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The second day after Qiao Xi and the others returned to the Wolf Palace, the exam results were announced.

Early in the morning, Chris woke Qiao Xi up, and together with Jing Yi, the three little ones gathered in front of a computer.

Behind him, Hei Yu, Jiao Yue, A Xue and Jing Yan also came over to watch.

Chris fiddled with his claws, tapped the keyboard with a “smack” and entered the scoring system. The first thing to check was Qiao Xi’s score.

And as soon as the score came out –


“So high! So high!”

“Qiao Xi is amazing.”

“Is this score enough to go to any school?”

Qiao Xi looked at his grades with a sense of accomplishment. Suddenly, his two small eyes sparkled.

A hand rubbed his head, Qiao Xi looked back and smiled at Jing Yan.

Standing aside, Jiao Yue seemed to notice something as he glanced at the two of them.

Chris and Jing Yi’s grades were a bit unsatisfactory. Jing Yi didn’t pass the line at all. If he was an ordinary student, he would definitely have to go to repeat his studies at this time. And although Chris crossed the line, he had barely passed, and there were very few schools to choose from. Fortunately, the two of them just took the test for the sake of taking it, and they didn’t want to study as seriously as Qiao Xi, so it would be good to be ridiculed for a while.

What everyone cared more about was the school Qiao Xi wanted to go to.

“If you want to go to college, sign up now, the admission results will be released in a month, and the school will start after the new year,” Chris counted, “it won’t be long!”

And if Qiao Xi chose a school other than the one in the wolf clan, then—

Jing Yan really didn’t think about the question of Qiao Xi going to school in a foreign clan before, so he reacted and said nervously: “Qiao Xi, you…Which school do you want to go to??”

Facing the several faces, Qiao Xi rolled his eyes and said, “I plan to go to the school in the wolf clan, and that school is in the central area, very close to the palace.”

At the end, he quickly glanced at Jing Yan.

“!!” Jing Yan secretly clenched his fists!

Qiao Xiaoxi wanted to go to college in the wolf clan! Then he could stay here even when his fourth brother woke up! Top student Qiao Xiaoxi was great!

For the other people, this answer was a bit unexpected, but they felt… as if it were reasonable?

Jiao Yue’s eyes swept back and forth between the two, and he asked, “Qiao Xi, if you are studying in the wolf clan, you won’t be able to go back after your brother comes out?”

Jing Yan glared at him— Why ask such a question!

Qiao Xi lowered his head and said indifferently, “Yeah! But this university has always been my goal, and I have already discussed it with my brother!”

Before leaving yesterday, he finally had a serious talk with his fourth brother.

After his fourth brother was finished getting angry, he let him go back to the wolf clan. As long as the score was enough to get into the school he liked, he would go to it. As for what he would do after his fourth brother left the treatment cabin, he would wait to decide until that time. If there were no special circumstances, it was most probable that Qiao Xi would only go home after four years of study.

“That’s the best way, and the school is close to the palace, so Qiao Xi doesn’t need to live out, he can continue to live here and go out to study during the day!” Chris said.

“That’s right.” Jing Yi nodded.

“We can also take classes together like in the past.” Chris planned.

“We can still play with the young ladies from the university!” Jing Yi said.

The last sentence of the little black wolf attracted everyone’s attention, and he immediately became the most shining focus.

“What about the beautiful fox clan lady that you were talking to?” Jing Yan asked.

“We’re just friends,” Jing Yi said seriously, “I don’t think you can have too many friends.”

… These were the words of a suspected scumbag with a pure face!

The several people were shocked.

Hei Yu flew to the little leopard and asked when the little black wolf learned this.

Chris said quietly that it was probably after he went to the Fox clan and got through the second line after learning how to sell Meng, he then turned into a girl chaser overnight, no, a master wolf.

But this posture, it looked like he wanted to start a harem.

Everyone looked at Jing Yan with condemning eyes – he was just concerned about falling in love, and he didn’t think of his younger brother at all.

Jing Yan: “…”

He didn’t just focus on falling in love! Although he didn’t follow him step by step, he still kept looking at this little brat, how could he not really care!

Who would believe that this little brat was just 17 years old and had grown so crooked without him knowing it!

With a dark face, Jing Yan carried the little black wolf who was screaming “Whoa Whoa” and walked to the corner, bared his teeth, seeing this Jing Yi said, “Let’s go, okay, okay, talk, talk!”

Qiao Xi looked at Jing Yan’s back, his eyes still curved.

Beside him, Jiao Yue suddenly asked: “Did you have a good time going out?”

Qiao Xi raised his head and smiled sweetly at him: “Well, very happy!”

It seemed more than happy, right?

Jiao Yue’s heart moved.

When everyone dispersed, he walked to the back and met a black-haired man who had just finished “talking” with his brother. He clapped his hands and came out refreshed.

“What gain did you have?”

Jing Yan was stunned for a moment, and counted carefully: “Well, that guy Ye He took a special medicine from a fox doctor, and his rhinitis seems to have improved a lot. By the way, he and Chris kissed all the way, you know. The two of them were just like there was nobody else present!”

Jiao Yue: “…Talk about the key point.”

So, Jing Yan said the key point, blushing: “Qiao Xiaoxi took off my clothes in the middle of the night, and those clothes, I, I hid them in a place last night. In a separate box…”

Jiao Yue took a deep breath and said, “Have you and Qiao Xi made any progress?”

“Yes!” Jing Yan’s eyes flashed.

Jiao Yue also became spirited, then he stood up straight and planned to listen carefully.

The next second, he heard the man in front of him lower his voice and say excitedly: “Qiao Xiaoxi said he wants to fall in love! And he also told me his ideal type! … Although it’s a bit strange, he said that he likes the silly but cute type, so I decided to pretend to be an idiot first and try anyway!”

