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APY Ch. 149: Anger


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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“I didn’t.” Han Yi defended, but a guilty look flashed in his eyes, um, in the middle of the night last night, looking at Yu Xiaoxuan’s sleeping face, he did some, um, things, but that girl slept so deeply, she shouldn’t know.

“You took off my clothes!” Yu Xiaoxuan complained.

“You stole my wine last night, threw up on me, and yourself. If I didn’t take off your clothes. Were you planning to wear those dirty clothes all night?”

Yu Xiaoxuan cried a little less, as if remembering a few clips, her face was full of disgust, and if she had slept all night in clothes full of vomit? Just thinking about it, she couldn’t help feeling nauseated down to her stomach.

“Then…then you could’ve asked the housekeeper to help me change my clothes.”

Han Yi sneered, “Eldest sister, I live alone, where did the housekeeper come from?”

Who did you call eldest sister, you are the eldest sister, your whole family is the eldest sister. Yu Xiaoxuan thought hatefully.

“Don’t rich people always keep housekeepers?” Yu Xiaoxuan said.

“Who told you that rich people have to hire housekeepers?” People like him who didn’t like strangers at home won’t hire a housekeeper, and would only ask housekeepers to come and clean the house regularly.

“Even if that’s the case, you can’t change my clothes by yourself, anyway, you’re just bullying me…” Yu Xiaoxuan was lying now, but she was a girl, couldn’t Han Yi let her have some face?

Han Yi: “Just say what you want.”

Yu Xiaoxuan was at a loss about what she wanted, how would she know, she just thought that she might have been eaten by the person in front of her after she was drunk last night, so she was very aggrieved. Now that Han Yi asked this question, she paused and could not think of anything.

After thinking for a while, Yu Xiaoxuan said, “You…you bring me a change of clothes first.” She was still wearing a bathrobe, which was not very comfortable.

“There are no women’s clothes at home, only mine, do you want them?”


Han Yi went out, brought in a set of clothes, and threw them on the bed, “These are new, I haven’t worn them.” Then he went out again.

After the door was closed, Yu Xiaoxuan got up from the bed and locked the door.

What Han Yi gave her was a set of sportswear. He was tall, and his clothes looked like a child stealing an adult’s clothes on her. She looked at herself in the mirror, frowned, and rolled up her sleeves.

Han Yi knocked on the door.

“What?” Yu Xiaoxuan’s voice was alert.

“There are toiletries in the bathroom. After washing, come out by yourself.” Han Yi said from the door, and the footsteps left.

Yu Xiaoxuan breathed a sigh of relief and felt that she was being too much. Under the circumstances like last night, he didn’t do anything to her. It seemed that there was no need to worry about this now.

After she figured it out, Yu Xiaoxuan was relieved. As for Han Yi helping her change her clothes, she deliberately forgot about it.

After Xiaoxuan finished washing up, Han Yi had already sat at the dining table for breakfast. He had changed into a pink shirt, a pair of trousers and no tie. The shirt had two buttons open, revealing his sexy collarbone. It was then that Yu Xiaoxuan’s eyes fell on the red-purple bite marks on his neck.

She had a vague impression of what happened last night, and she knew what was going on, and her face was a little hot.

Han Yi glanced at her, then withdrew his gaze, with a blank face, and said, “Don’t want to eat?”

Yu Xiaoxuan was very hungry. Seeing the breakfast on the table, of course she wanted to eat it, but Han Yi hadn’t said anything. She was a little embarrassed to sit down without invitation, but as soon as he opened his mouth, she sat down with a smile on her face, picked up a piece of corn bread and started nibbling on it.

This breakfast should be the takeaway that Han Yi called, and it tasted very good.

Yu Xiaoxuan’s brows and eyes curled up after eating, completely forgetting the unpleasant incident in the morning. Looking at Han Yi, she also felt that this person was a little more pleasing to the eye. Although this person was sometimes hateful, he was not without merits, at least he was a gentleman.

Han Yi’s eyes were actually on her body all this time. Seeing her satisfied face, there was a smile in his eyes. She was really easy to satisfy.

“Yu Xiaoxuan, I don’t understand. I’m your boss anyway. Even if you don’t flatter me, you should at least be polite and respectful, but why do you feel like you see a big enemy when you see me?” Han Yi couldn’t figure it out, he had already eaten, as his appetite in the morning was always not good, so looking at her who was eating with relish, he asked this question.

Hearing this, Yu Xiaoxuan replied without hesitation, “Because you are a scumbag. You are responsible for making someone pregnant, and scumbags should be punished.”

Han Yi’s face darkened, it was because of this, but she was wrong about it. He did have a relationship with that woman, but he dared to swear to God that the seed in her belly was not his. Although he did get drunk one night and spent the night with that woman, he knew his own body. Whether he did it or not, he still knew. According to the woman who was following him, she was still in relationship with another man. After he got to know it, he dumped her without hesitation. Who would have guessed that a month later, the woman would come to the door and say that she was pregnant with his seed. He still wanted to complain about it.

But could this be told to Yu Xiaoxuan? It should be said that the dignified Young Master Han was actually wearing a green hat, and he was almost duped into being the father of somebody else’s child?

Even if he was killed, he couldn’t say it.

Han Yi was unhappy, his face darkened, and then he flung his sleeves away.

Yu Xiaoxuan pouted, thinking that he was angry, she glanced at Han Yi’s back, shook her head, and continued eating her breakfast.

Just at this moment, the doorbell rang. Yu Xiaoxuan wanted to ask Han Yi to open the door but looking at the closed bedroom door and thinking of Han Yi’s black face just now, she stood up.

There was a man standing outside the door. Yu Xiaoxuan felt he was a little familiar, and then she recognized him as Han Yi’s assistant. She had met him in the company before.

The assistant was surprised when he saw Yu Xiaoxuan, but he didn’t show it on his face. He smiled and said, “Miss Yu, these are the clothes that the president asked me to bring for you. They are all in your size.”

When Yu Xiaoxuan took it, she heard the assistant continue, “The president told me, and I have already taken leave from Sister Linda on your behalf. You can go to the company in the afternoon. There is something else in the company, I will leave first, Miss Yu, goodbye.”

Yu Xiaoxuan was so dumbfounded that she stayed where she was, and looking at the back of the assistant leaving, she couldn’t react. She looked at the bag in her hand, it was indeed a set of women’s clothes, she shook her head, closed the door, and went into the bedroom to change.

Sure enough, it was bought according to her size, and it fit very well. But how did the assistant know her size?

Of course, the assistant didn’t know her size, but Han Yi knew it. He accidentally got to know it when he was changing Yu Xiaoxuan’s clothes last night.

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