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Yuan Ye’s character was a long way from Shen Xigou’s, but he hit very accurately, and in addition to his good marksmanship, he was obviously targeting Shen Xigou on purpose, but his attitude was very calm.

Fu Yuanzhou was also very familiar with his tactics. In the last life, when the two of them played with each other and Yuan Ye was angry with him, he would do the same thing. At that time, Fu Yuanzhou was so angry that he gritted his teeth and just wanted to put a sack over Yuan Ye’s head and beat him up, but now that Yuan Ye was targeting others in the same way, he actually felt a little relieved.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Xigou seemed to have a good temper and responded mildly, “Just remember to close it later.”

“Won’t.” Yuan Ye was practicing micro-manipulation, letting the character fiddle with his gun and emitted a “click” “click”, then raised the gun and aimed the crosshair at the chest of Shen Xigou’s character, “Isn’t this more exciting?”

Shen Xigou, this person could bear anything, just verbal provocation was basically useless to him, it was better to suppress him in the game for a while, so as to let him go back quickly, and stop pestering Fu Yuanzhou.

Although he rarely touched the controller, Yuan Ye’s talent in gaming was unparalleled. He felt like a duck in water as soon as he started. He did a few operations, looked at Fu Yuanzhou with a smile, and waited for him to praise him, only to find that Fu Yuanzhou wasn’t looking his way at all. Instead, he was teaching Yu Fei some basic operations.

When Yu Fei first started playing with the controller, he was not used to the operation.

Yuan Ye was unhappy that no one appreciated his wonderful performance. A certain audience would rather focus on this kind of garbage operation, which made him even more depressed.

He was really upset, so he took out his mobile phone and dug out Yu Fei from the WeChat group and sent him a message to tell him to stop pestering Fu Yuanzhou. Yu Fei had promised him to cooperate before, although this relationship was very plastic, but at least, a word is better than nothing.

“The closer you are to Shen Xigou, the better, and kill him a few more times.” Yuan Ye said in the message, “As long as he gets impatient, he will go back.”

Hearing the phone ringing, Yu Fei took it out to take a look, and instead of looking up at Yuan Ye, he just typed and replied: “How to do it?”

“You don’t need to do anything special, your skills are so rotten, it’s easy to kill him. Even if it is an ally relationship”, Yuan Ye was merciless when it was time to satirize: “He has a wound on his hand, so it is inconvenient for him to operate, and he can’t escape. As long as you play normally, I will make a few more shots.”

Yu Fei looked at the message blankly. Then the phone was put away, and Fu Yuanzhou was entangled in teaching him the control handle again. Yuan Ye winked at him frequently, but he turned a blind eye, and waited for a while before starting.

Yuan Ye was unhappy, but now Shen Xigou was the one who wanted to focus on attacking, and he had to prioritize. He and Yu Fei sat next to Fu Yuanzhou, Shen Xigou was farther away from them, and he seemed lonely, but he didn’t care.

After walking through the opening scene, the map was loaded, and a group of enemies besieging the protagonist’s four-person team came up. This part was still a teaching level. So, it was simple and easy.

He paid attention to the movements of other people, and Fu Yuanzhou did what he said, carrying Yu Fei in the game, Yuan Ye calmly attracted a group of monsters, pretended to fight and retreat, and brought the monsters to Fu Yuanzhou to attract his attention.

Yu Fei was really not good at playing games. After dying twice, he walked towards Shen Xigou with difficulty, only to find that in this short period of time, Shen Xigou had actually wiped out all the monsters around him.

No one noticed Shen Xigou’s operation. After this round of dungeons ended, there were statistics on the consumption of ammo, and the number of monsters killed. The number of monsters killed by Shen Xigou and Yuan Ye was roughly the same. There was an injury on his hand, and with what level the field was, he was only a little worse than him, so it turned out that he was also a master with considerable strength.

Fu Yuanzhou kept his expression unchanged, but he was also surprised. He knew that Shen Xigou was very good at playing games, but his level was beyond his knowledge.

His own strength was not weak, he could probably rank in the top 10% of the players. Shen Xigou’s strength was a little higher than him, but it was still roughly the same. In the past, they both won and lost while playing, but now he was clearly better and more powerful than what he remembered.

Could it be that Shen Xigou let him win when he played games with him before?

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t quite believe it. Yuan Ye was able to estimate Shen Xigou’s level from the data when he looked at the screen.

“You are amazing.” Shen Xigou praised Yuan Ye peacefully.

Yuan Ye didn’t make a sound and started the second round of dungeons. A tide of monsters came up. Fu Yuanzhou was covering Yu Fei. Yu Fei was also trying to get used to the control handle. In this chaotic scene, he couldn’t get close to Shen Xigou, so he would go wherever Fu Yuanzhou told him to go, because at least he didn’t want to cause trouble for Fu Yuanzhou.

“Boom”, an RPG blasted into the pile of monsters, clearing an open space, and Shen Xigou’s character happened to be not far from the open space.

“Fortunately, there was no accidental injury this time.” Shen Xigou smiled at Yuan Ye who issued the RPG, “You calculated it very accurately.”

