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AROEDM Ch. 50.2


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Warning 18+ content; trigger: dubcon

After arriving at the KTV, he had to admit that Xie Lin expected things very well. Everyone actually coaxed him to sing a love song with Yuan Ye. Fu Yuanzhou naturally refused. Of course, in order not to make the atmosphere stiff, he proposed to sing a different song with Yuan Ye. In the game, this song was very popular. After singing a few sentences, other people also joined in, which instantly heated up the atmosphere in the box.

Singing and singing, the group of people reluctantly played a game again. One person sang a section. If they sung badly, they would have to drink. Xie Lin had predicted right, they really wanted to drink.

Fu Yuanzhou sang fairly well, and finally escaped punishment. He was secretly relieved and handed the microphone to Yu Fei next to him.

Yu Fei took it with a smile and ordered “I Only Like You”. His voice was naturally charming, and his singing was even more pleasant. Everyone was immersed in his singing. It was originally said that one person would only sing a paragraph, but they all forgot until the song stopped, and after hearing Yu Fei sing the whole song, the box broke into warm applause.

“Junior, you look so handsome and sing well, have you considered becoming an idol and debuting? You will definitely become popular!”

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Yu Fei smiled, “Even if there is such an opportunity, I want to develop in the direction of being an actor, and I am more interested in filming.”

“It’s easy to say that now the stars can be idols as well, you can use both hands to be famous…”

“Don’t mention this word, I’ll think of my midterm again. The political exam was smashed, it’s really frustrating.”

“You’re dead, you don’t have to take any exams, can you concentrate on playing?”

The others laughed, Yu Fei handed the microphone to the next person, turned to Fu Yuanzhou and smiled: “Zhou, how did you think I sang?”

When Yu Fei sang this love song just now, his eyes swept across Fu Yuanzhou several times, as if inadvertently, but his eyes were full of affection. When he didn’t see it, who would have thought that Yu Fei would ask him so bluntly again.

“You ask him? Of course he’s too embarrassed to tell the truth.” Yuan Ye sat on the other side of Fu Yuanzhou and said with a smile, “Let me tell you, it’s worse than you playing games.”

“Oh, is it?” Yu Fei said lightly, “But at least I didn’t drink, unlike some people who were fined for two drinks.”

He was talking about Yuan Ye. Just now, Yuan Ye’s singing was unanimously voted to be particularly unpleasant, so he drank two glasses of wine. In all fairness, Yuan Ye sang very well, but everyone just wanted to make fun of him, so they deliberately said that he sang badly.

Yuan Ye smiled, approached Fu Yuanzhou and asked him, “Tell me, do I sing badly?”

“What about me, Yuanyuan? Do you like my singing?” Yu Fei also approached and asked him.

Fu Yuanzhou was silent for a while, then suddenly jumped up: “I’m going to the bathroom.”

After speaking, he hurriedly slipped away, Yu Fei and Yuan Ye couldn’t get any better, and they all sat silent.

Ran Shutang sat further away from them, but he kept looking in their direction, saw the two of them getting close to Fu Yuanzhou, pursed his lips unconsciously, and clenched the water cup in his hand even tighter.

“Ran Xueshen, it’s your turn, come and sing for us!”

The microphone passed around and finally reached Ran Shutang. Ran Shutang looked down at the microphone and didn’t pick it up: “I can’t sing.”

“Don’t be modest. Ah, Xueshen, there is nothing in this world that you can’t do!”

“…I really can’t.”

Of course, he wasn’t omnipotent.

Ran Shutang felt sad in his heart.

Otherwise, how could he not even pursue the person he liked?

“According to the rules, if you refuse to sing, you will be fined five drinks, so Xueshen, don’t struggle and sing quickly – c’mon, are you really going to drink five drinks?!”

Ran Shutang stretched out his hand, but he did not take the microphone, instead he picked up the beer on the table.

He drank one cup after another, everyone was stunned, and even forgot to stop him for a while, and they all watched him finish five glasses of beer.

“I’ll go out.”

