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YXBG Ch. 27.1: Goodbye


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At this time, the Yin family was very lively, Xiaomei was very reluctant to leave everyone, Yin Ruoji immediately hugged her: “Xiaomei, you must be obedient over there.”

“I know! Xiaomei has always been obedient.” She said so loudly that Yin Ruoji, who had been gloomy for days, finally showed a warm smile. Xiaomei and Chang Mei’s relationship was better than his relationship with her, but he still couldn’t help but worry about this little guy, as if he could see the shadow of a little Chang Mei through her.

“Well, Xiaomei, get in the car quickly. It will take a long time to get to the airport. It’s not good to miss the plane!” Uncle Zhang urged with a smile.

“En!” Xiaomei got into the car and pulled Chang Mei in. When Yin Ruoji was about to sit in, he heard the phone ring urging. He picked up the phone and paused for a while, his expression became serious: “Okay…I’ll go over.” Hanging up the phone, he said to Uncle Zhang: “Uncle Zhang, you can send them there first, I will go there soon.”

“Where are you going?” Chang Mei couldn’t help but ask him by poking her head out.

“I’m going to deal with some things…Chang Mei, don’t worry.” He looked at his beloved wife, feeling a little distressed in his heart. But this matter would soon be over, and then he would be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Chang Mei smiled unnaturally, “What would I worry about?”

The car drove out of the community and drove towards the airport. Yin Ruoji gritted his teeth and drove another car to the company.

In the swimming pool, Yin Zhefei was only wearing underwear, and his lips were trembling with cold. Every teammate who left had snickered at him and pityingly said: “A Fei, I’ll go first!”

“If the bandit Zhang doesn’t come with your pants, just tell me, I can give you ChillCool (long trousers)! Haha!”

“Yes, there are caredowncool (open crotch pants), hahaha!”

The group of unscrupulous teammates escaped the slipper that Yin Zhefei threw over and ran away happily.

Zhang Xiangyi hurriedly rushed into the swimming pool: “A Fei! Pants!” He just finished his intensive basketball training today, and he almost died from pedaling all the way. It was a bit overwhelming.

Yin Zhefei almost grabbed his trousers and put it on casually: “I would have frozen to death if you hadn’t come now!” However, when he looked up at his friend’s face, he was stunned: “You…you are…” His face muscles twitched twice, and uncontrollable laughter broke out, “Are you in performance art? Don’t tell me that you came here with such a face!”

“What? What are you talking about!” Zhang Xiangyi shivered after hearing his laugh and punched him shamefully.

“Come on, take a picture of yourself!” He pulled his friend to the big mirror in the swimming pool, “Here, don’t you know it yourself?”

Zhang Xiangyi’s eyes almost fell out, “What’s going on! Damn it!!” He casually grabbed Yin Zhefei’s towel and wiped the black marks on his face, but the trimmed eyebrows and beard would not grow for a while. His encounters along the way ran in his mind like a revolving lantern, making this always carefree young man have the urge to commit suicide for the first time in his life.

“Damn! I’m going to kill the bastard who dared to make fun of me!” Zhang Xiangyi cursed.

Yin Zhefei still couldn’t help but smile. He could still understand those teammates just now. After all, if the prank did not happen to him, it would indeed look very interesting.

“You’re still laughing! If it weren’t for you urging me, I would…” He stopped immediately, turning to a smirk: “What’s the matter with your pants? If I don’t come today, would you have to run back naked? “

Yin Zhefei immediately made a face, “It’s that Yin Xiaomei, that dead child! She actually took my pants away!”

“Hahaha, why does she hate you so much, hahaha, but she is quite interesting, she left you with just your underwear!” Zhang Xiangyi smiled and thumped the wall when he thought of Yin Zhefei’s flat expression when he found out that his pants were missing.

However, after he laughed for a while, Yin Zhefei slowly said: “Speaking of Yin Xiaomei, I think the words on your face are familiar.”

“What did you say?” Zhang Xiangyi immediately became alert.

“I said, the tortoise on your forehead and the words on your face are very familiar. I seem to have seen it in Yin Xiaomei’s notebook. After all, few people can write such ugly words and dare to put their hatred into practice.”

“But I have never offended that stinky kid!” Zhang Xiangyi gritted his teeth.

“But you told me she was selling my photos.” Yin Zhefei confessed.

“Yin Xiaomei!” Zhang Xiangyi squeezed these words out between his teeth, “I want you not to see the sun tomorrow!”

The car was not far from the gate of the community, and Yin Zhefei saw that it was his own car.

So, he yelled: “Stop! Stop!”

Zhang Xiangyi also pedaled the bicycle fiercely: “Yin Xiaomei! Come out for me!”

Xiaomei in the car seemed to have noticed something. When she turned around, she saw two furious young men desperately chasing her in the sunset, constantly cursing her loudly.

“What’s the matter? What is Xiaomei looking at?” Chang Mei wondered.

“It’s okay, Xiaomei is thinking why her brother didn’t come to send Xiaomei away.” She lied without blushing.

“Oh, A Fei is really…” Chang Mei felt a little guilty, “Your brother must be too busy, otherwise he would have definitely come to send Xiao Mei, your brother has always liked Xiao Mei!” Although she said this, she felt a little sad in her heart. Her son didn’t come to send Xiaomei, nor did he come to see her off? Yes, he must be afraid that she would not be willing to leave when he saw him, so he didn’t show up. She couldn’t help being moved by the thoughtfulness of her son.

Chang Mei was still in a trance, but Xiaomei took out a pen and paper from her bag and drew a huge tortoise on it and pasted it on the rear window of the car.

When Yin Zhefei and Zhang Xiang saw this, their noses almost went crooked with anger, but they were helpless as the car drove too fast, and finally disappeared from their sight.

Xiaomei laughed so hard that she couldn’t sit upright. It was really worth seeing them both deflated. She waved at her brother who gradually turned into a dot, and then blew a kiss—bye bye, Xiaomei would miss you. Oh!

It’s hard not to feel a little sadness when parting.

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