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EVLM Ch. 20.1


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Jiang Ran came suddenly today and was dressed in a low-key manner, but he was good-looking and had a cold temperament, which still attracted the attention of many people.

Han Yi was in a hurry, so he stretched out his hand and snorted, “Mr. Jiang, you forgot the tragic history of being kicked out of the studio by Zhengzheng when you went to the studio last time?”

Jiang Ran did not speak, despite his dark face.

Han Yi hurriedly invited people to the RV parked not far away.

Jiang Ran lifted the curtains of the car, and when he saw his sister hugging Ji Muye, the fire in his heart rushed out. He came here today just to see how capable Ji Muye was, and how he fascinated his sister so much that she even asked him to help him find resources. Did he have the resources not to give to his own family, but to an outsider? Nerve! And that to a man who had plans on his sister?!

Han Yi wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked his assistant to quickly bring a glass of ice water to Jiang Ran, who was about to burst.

He patiently whispered: “Mr. Jiang, calm down. If Zhengzheng is not happy, you will be driven away before the stool is even warm.”

Jiang Ran said coldly: “Am I so afraid of her? I’m her brother!”

Feeling that the sound of “brother” was not enough to prove his aura, he added another time, “Brother!”

Han Yi held back his breath and coaxed carefully, “That’s for sure.”

On the set, Jiang Zheng had red eyes, as she tried to give Ji Muye a princess hug, and carried him back to the bedroom to lie down. In the end, because this action was too violent, the moment she picked him up, Ji Muye burst out laughing and broke free from Jiang Zheng’s arms.

He waved his hands again and again, “No, no, no. It really can’t be done.”

Jiang Zheng: “…” I bite the bullet and hug you, can’t you bear it? I want to cry.

Han Yi shook his head and commented, “Fortunately, my Zhengzheng insists on exercising on weekdays and has great arm strength. Otherwise, how can ordinary female stars perform such difficult movements?”

Jiang Ran laughed, “The person surnamed Ji is intentional.” He deliberately laughed, so as to let Zhengzheng hold him twice.

Han Yi: “…” He wanted to tell Jiang Ran that according to the script, they not only had to hug and kiss, but also enter the bridal chamber. But he didn’t dare, for fear that Big Brother Jiang would cut him on the spot.

Xing Weimin knew that this action was embarrassing for the two leading actors, and he personally went on the stage to demonstrate the action. As a result, he could not even lift half of Ji Muye’s legs. Jiang Zheng had thin arms and thin legs, but she had such terrifying muscle strength, everyone was shocked and went over to watch.

Jiang Zheng was embarrassed on being praised, “The main reason is that Teacher Ji is too thin.” Male stars and female stars would diet to control their weight, she did not expect Ji Muye to be so light. So pitiful.

Ji Muye pursed his lips, not knowing how to continue this topic. He really wanted to take off his clothes, so that everyone could see that he was the type who looked thin but had muscles, but he couldn’t.

Did Jiang Zheng think he was a matchstick? Asphyxiated!

He twitched the corners of his mouth and asked Xing Weimin to take a break.

Han Yi quickly persuaded Jiang Ran to hide, and he got out of the car to meet Jiang Zheng, who was also going to rest.

There were a lot of NGs today. The director was thinking, these two people could pass the plot scenes as soon as they started acting, but it was very easy to get stuck when they were playing physical touching scenes! This was a bit weird.

Ji Muye went back to his seat and asked Jing Meini with a sullen face if his acting skills had regressed?

Jing Meini encouraged: “That’s not true. It’s very easy to lose the chain when you like someone.” She didn’t want to ask him whether he liked Jiang Zheng or not, it was too insulting to her IQ.

Ji Muye choked, “I’ll have no problem if I kneel, but I can’t get over this hurdle in my heart if I let her hold me.” He always felt that the person being held should not be him! He should be the one holding!

He said again: “Also, if this is broadcasted, will I not be able to keep my image?”

Jing Meini smiled lightly, “No. You are hugged by the big devil Jiang, you will be on fire!”

On the other hand, Jiang Zheng shook her arm and said uneasily: “If the scene I filmed today is broadcast, I think my life might be in danger.” She knew how much Ji Muye’s fans hated her. She had been chased by them at the airport and called ugly! Boo!

Han Yi thought for a while, “It’s not up to you. It’s up to the screenwriter. If it doesn’t work, I’ll buy a hot search and blow off about your strength. Maybe it will cause a wave of imitation right away: It is only true love if you can hold your boyfriend!”

Jiang Zheng couldn’t laugh or cry, really love a ghost, I’m afraid this will only add fuel to the fire.

Both sides rested for a full twenty minutes.

Jing Meini cheered before Ji Muye passed: “Be professional! Focus! Concentrate! Ok?”

Back on set again.

They looked at each other calmly, figured out their state of mind, put on a good posture, and then both gestured ok to the director.

Waiting to see the imperial doctor coming, Tang Qinlan was afraid that Cui Ling would lie on the ground for a long time and suffer from the cold, so she personally picked up the unconscious him and walked to the palace. When crossing the high threshold, she almost stumbled and fell.

Xing Weimin stared at the monitor carefully, this time Ji Muye didn’t smile at all. Jiang Zheng’s expression was very focused. It was rare that she could walk a dozen meters with an adult man in her arms and put him on the bed stably.

He was not willing to cut this shot, and a long shot of her walking from outside the bedroom to the inside of the bedroom was shot. Jiang Zheng’s forehead was sweating, it was very real, and it also showed Tang Qinlan’s sincerity to the fullest.

When Cen Baoqian led the imperial doctor to rush over, she found that the person was missing, and she raised her feet and rushed into the bedroom only to see that Cui Ling, such an unknown outsider, was lying on Her Majesty’s dragon couch. If the officer knew that, she would have knelt down with thorns on her back and still given advice.

When the imperial doctor saw something he shouldn’t have seen, he knelt on the ground with a thud.

Tang Qinlan got up with a cold face, “Rescue him!” The words weighed heavily like a mountain.

The imperial doctor shivered and said yes, and quickly got up and went over.

After taking the pulse, he breathed a sigh of relief, knelt down and said that Cui Ling was fine, but he was starving and had thus fainted. He told her to first pour some ginseng into his mouth to lift the soul and qi, and then supplement it with soup. This person was usually healthy, and he would wake up soon.

Tang Qinlan breathed a sigh of relief, but her face was still extremely ugly. She disliked those maids, so she asked Cen Baoqian to give Cui Ling medicine. But before Cen Baoqian walked over, she asked everyone to retreat and fed the concoction herself.

This was really abusive and full of hidden sugar, there were many ups and downs.

The screenwriter’s description of the contradictory psychology of the male and female protagonists was excellently shown here, while Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye transformed the text description into facial expressions, which was almost the same as the script.

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