Jiao Yue: “…”

He originally heard it and he knew what to do, and was about to speak, but Jing Yan’s last sentence was, “First try to pretend to be an idiot.”, hearing this, he was choked for a moment, and his expression instantly became indescribable.

“…Pretend to be an idiot?” He spat out these three words with difficulty.

Jing Yan nodded, touched his chin and said distressedly: “But how do you pretend to be a fool? You can’t do it too much, right? Someone around me that I can refer to… A fool like Jing Yu definitely won’t do.”

He raised his eyes, earnestly and asked Jiao Yue: “What do you think? Who can I refer to?”

Jiao Yue felt suffocated.

He stared at Jing Yan: “You.”

Jing Yan: “Me?”

Jiao Yue said slowly: “You are a fool.”

Jing Yan was dissatisfied: “How can you curse at me!”

Jiao Yue: “…”

No, he changed his mind.

Why should he worry about this idiot? It seemed he had become an idiot himself.

Qiao Xi was also stupid, so far he hadn’t seen that Jing Yan treated him differently.

Anyway, the matter was already clear, why should he interfere, just stand quietly and watch these two fools face off against each other???

It might be interesting, once he came to think about it.

Ha ha.

When Jiao Yue scolded him as a “fool” for no reason, Jing Yan was a little upset, but because he had more things in his head to think about, he didn’t take it to heart.

He thought, it’s not enough to just pretend to be an idiot, let’s do something romantic.

How to do this?

After thinking about it, he had an idea.

After dinner, Jing Yan turned back into a wolf, secretly gestured to Qiao Xi, and hooked the little chick over.    

Qiao Xi didn’t know what Jing Yan was secretly thinking about. After running over, he raised his head and the big black wolf whispered to him, “Qiao Xiaoxi, let me take you to see the river behind the forest. The night scene there is very beautiful!”

The palace was right next to a big river, which ran through the entire wolf clan territory, and was also one of the must-see attractions for tourists.

After Qiao Xi came to the wolf clan, he really hadn’t thought of going there to see it. Hearing that, he nodded, “Okay, okay.”

When he sat on the back of the big black wolf, Qiao Xi was startled… It seemed that he hadn’t ridden the beast-shaped Jing Yan for a long time!

The big black wolf was full of muscles, and his every move showed how powerful he was.

In fact, not only the animal form, but also the human form of Jing Yan…

Ah ah ah!

He didn’t know why, but the little chick was about to turn into his human form on the big black wolf’s back.

Jing Yan carried Qiao Xi and walked briskly through the forest all the way to the end of the forest, which led to the river bank.

He bit Qiao Xi’s neck lightly, climbed up a tree in three or two strokes, and sat side by side with the little chick on a thick branch.

It was nine o’clock in the evening, and there were still many people on the opposite bank. The lights were shining, some were lying on the beach, some were playing games, and some were splashing in the water.

On the river not far away, a night boat came slowly.

This scene was especially peaceful.

The night wind by the river was relatively strong, and the chick standing against the wind felt very refreshed.

“I’ll bring you during the day next time,” Jing Yan was usually quite busy, and he was indeed a little negligent, “but I don’t think this river is as beautiful during the day as it is at night.”

At night, the bright lights near the river bank came on one by one. The water was sparkling, with a sense of mystery and tranquility more than it did during the day.

When Jing Yan couldn’t sleep before, he would sneak here and sleep in the river breeze.

Qiao Xi didn’t care about this, he was just very happy to be alone with Jing Yan.

He asked softly: “Then why did you think of bringing me here today?”

The big black wolf coughed lightly and said, “…This is a present for getting a good score in the test!”

Excuses, excuses!

Qiao Xi was having fun.

He looked across the river.

There were many couples.

Although the wolf clan loved being in their wolf form, but they still changed back to the human form when they went on a date. In the final analysis, it was because it was inconvenient to do some things in the animal form.

For example, sitting in a lover’s arms, wrapping his arms around his neck, and rubbing against his shoulders…

Hey, there was a boy who was brushing the sand off the girl’s head, and then the two stood opposite each other, while staring into each other’s eyes.

Qiao Xi quietly glanced at the big black wolf beside him.

——A leaf floated above Jing Yan’s head!

Jing Yan actually noticed it. He was getting up and wanted to stretch out his claws to shove the leaves down, when the little chick suddenly stood up and stretched out his wings towards his head.


… Qiao Xiaoxi wants to help him pick leaves?

But however hard Qiao Xi stretched his wings, he just couldn’t reach it!

He couldn’t just say, “I want to pick leaves for you, don’t move, bow your head and let me come”. It would have no atmosphere!

Everything must be done without words, he should coolly remove the leaves for Jing Yan, then catch his eyes, and stare at him for thirty seconds!

Qiao Xi gritted her teeth and jumped, and the tip of her wings brushed past the big black wolf’s nose.

Jing Yan was in a trance for a moment: “What’s wrong with Qiao Xi?” What’s wrong with Qiao Xiaoxi, why was he still silent when picking leaves? He’s too cute when jumping up or something!

He didn’t know what’s going on, but it was so cute!

In other words, wasn’t this a good time to pretend to be an idiot!

So, Jing Yan pretended to be mentally handicapped and lowered his head intimately: “Why are you jumping up?”

Qiao Xi jumped up again!

This time, his pointed chick’s mouth poked the big black wolf’s mouth!

Qiao Xi: “!”

Jing Yan: “!”

The wolf and the chicken immediately shrank back and fell down on the branches.

For a while, the tree was silent.

Qiao Xi: …Was this a kiss? Was this a kiss???

Jing Yan: Fuck, long live the idiot!

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