizens who originally followed the trend also changed their camp from criticizing Si Huang and became a member of this “blame me” trend.

This turmoil was so successful that other entertainment gossip didn’t focus on Si Huang’s disregard for reporters and turned to ‘Real Entertainment Voice’ as the protagonist, and they were then ridiculed by other entertainment gossip.

Yu Xi was also stunned by the development of this situation, and asked Si Huang, “You planned it a long time ago?”

Si Huang laughed: “How can I be so good.” In fact, the effect was beyond her expectations. “Just a defensive explanation is useless, it’s better to be arrogant to the end.”

Yu Xi said with a blank face: “I have never seen someone so arrogant be so likable.”

Si Huang raised his eyebrows, “I think you are complimenting me, thank you.”

When she said thank you, there was a clear stream in her eyes, and a small smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Yu Xi couldn’t look directly at her for two seconds, then he turned his eyes away and sighed: “It’s a compliment.”

This person seemed to have a certain quality, unless she really wanted to make someone hate her, even if she was willful and domineering, it just fascinated people.

“The person in charge of the RB endorsement asked you when you have time to shoot the promotional video, preferably before the winter vacation.” Yu Xi talked about business.

Si Huang thought for a while and said, “In two days, I still have something to deal with.”

Yu Xi nodded.

“What happened to Xu Wanjun’s micro-movie?”

Yu Xi didn’t expect her to talk about this. Originally, there was a relationship of friends in it, so he didn’t want to mention it. Now that Si Huang mentioned it himself, Yu Xi said, “Wanjun is still looking for someone.”

Si Huang recalled the popular response to this micro-movie in his previous life and the twists and turns in it, and said to Yu Xi, “Tell him, whatever’s the problem, he can talk to me.”

Yu Xi looked at Si Huang in surprise, not expecting her to value Xu Wanjun so much.

However, as a friend, Yu Xi was still happy for Xu Wanjun to get the promise of Si Huang.



At noon the next day after returning to H City, Si Zhihan called.

“Since you’re back, come home and have a meal.” Si Zhihan’s tone was unexpectedly calm.

Si Huang, who was holding the mobile phone here, pursed his lips and chuckled: “Okay.”

Since she returned to H City and pulled Si Zhihan’s phone out of the blacklist, she was ready for him to call.

Si Zhihan on the other end put down his phone with a weird expression on his face.

He didn’t expect Si Huang to agree so happily, as if the unhappy parting of their last meeting never existed, and this unexpectedness made Si Zhihan feel a lot better.

“It should be that he understood that he can’t deal with the media alone.” Si Zhihan found a reason why Si Huang was so obedient, “He can’t stand the pressure.”

Because everything was going according to his own plan. That sense of control made Si Zhihan feel better, and he instructed Wang Ma at home, “Prepare more dishes that the eldest young master likes to eat.”

Wang Ma responded, glancing at Si Hua mother and son who had a gloomy expression, and turned to go to the kitchen.

When Si Huang arrived, the sharp-eyed servants ran to the house and said, “The eldest young master is back.”

Si Zhihan took the lead and went to the door to greet him in person.

Under the sun, a tall figure walked towards this side with a pleasant pace, a gray-white hooded sweater, dark trousers, casual shoes, a simple and clean attire, and a simple and clean temperament.

Her hair was not deliberately groomed, it was soft and docile, probably because it was not trimmed in time, it was a little long below the ear, which made him look a little lazy, and it was also in line with the youth and childishness of her age. Apart from wearing a sports watch on his wrist, he wore no other accessories.

It was not until Si Huang walked in front of him that Si Zhihan and the three returned to their senses, and then their expressions became different.

Si Huang admired the distorted expressions of the three of them, “What’s wrong?”

“Not bad.” Si Zhihan calmed down and called people in.

Si Hua then shouted with a smile, “Brother!”

Si Huang glanced sideways, his eyes circled around his forehead, and he nodded lightly.

Si Hua was chilled by her laughter, “I’m fine, we are brothers, I won’t blame my brother.”

Si Zhihan paused, and Bai Qinglan’s expression became more resentful and aggrieved.

Si Huang smiled lightly: “No scars.”

Si Hua gritted his teeth and smiled: “Well, the new drug developed by my grandfather is very effective.”

Si Zhihan looked at Si Huang, “How about your back? Last time I asked Secretary Wang to deliver you the medicine, you don’t want it?”

“It’s okay.”

Si Hua suddenly said, “It’s really okay? As an actor, you might have to show your chest and back in the future, and if you leave scars… “

Si Zhihan thought of something, his face darkened.

Si Huang did not answer Si Hua’s question, but instead said, “I’m hungry.”

“The meal is ready, let’s serve it.” Si Zhihan said.

Si Hua’s face was stiff. He was not used to the family’s lifestyle being dominated by Si Huang.

In the past, Si Zhihan sat on the main seat for dinner, Bai Qinglan and Si Hua sat on his left and right, and Si Huan sat wherever.

Si Hua was just about to sit in his normal position when Si Zhihan suddenly said, “Si Huang, come and sit.”

Si Huang didn’t care, but seeing Si Hua’s stiff expression, she raised her eyebrows slightly and sat down calmly.

After everyone was seated, Wang Ma let someone serve the food.

Although Si Zhihan ordered to make Si Huang’s favorite dishes, few people in this family actually knew what Si Huang liked to eat. That’s just because only those few dishes were placed close to her.

Si Zhihan said, “It’s specially made according to your preferences.” Si Huang didn’t explain anything.

The Si family had certain family rules, that was, they usually didn’t speak when they ate. The atmosphere during lunch was weird, and the low pressure made the servants next to them dare not show their heads.

After dinner, the main topic came.

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