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RNMG Ch. 15


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Si Huang sent Yu Ling back to school, and when they were about to arrive, Yu Ling finally couldn’t help asking: “Si Huang, why do you want my brother to do that? Although he is studying law, he doesn’t care much about the entertainment industry.”

Si Huang looked at her and smiled for two seconds, “What you learn doesn’t mean what you are suitable for. If you make a little change, you may have unexpected surprises.”

Yu Ling felt that her words were a bit meaningful, so she did not inquire any further. Si Huang suddenly said: “Master, please stop the car on the side of the road.”

“If someone asks you about me in the school, you can just find a reason to fool them.” Si Huang, who got out of the car, told Yu Ling.

Yu Ling noticed something and nodded again and again.

It was only a hundred meters away from Huaxing Art School, and Si Huang had already seen a few people wandering at the school gate. If she remembered correctly, those were the bodyguards of the Si family. It seemed that Si Zhihan really sent people to invite her home, but she didn’t want to go back now.

She didn’t go back not because she was afraid, but because it was too troublesome, and she didn’t want to see the face of Si Zhihan’s family, so as not to be too embarrassed.

Si Huang, who was walking on the street, wondered if it was time to prepare a car, otherwise it would be quite troublesome in terms of fulfilling her itinerary.

[His Majesty! What are you going to do now? 】 Five treasure God made a sound.

Si Huang shook her head and thought about it: “Get the contract signed with Yu Xi, and it will be fine.”

Five Treasure God hated iron for not becoming steel[1] and persuaded him: [How can it be okay! Remember the glittering gold! The weather is so good, of course it’s time to make money! 】

Si Huang imagined Five Treasure God as a tumbling coquettish hamster and smiled without answering him.

Si Huang, upon returning home, started to make contracts, and also found secret channels to get a broker’s certificate for Yu Xi. She stayed in Fenghua for so long in her previous life. Although she was under somebody’s control, she knew a lot about Fenghua’s connections. It was just an agent certificate. With her current status as ‘Fenghua’s Young Master’, it was not difficult to obtain.

By the time she was done, Zhao Limei had also prepared her lunch, but unfortunately an uninvited guest came to her house, disrupting her time to enjoy lunch.

Zhao Limei saw Si Zhihan with a gloomy expression for the first time, and was about to pour tea, but was stopped by Si Huang: “Sister Zhao, you go back first, you don’t need to be here in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” Zhao Limei packed up, silently departing.

Si Huang and Si Zhihan were the only people left in the living room.

Today was the first time she saw Si Zhihan with her own eyes after she had come back.

This year’s Si Zhihan was already forty, but he looked like he was in his early thirties, with a handsome face. Time had not eroded his charm. Si Zhihan, who had been sitting in a high position for many years, had a kind of mature charm that young people did not have, it was the charm of a successful man.

Si Huang had to admit that although most of her unique face was inherited from Li Lisi, she also had a little bit of Si Zhihan’s shadow.

While Si Huang was contemplating, Si Zhihan was also looking at his son who he hadn’t seen for a while. His last memory of Si Huang was the figure who was almost beaten to death and twitching on the ground, which made him a little dazed. Was this beautiful boy sitting elegantly really his own son?

Of course, this trance was only fleeting, and Si Huang and Li Lisi’s similar eyebrows let Si Zhihan know that this was his own son… No! It was a daughter!

Si Zhihan frowned, he was actually confused by Si Huang’s appearance.

“Why didn’t you come back?” Since he was in a bad mood, his tone was naturally not good.

Si Huang looked at his demeanor, and especially noticed that Si Zhihan looked with disgust around him from time to time, as if he had seen something extremely repulsive.

She laughed, of course Si Zhihan would reject this place, because this place belonged to Li Lisi, and coming here would remind him of his hypocrisy and disgustingness, where he had to use a woman’s feelings to get everything he has now.

“I don’t want to go back.” Si Huang slowly poured herself a glass of water and replied without raising her head.

Such a perfunctory attitude made Si Zhihan want to get angry for a while, but seeing such a radiant Si Huang, he held back unexpectedly, his eyes flashing with calculation.

He seemed to have underestimated the value of his own child.