Yuan Ye stopped talking again, where did he avoid Shen Xigou on purpose, in fact he aimed it at him, but Shen Xigou had already noticed his operation. He was able to avoid the attack range of artillery shells. His ability to calculate distance and time was terribly accurate. Although he could also do it himself, he was annoyed that he had once again underestimated Shen Xigou’s level.

In the second round of statistics, Yuan Ye didn’t look at the screen, but looked at Shen Xigou’s hand. If he hadn’t seen the deep wound on Shen Xigou’s palm with his own eyes, he would have doubted whether the other party was pretending to be injured.

However, at this moment, his gaze stopped, Shen Xigou loosened his hold on the handle, and the white handle was stained with a little reddish trace, the gauze wrapped around his palm was also a little bloody, but he seemed to be unaware that it was still there, as he looked at the screen thoughtfully.

“I said you shouldn’t get the handle dirty.” Yuan Ye said, Fu Yuanzhou and Yu Fei both looked over, and noticed that Shen Xigou’s wound was broken, seeing this, Shen Xigou lowered his head, obviously he was the injured person, but he was the last one to find it.


Shen Xigou clenched his palms, took a tissue to wipe the handle clean, smiled and raised his head and said, “I didn’t pay attention to it just now, I was holding the handle too hard, but the back won’t get dirty.”

“Don’t you feel pain?” Yuan Ye felt that his reaction was very strange, so he couldn’t help but ask, shouldn’t the first reaction be to wrap his hands again?

“It’s okay.” Shen Xigou looked down at the palm of his hand, “Continue?”

“Go back quickly.”

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t bear it anymore, he took the handle from his hand and threw it aside: “It’s like this and you are still playing what game?”

His tone was not very good, as if he wanted to drive Shen Xigou away, but it also had some other emotions in it.

“I’m sorry, I made you angry again.” Shen Xigou lowered his eyes and said, “I was thinking, if I play games with you, it will make you happy, even killing me a few times is fine, but…”

Him saying this reminded Fu Yuanzhou of his previous life. At that time, he almost strangled Shen Xigou, but Shen Xigou didn’t resist at all, and even smiled. It seemed that as long as it made him happy, he could do anything, even if in reality he really wanted to kill him.

“I’ll go back first and change the gauze again, so as not to scare Yuanzhou.”

Shen Xigou got up, smiled and said to Fu Yuanzhou, “See you later.”

He opened the door and went out, just as Fu Yuanzhou’s mother and Xie Lin came in to take a look. When he was about to leave, his mother wanted to speak out to keep him, but then noticed that his wound was bleeding, and quickly said, “Is it okay? I have gauze and medicine at home, let me change it for you.”

“Thank you, but I can handle it myself.”

Shen Xigou smiled. He was firm when he wanted to stay, and the same was true when he wanted to leave. His mother couldn’t keep him. After watching him leave, she looked back and asked Fu Yuanzhou worriedly, “What did you do just now?”

“It’s nothing, just playing games.” Yuan Ye answered for him, “It was he who was not careful.”

Mother Fu nodded and asked, “Xiaozhou, have you reconciled with Xigou?”

“No, it is impossible for me to reconcile with him.” Fu Yuanzhou organized the words and said seriously, “Mom, you must believe me, this is not a conflict, I just know something about him, he is not a good person, it will be very dangerous to get too close to him, we can’t talk to him.”

It was rare for him to show such an attitude, so his mother showed a look of surprise and asked subconsciously, “Are you sure? Is there any misunderstanding in the middle, Xigou seems to be a good boy.”

“I am very sure.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“Xiao Fei, do you think so too?” Mother Fu asked Yu Fei’s opinion. When they introduced each other before, she already got to know that Yu Fei and Shen Xigou happened to know each other.

“…I don’t know.”

After a brief silence, Yu Fei neither affirmed nor denied. Of course, he knew that Shen Xigou was not simple. The channel he bought banned drugs from was introduced to him by Shen Xigou, but if he exposed Shen Xigou, he would also be exposed to the risk. Before destroying the electronic documents, he could not say anything.

What’s more, as far as he knew, Shen Xigou’s pheromones were equally dangerous, and based on this alone, he must not be allowed to have too much contact with Yuanyuan.

Soon after, Yuan Ye left, Xie Lin and Yu Fei also returned to their home, and Mother Fu went to bed early, as she had to rush back to the company early tomorrow morning. Today’s short vacation was a rare luxury. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know what she and Xie Lin talked about.

The Auntie cleaned up the living room. Fu Yuanzhou cherished his game room very much. He always cleaned it up by himself. He put the game CDs back in the cabinet and picked up the handles one by one. Shen Xigou had cleaned the blood off the handle, but Fu Yuanzhou still intended to wipe it with alcohol.

He held the handle very close, carefully recalling where the blood was, and suddenly a very faint smell poured into his nose, it was the smell on the handle.

Although it was very light, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart skipped a beat.

He recognized that this was the pheromone taste of an Alpha, and only Shen Xigou had taken the handle. Although he had already guessed it, now he was finally able to confirm that Shen Xigou was also an Alpha, and his pheromone…

Fu Yuanzhou showed a little dazed look as his eyes fell on the handle.

At that moment just now, he felt the ultimate temptation.

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