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Xie Ruheng stood outside the shed built at the injection point and saw Tang Bai helping to distribute the inhibitors from a distance, the beautiful little omega was better at talking than others, he always wore a warm smile on his face, and had amber eyes which shone like flowing honey syrup in the sun.

He would give a toffee to each omega who came to inject the inhibitor, and a very small child who was hugged by his mother even asked him for an extra candy.

Xie Ruheng took out the toffee Tang Bai handed him last time from his pocket, opened it and put it in his mouth.

He suddenly felt very peaceful, as if he had returned to his childhood, where when he found a melted maltose in the garbage mountain, he could be happy for a whole day.

“The effect of the inhibitor can last for a month. Don’t take a bath on the day of the injection of the inhibitor during estrus…” Tang Bai finished explaining the precautions to an omega and looked up to see Xiao Cheng’s figure waiting for him not far away.

Tang Bai talked to the people around him, and couldn’t wait to run to Xiao Cheng’s side, “How long have you been standing here? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Xie Ruheng said softly: “Not long.”

He took out the lucky charm, “Here you are, I didn’t forget this time.”

Xie Ruheng accepted the lucky charm, he should have turned around and left after completing the purpose of this trip, but seeing Tang Bai’s bright eyes, the words of farewell changed to “Let’s go together”.

“Okay!” Tang Bai had been waiting for this sentence for a long time. He raised the hand holding the umbrella, trying not to touch Xie Ruheng’s head. The next moment, the handle of the umbrella was taken over by a strong hand.

Tang Bai peeked at the alpha next to him. He was holding an umbrella with one hand and the other was in his pocket. He was wearing a plaid shirt today, and he looked a little more bookish than yesterday.

They were very close.

The closest distance was three centimeters.

“Have you ever been to the underground arena?” A deep and magnetic voice suddenly sounded in his ears, Tang Bai let out a cry, and quickly turned his head, pretending to be looking at the scenery on the side of the road, “No.”

Xie Ruheng nodded.

In fact, when Tang Bai didn’t recognize this human/skin mask, he was guessing that Tang Bai had never actually been to the underground arena, nor had he seen the Mouse’s game.

When Tang Bai asked him about the plot of the novel yesterday, in order to explain to Tang Bai how to write a mecha competition, he specially used a classic example of one of Mouse’s battles. Although he didn’t mention the code name of the Mouse, fans who knew a little about the Mouse should recognize who the mech master he was talking about was.

But Tang Bai didn’t.

“Do you want to go to the underground arena to watch a game?” Xie Ruheng asked.

Tang Bai nodded his head vigorously, “Yeah!”

His amber eyes were full of anticipation, which was also curiosity about unknown areas, but the underground arena was not a harmless place like an amusement park.

Xie Ruheng took Tang Bai to a clothing store, “The audience needs to wear masks to enter the venue, you choose the mask you like.” Tang Bai chose a white feather mask and helped Xie Ruheng choose a matching black feather mask.

Without objecting, he put the mask on in front of the mirror.

After putting on the mask, Xie Ruheng and him walked to the fitting room, when they opened the door of the fitting room, there was another well-disguised door inside the fitting room, and when they opened that door, Tang Bai saw a pitch-black elevator.

He followed Xie Ruheng into the elevator and heard Xie Ruheng say to him: “After entering, you can’t take pictures or videos. It’s noon now. There is no mecha competition, only ordinary fighting competition. Before entering the arena, we have to choose which side will win, the seats are related to the contestants we choose…”


The closed door opened automatically, and a building like an ancient Roman Colosseum appeared in front of Tang Bai. There were men and women in masks here, but no contestants had come up to the martial arts stage, so the huge space seemed a little deserted.

“There will be fewer people in the noon field, while the night is the liveliest.”

Tang Bai couldn’t tell the strength of the opponent, so he asked Xie Ruheng to choose, and Xie Ruheng chose a player named “Blood Wolf” with just a glance.

They sat in the auditorium, and a waiter came to sell drinks. Tang Bai didn’t drink well. He waved his hand, and before the opening, the atmosphere was so quiet that it could only be described as quiet.

“Dear viewers, welcome to the noon field. Our players are ready, and we will invite the player with the ten-game winning streak ‘Eagle’ and the rookie ‘Blood Wolf’ to appear!” A beta commentator said passionately: “What is it? ‘Eagle’ who had had eleven consecutive victories, will he defend his first ring, or will our newcomer ‘Blood Wolf’ win? Let’s wait and see!”

There was sparse applause from the audience, then Tang Bai saw those two contestants coming out, they were both lean and thin. Eagle was blind in one eye, while Blood Wolf was very young, looking seventeen or eighteen years old.

They didn’t exchange any pleasantries, and just started scuffling as soon as they came on stage, punching to the flesh, not talking about any competition etiquette, and used a lot of obscene styles of play.

Soon he could see blood.

It wasn’t until this time that there was a sound of admiration from the audience. Their interest was aroused by the bright red, and someone shouted “kill him”.

Tang Bai frowned, he turned his face away and didn’t want to look at it anymore.

“What’s wrong?” The dark eyes under the black mask looked at him quietly.

Tang Bai pursed his lips, and said sullenly: “It’s a bit cruel… What do you think is the meaning of this kind of competition?”

“The meaning?”

Xie Ruheng said softly: “For the audience, it should be for fun.”

Tang Bai frowned even tighter, “Do you think this kind of competition will make you happy?”


“I usually stand on the stage acting as an existence to entertain people.” Xie Ruheng’s voice was particularly cold amidst the audience’s more excited shouts, as if he was telling the story of a bystander: “For the players, the meaning of the existence of the underground arena should be survival. In order to survive and for the slim chance of living a better life.”

“Becoming a star in the underground arena may be the only way for a child in the slums to succeed.” He said: “You know the ‘Mouse’ ‘? The ‘Mouse’ had the opportunity to be admitted to the Federal Military Academy because of the underground arena.”

“If he didn’t have this way, he would just have been a stinky mouse hiding in the gutter all his life.”

Then in tightly clenched hand, a toffee was stuffed into his palm.

After which he heard Tang Bai say seriously: “But I don’t think so, I know ‘Mouse’, he is my idol, if it’s him, no matter which way he goes, he can reap great glory.”

Xie Ruheng turned his head and looking at the pair of bright amber eyes under the white mask, as the owner of the white mask said softly: “There is a saying that I have never told anyone, he is my light.”

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