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BSFC Ch. 54


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Pei Jin still held the pink Peppa Pig swimming ring in her hand.

She held on tight, then slowly probed into the water. She was hugged by He Xun as soon as she stepped into the water. After she entered the water, the first thing He Xun did was to throw Pei Jin’s swimming ring away.

Pei Jin looked at the pink swimming ring slowly drifting away along the water waves, and hurriedly said, “My swimming ring…”

He Xun said in a rare serious tone, “Peipei, if you want to learn to swim well, you can’t rely too much on those. If you don’t leave the swimming ring, you will never learn to swim.”

Pei Jin’s expression was a little helpless, “But… I’m a little scared.”

“You don’t have to be afraid when I’m here.”

She went up and down without the support of the swimming ring, Pei Jin could only catch He Xun, so she held He Xun’s arm tightly.

He Xun held Pei Jin aloft with his arms, “Peipei, I’m holding you, you just need to keep moving your arms and swinging your legs.”

This Pei Jin could still do, she swung her arms, then stroked forward. But after swimming for a while, the feeling of floating on the water with nowhere to rest on still made her shout, “No, no.” Although she knew that He Xun had been supporting her underwater, but she still had a natural fear of water in her heart.

“Peipei.” As soon as He Xun’s arm was retracted, Pei Jin started flailing in the water until He Xun pulled her into his arms. Pei Jin buried her head on his chest angrily, “He Xun, I feel like I can’t learn, what should I do?”

He Xun lowered his head and kissed her furry head, “No hurry, learn slowly. If you can’t learn it in one day, then two days, three days, you will learn it one day.”

Pei Jin raised her head in dissatisfaction, “You didn’t say that before.”

He Xun raised one eyebrow, “Oh? Then what did I say before? What?”

“You said you would let me learn it in a day.”

He Xun smiled, “A day consists of twenty-four hours, Peipei, it’s been less than half an hour now.”

Pei Jin took a deep breath, adjusted her mood, and then said, “He Xun, I’m ready, let’s continue.”


It was already eight o’clock when they finished the swimming lesson and went to take a shower.

Pei Jin’s bathing speed was slow, and He Xun’s bathing speed was obviously much faster than hers. When she came out with wet hair, He Xun had already done everything and was holding a hairdryer in his hand.

Outside the men’s and women’s bathrooms was a common space where there were hairdryers available. Seeing He Xun holding the hair dryer for the first time, Pei Jin was very surprised, “He Xun, you actually started blowing your hair.”

He Xun shook the hair dryer in his hand, “This is for you.”

“Here for me to use?”

He Xun hummed, “Peipei, come here, I’ll blow your hair.”

Pei Jin almost thought she heard it wrong, “You… want to blow my hair?”

“Come here, wait a minute. Don’t catch a cold.”

Pei Jin walked slowly to He Xun’s side, then He Xun holding the hairdryer in one hand, picked up her hair with the other, and dried her hair slowly.

It was a very strange feeling. Because apart from the barber, no other boy had blown her hair. When He Xun’s fingertips passed through her hair, her scalp had gone a little numb because of the nervousness, and she slowly got used to it.

He Xun’s movements were very gentle, the hair dryer neither too close so as to burn her scalp nor too far away so as to not dry her hair.

The atmosphere was quiet for a while. There were only the two of them in the entire swimming pool area. The two of them didn’t speak, and there was no sound except for the whirring sound of the hair dryer. Pei Jin felt her heart warm, as warm as the warm air from the hairdryer.

Her hair was long and it took a long time to blow it dry. He Xun was obviously a boy who didn’t even bother to dry his short hair, but he was not at all dissatisfied with her long hair, which took a lot of time to dry.    

Pei Jin lowered her head and looked at her toes, “He Xun, tell me, should I cut my hair a little bit shorter?”

“What’s the point of cutting it short? Isn’t this such a good length?”

“But it’s too slow when drying them.”

“Don’t cut it. Peipei, if you find it troublesome, come to me after washing your hair. Anyway, my bedroom is opposite you.”

Hearing this, Pei Jin couldn’t bear it. He Xun, the straightest man in the universe obviously liked her black and straight hair!

When Pei Jin’s hair was about to dry, the cleaning aunt suddenly opened the bathroom door. She was shocked when she saw two high school students, a boy and a girl, inside the room.

“I said, why is there a sound in the bathroom, it turns out that someone is there.”

He Xun touched Pei Jin’s hair and felt that it was almost done, so he turned off the hairdryer. His tone was a little dissatisfied, “Didn’t you see that I reserved the area for night.”

The cleaning aunt smiled, “It’s a quarter past eight, and the area usually closes at eight. Auntie has come to clean it up.”

Pei Jin busily said, “We’ll be leaving right away.”