Thinking of the benefits that this face and body might bring to him, Si Zhihan regretted the brutal beating against Si Huang that day, “Is the back injury better?” Before Si Huang could answer, he probably knew what she would say, so he said, “I will let the secretary prepare the best medicine for scar removal, as it is best not to leave scars.”

Si Huang thought if it was the past, she might have thought that Si Zhihan was concerned about her, but now? There was a cold light in her lowered eyes, but when she raised her head, it had returned to normal, and nodded to Si Zhihan, “Okay.”

The two fell silent again, Si Huang was calm, but Si Zhihan wasn’t. He decided to stop beating around the bush, “I know that you got the role of director Liu Shu’s TV series, give it to Si Hua. You are not a professional actor, and you were cast by mistake. If you don’t act well, you will not be spared. It’s rare …”

It was rare for Si Zhihan to explain a few words, but Si Huang took the initiative to interrupt: “No.”


“Even if I lose the character I got, I won’t give it to Si Hua.”

“You, what are you talking about!?” Si Zhihan clapped the table and stood up.

Si Huang said slowly, “Human words.”

Si Zhihan raised his hand and stopped halfway, staring coldly at Si Huang’s fearless and even indifferent face, “Okay, since you want to take over the role, the signing of the contract is up to Fenghua.”

Si Huang shook his head, “I didn’t plan to sign Fenghua, it’s my own business.”

“You know what you’re talking about?” Si Zhihan was angrier but also calmer, “With your ‘identity’, no matter what you do anything is inseparable from the Si family and Fenghua!”

“You can do whatever you want.” Si Huang didn’t seem to hear his threat, “I will do what I want.”

Si Zhihan almost wondered if the person in front of him was a fake. He thought about it and turned around abruptly: “I’m your guardian, you can’t do anything without my consent!” This arrogant boy, no matter how he pretended to be a ghost, he couldn’t turn the wind and waves in his hands[2].

When Si Zhihan slammed the door shut, Si Huang didn’t show any fear.

Her eyes flashed with thoughtful light, she suddenly drank all the water in the glass, and then hurried to the door.


Si Huang lived in a small independent villa in a relatively quiet place of the Jinglan Villas, and rarely saw other people. Si Zhihan’s car was parked in a temporary garage, some distance away. He didn’t walk fast, but he also didn’t notice Si Huang’s figure silently following behind him.

At a corner, Si Huang’s silent footsteps suddenly quickened, and like lightning, she rushed behind Si Zhihan, and snugly put the shopping bag she just took out of the door onto Si Zhihan’s head.

“Hmm! Who!?”

Si Huang quickly tied a knot at his neck, pulled the collar of his suit and dragged him to the green woods at the side.

Si Zhihan, who was in darkness, was shocked to find that the man who attacked him was terribly powerful, and his struggles had no effect at all.

As for Si Huang, she started hitting him with the black stick after she threw him on the ground. She had no expression on her face, only her eyes were black and threatening.

“Cough, who the hell are you! What’s your purpose!”

“…Who asked you to do this? How much did they pay? Hmm!”

“How did you know that I was here, and did you wait in ambush for a long time? Ahh Ahh!”

No matter what Si Zhihan said, Si Huang didn’t say a word, her hands were itching but she wouldn’t kill anyone.

It wasn’t until Si Zhihan had no strength to speak, and only moaned through gritted teeth, that Si Huang lifted the hair that fell from her forehead and turned away happily.

[……His Majesty. 】 Five Treasure God’s cautious voice sounded.

“Huh?” The rising tone made Five Treasure God relaxed, [Why not just kill him? 】

Si Huang said with a smile: “Why do you want to kill him? It would be very troublesome for him to die now, and it would be too cheap for Si Hua. What’s more, it would be too happy for him to die like this.”

Five Treasure God: [I thought …] Once Si Huang’s face was expressionless and he showed that kind of look, he was a little scared.

“Why?” Si Huang’s smile now was like a big boy who didn’t care about the world. “I just got bored with him and let out my anger.”

Five Treasure God: […] Your Majesty, you are self-willed!

The author has something to say:

Er Shui: Your Majesty, why are you so self-willed?

Feng Huang: A lot of power and enough confidence.

Ershui: … As expected.

Do you still want His Majesty to be more capricious? Aren’t you going to get powdered soon? ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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[1] to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvements.

[2] Do anything he wanted.

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