Ran Shutang got up and left the box after wiping the beer off his lips.

“Are you all right?” Du Man came back to her senses and asked him.

“No problem.”

But Ran Shutang gave her the answer after several seconds, he was already drunk.

Drinking was an impulse, Ran Shutang would not have done it originally, but at that moment just now, his mood was suppressed to the extreme, and he finally couldn’t help stretching out his hand and drinking the wine.

Not all drinking was bad, he thought. At least on the day his family celebrated his birthday, he drank and sent the photo of the moon to Fu Yuanzhou. Although it was a bit awkward, he didn’t regret it after sobering up.

If he could always have this courage…

Ran Shutang rubbed his temples, his mind and senses were burned by alcohol, the scene in front of him was blurred, the narrow corridor was dimly lit, and the music was loud, as if everything had been slowed down, it was all bizarre and unreal, not like the real world.

His hand hit a hard object, and blue bruises appeared on his skin, but he could not feel any pain because of the blunting of the senses by alcohol. Was he awake or asleep? He couldn’t tell.

Suddenly Ran Shutang bumped into a person, forcing him to stop, although he couldn’t even feel his legs were still walking, all his actions depended on instinct and were not controlled by consciousness.

After Fu Yuanzhou went to the bathroom and walked back, he was caught off guard by Ran Shutang. After taking a half step back, he smelled the smell of wine, which was mixed with the fragrance of grass and trees after the rain. Alcohol affected the release of pheromones, which made Ran Shutang not being able to fully control it.

As soon as he smelled this smell, Fu Yuanzhou’s heartbeat instantly accelerated a lot. He was not very comfortable at first, and after smelling Ran Shutang’s pheromone, his forehead was sweating, and he quickly pushed him: “Ran Shutang, have you been drinking? Are you alright? Wake up.”

“…Fu Yuanzhou?”

Ran Shutang lowered his head and responded slowly.

“Well, you get up first.”

Fu Yuanzhou originally pushed him away, but who knew that Ran Shutang heard his name, so he instead stepped forward and hugged him tightly. His strength was unexpectedly great, and Fu Yuanzhou was in an uncomfortable situation, for a moment and a half he actually struggled to be released.

Suddenly a very light kiss fell on his cheek, and Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes widened for a moment, it was completely unexpected that Ran Shutang would kiss him.

Ran Shutang was really drunk, was he the kind of person who could do anything when he was drank??

“Fu Yuanzhou.” Ran Shutang called his name in a low voice, and said softly, “I like—”

Damn, I can’t let him say it!

Fu Yuanzhou’s scalp was numb, and his strength to break free had suddenly increased a lot. Fortunately, the drunk Ran Shutang had great strength, but his grasping movements were incoherent. Soon he broke away from Ran Shutang’s hand and did not forget to pretend that he was someone else, then changing his voice: “You have mistaken the person, I am not the person you said!”

Ran Shutang’s movements stagnated, and in a state of drunkenness, his thinking and judgment were affected, and he was easily disturbed by the words of others.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Fu Yuanzhou hurriedly ran away. He could only hope that Ran Shutang would not remember this incident after sobering up. Once it was revealed, it would be endless trouble, from Xie Lin and Yuan Ye…

But Ran Shutang was so drunk. Fu Yuanzhou was uneasy about leaving him alone outside the box, so once he returned to the box, he called two classmates to help Ran Shutang come back, and said that he would leave first as he wanted to go back to rest early.

“I’ll go back with you.”

He didn’t stay here, so Yu Fei had no interest in staying any longer. Yuan Ye wanted to go together but was stopped by other classmates and was not allowed to go, so only Yu Fei and Fu Yuanzhou left first.

They walked out of the KTV, only to find that the originally clear sky had turned gloomy, the clouds were dense, the temperature had dropped sharply, the icy cold wind was blowing on the street, and the clothes they were wearing immediately felt a little thin.

“Zhou, is it cold?” Yu Fei asked.

“It’s okay.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Let’s go back quickly.”