When the cleaning Auntie left with the mop, she gave them a meaningful look, as if saying, “Students these days really know how to play. Not only do they reserve swimming pools, but also help blow your hair in the bathroom.”

After the aunt left, Pei Jin also hurriedly dragged He Xun away.

At this point, the cafeteria had started to serve supper, but there was not much food for supper. Usually, the leftover fried rice and fried noodles sold in the morning were sold after heating it. He Xun naturally couldn’t eat this kind of thing. He called the nanny at home and asked her to bring fresh meals for two.

After hanging up the phone, He Xun looked at Pei Jin and said, “Let’s have dinner together in a few days.”

Pei Jin blinked, “Me and you?”

He Xun hummed, “And my dad.”


Pei Jin was startled, and He Xun slapped her face in a funny way, “So surprised?”

“What’s wrong with uncle?”

“Don’t worry, he just wants to have a meal together and talk about everyday things.”

When Pei Jin returned to the dormitory, Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu had been waiting for her for a long time.

As soon as she came back, they immediately gathered around her enthusiastically, “Pei Jin, how was your swimming today?”

“The swimming pool had been reserved! There were only you and He Xun in the swimming pool tonight, how do you feel? Did you do something bad?”

“Oh, it’s a pity that we weren’t there, otherwise we would still be able to assist.”

Pei Jin blushed at the teasing of the two, she hid in the toilet, and cleaned up feeling as if the world had finally come to an end.

Two days later, on Saturday, Pei Jin and He Xun went to He Xun’s own restaurant together. Their box this time was the same as the last time.

When the two arrived, Mr. He had also arrived. He was on the phone at this time. When he saw them, he motioned for them to sit down first. After a while, he hung up the phone.

Mr. He handed over the iPad for ordering, and said, “I have already ordered the dishes, you can add a few more if you want to eat.”

Pei Jin waved her hand, “No.”

Mr. He smiled, “No need to be polite.” Anyway, sooner or later, they would also be a family. However, he also thought about this sentence in his heart, and in the end, did not say it out loud.

He Xun took the iPad and added a few more dishes that Pei Jin particularly liked. After clicking, he pressed the order button.

When the dishes came up, Mr. He started chatting about their daily routine, “I heard you ate here last time?”

Pei Jin hummed.

Mr. He smiled, “Does the taste of the dishes still suit your liking?”

Pei Jin pursed her lips and chuckled, “It’s delicious.”

“Good then. By the way, A Xun, you kid, last time you opened the Caiyun Jixiang box for her classmates, isn’t it?”

He Xun felt a little embarrassed when the old man mentioned this matter, the restaurant manager must have told the old man all the details of the day, probably even what he said at the time. The words must have been repeated word by word. Recalling the few words he said that day, He Xun’s ears went slightly red. The old man must be laughing at him in his heart and now that he had his girlfriend here, now it was time for him to watch the fun.

Mr. He took a sip of tea and said to Pei Jin, “This kid in my family is very messed up. I can’t control him. In the future, I will need you to take care of him for me.”

This was too heavy, and Pei Jin’s heart skipped a beat, “Uncle…”

Mr. He smiled, and when the food came, Mr. He and He Xun started chatting about other topics.

After eating, Pei Jin went outside the box first, and only the He family and their son were left in the box.

Mr. He handed He Xun a key. After He Xun took it, he gave him a strange look.

“I’m very satisfied with my daughter-in-law. This is the key for the new Porsche. The car is parked in the garage at home. You can go back and get it if you want to drive it.”

He Xun whistled excitedly, “Thanks, old man.”

Seeing this bastard gave Mr. He a headache, so he waved his hand, “Roll.”

He Xun didn’t roll, but leaned over to Mr. He and said, “Old man, you will prepare a house for me, right?”

Mr. He had also been young and frivolous. At that time, as soon as he heard it, he knew why He Xun wanted a house. He glanced at He Xun, “Is it needed now?”

“Before June next year, of course, the sooner the better.”

Mr. He waved his hand, “It’s alright, I understand.”

At this time, He Xun did not find Mr. He as upsetting to the eyes as before.

After all, everything he had now was given by the old man, whether it was money or status. Without the old man, he would not have the good life he had now. When Pei Jin encountered a problem before, the old man’s people helped to settle it. Of course, he wasn’t a white-eyed wolf[1] who didn’t know what to do. After many years, He Xun called Mr. He Dad again.

His tone was serious, serious to the point of solemnity, “Dad, thank you.”

Hearing this long-lost Dad, Mr. He didn’t know why, but his eyes were slightly warm. He hadn’t heard the word Dad for too long, and he thought that He Xun would never call him Dad again in his life. It was a pleasant surprise.

He patted He Xun on the shoulder, put on his suit coat, and walked out of the box slowly.

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[1] Ungrateful person.

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