Yu Fei smiled. The car they had booked in advance was about to arrive. They were standing at the door of KTV waiting when Yu Fei suddenly received a call.

“It’s from Auntie.”

Yu Fei blinked and found that the caller was Fu Yuanzhou’s mother.

Fu Yuanzhou was also a little curious about why his mother wanted to call Yu Fei. Yu Fei answered the phone and replied with a smile, “Hello, Auntie.”

But after a few seconds, Yu Fei’s expression changed. The blood on his face faded completely, and he cried out: “My mother had a car accident?”

What, Aunt Yu had a car accident?!

Fu Yuanzhou was also shocked. He didn’t remember this kind of thing happening in his previous life. He listened anxiously to the conversation between Yu Fei and his mother. Fortunately, Mother Fu quickly said that Mother Yu’s injury was not serious, just a broken leg and some minor injuries and bruises, but she still needed to be hospitalized for a few days for observation.

That’s good…

Fu Yuanzhou’s dangling heart suddenly fell. In the short few seconds just now, he was extremely nervous, for fear that something would happen to Mother Yu.

He didn’t know why there was such a change, but now he didn’t have time to think about it. He put all his heart on Mother Yu and wanted to accompany Yu Fei to the hospital immediately.

Yu Fei’s eyes were already red. His parents had divorced since he was a child, and he grew up with his mother. Although his mother was very busy, she would still spare time to accompany Yu Fei as much as possible. Therefore, the relationship between mother and son was very deep.

“Xiao Fei, give your phone to Xiaozhou, I have something to tell him.”

Mother Fu said to Yu Fei, Yu Fei listened to her and handed the phone to Fu Yuanzhou, and Mother Fu said, “I just heard Xiaofei say that you are not far from home, it just so happens that you can go home and get my clothes and some documents for me, tonight I plan to stay in the hospital with Aunt Yu, but the work has to continue, so you will work hard for me.”

“No problem.”

Although he was not feeling well, Fu Yuanzhou felt that he could persevere and agreed immediately.

He told Yu Fei that he would go home to get something, but this time Yu Fei did not accompany him. Fu Yuanzhou knew that he wanted to go to the hospital to see his mother immediately, so of course he would not ask Yu Fei to come with him.

He called a car to go to the villa area. After most of the journey, the sky was getting darker and darker. It was as dark as night. Suddenly a flash of lightning pierced the sky, followed by a loud thunderous sound. The downpour suddenly fell, the rain curtain was dense, and there were also small hailstones.

“This year’s weather is not normal…” The driver turned on the wipers and sighed to himself, “We haven’t had such a big thunderstorm all summer. Now that the beginning of winter is over, it suddenly starts to fall.”

“Boom— —”

The sound of thunder kept falling in Fu Yuanzhou’s ears, causing him to tremble.

There was a look of shock and fear on his face at the same time, and he clenched his hands tightly, trying to suppress the trembling of his body, but was unsuccessful.

He found himself afraid.

In the past, he was never afraid of thunderstorms, but now, he realized that he had some kind of fear, and he thought he knew the reason…

“Here it is.” The driver parked the car at the door of the villa and said to Fu Yuanzhou, “Go in, don’t come out in this weather, and have a good rest at home.”

“Can you wait for me? I still have to go out, get something and come back soon. I want to make another appointment with you.” Fu Yuanzhou held back the panic in his heart and tried his best to sound calm.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve already received a new order, so I can’t take you anymore, you can ask someone else.”

The driver said apologetically to him, and Fu Yuanzhou had to get out of the car then he took out his keys in the heavy rain. He aimed the key in the keyhole of the gate several times but couldn’t insert it accurately because of the trembling of his fingers and the slippery rain.

With a “squeak,” he heard the sound of the door of the villa behind him being opened.

His back froze, and he couldn’t help but slowly look back.

Shen Xigou was also drenched in rain. He didn’t hold an umbrella or had even put on shoes. When he saw Fu Yuanzhou coming back, he ran out barefoot. His pale complexion made him look like a ghost, and he called him softly.


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