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SLDH Ch. 73.2


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On the other side, in the hinterland of the largest jungle on earth, Fan Chen’s figure slowly fell from the sky.

This jungle was the largest rainforest on earth, known as the lungs of the earth, but five hundred years ago, this rainforest was less than one-tenth of its current size. Just because the terrain was dangerous, the land was barren, and there were fewer people around this rainforest, Fan Chen used this place for Peng Yan’s seal. For five hundred years, the demon king Peng Yan had been cultivating in this rainforest. His demonic power had continuously nourished this land, and it was only then that the lungs of the earth were formed.

Fan Chen landed in front of a broken tree root, his eyes looking complicated.

“Fan Chen, you are still awake.” Suddenly, a deep male voice came from above.

Fan Chen raised his head and saw a handsome man with wings on his back, hovering in mid-air. The man had long black hair, beautiful blue eyes, and complicated and dark demon patterns running from the ears all the way down, piercing deeply into the collar. The most eye-catching thing were the wings on his back, they were a pair of completely pitch-black wings, extremely long, revealing a faint coercion, spread out, they seemed as if they could cover the sky and block out the sun.

“Peng Yan, you didn’t leave.” Fan Chen looked at Peng Yan in surprise.

“As soon as I woke up and found that the aura in the world was so thin, I knew you must still be awake.” Peng Yan smiled and landed on a tall fir tree, then he folded his wings and continued, “Then I thought, you must be too weak now.”

“No matter how weak I am, you can’t beat me.” Fan Chen said calmly.

“I know, but with your current strength, it’s impossible to seal me again.” This was why he dared to appear in front of Fan Chen openly. Today’s Fan Chen no longer had the power of five hundred years ago.

“You know, actually I don’t have to seal you.” Fan Chen said.

“You want to persuade me to give up destroying human beings again?” Peng Yan sneered, “Fan Chen, it’s been five hundred years since you sealed me, and you’ve carried out your plan for five hundred years. What’s going on with the earth now? What about the demon race? What about human beings?”

Fan Chen remained silent.

“You don’t speak, because you know that you have failed.” Peng Yan continued, “It has been five hundred years, and the aura of heaven and earth is less than one-tenth of what it used to be, and the area of forests is less than one-fifth of what it used to be. Oceans, atmosphere, the soil, all exude an unpleasant smell. Even if I haven’t counted the number of demon races, I know they must be pitifully few, while human beings are overrun like locusts.”

Fan Chen continued to remain silent but frowned slightly.

“Also…do you know how I broke your seal? It’s because a few humans suddenly came in this inaccessible rainforest, and they cut off the sequoia you used as the carrier of the seal, hahaha…” Peng Yan’s tears were about to fall, “Isn’t it funny that the human beings you tried so hard to protect helped me break your seal.”

“Then did you kill them?” Fan Chen asked suddenly.

“What?” Peng Yan was taken aback.

“They saved you, did you kill them?” Fan Chen asked.

“Oh, they didn’t need me to take action at all. The raft they were sitting on capsized in the river, and the crocodiles gnawed them to the bone.” Peng Yan said, “Besides, you thought my target would be just a few humans?”

“Peng Yan, the earth’s ecology has been recovering in recent years, and the aura of heaven and earth has also been recovering.” Fan Chen said.

“Fan Chen, don’t you look at your own chest when you say this? You can even turn a blind eye to such a big hole. I really have to admire your self-deception ability.” Peng Yan sneered, “I advise you, go back to sleep early, and when I kill most of the human race, you may be able to recover sooner.”

“I said that if the human race is extinct, the demon race will also cease to exist.” Fan Chen reminded.   

“I know, so I won’t kill them all this time.” Peng Yan said, “After all, I don’t want to be obliterated by nature.”   

“You sealed me, or the demons would have won the final victory.” Peng Yan said harshly.   

“If you hadn’t used the Qiankun Vine, I won’t have woken up.” Fan Chen said.   

“Fan Chen, don’t forget, you are the patron saint of the demon race, why do you want to help humans instead?” Peng Yan asked.   

“I said before that human beings, nature, and the demon race are one. No matter which part disappears, the demon race will be destroyed. When I protect humans, I am protecting the demon race.” Fan Chen explained.   

“That’s the same sentence again.” Peng Yan was full of impatience, “Didn’t I just say that I won’t kill them all, I will kill only some of them. As long as it is not an extermination of the clan, you have no reason to stop me, my lord Patron.”   

“…” Fan Chen fell silent again, his expression turning ugly.

“What should I do? How about a few big earthquakes first, it will be very interesting, hahaha…” While speaking, the wings on Peng Yan’s back spread out again, and with a bang, a hurricane was blown up into the sky as he disappeared over the rainforest in an instant.

Fan Chen looked up for a moment, then turned around and disappeared.


In the Demon Hunters Association, after receiving the news from the Demon Clan, the president of the association, Yi Xun, immediately held a meeting of the branch presidents. At the same time, the honorary elders of the Demon Hunters Association also attended the meeting.

The previous head of Xuanwu Mountain, Wei Ji’s grandfather Wei Lao, was also one of the honorary elders.

“Just now there was news from the demon clan that the former demon king Peng Yan broke the seal.” Yi Xun cut straight to the point, announcing the shocking news directly.

“What? Demon King Peng Yan?”

“Is it the one who initiated the Human-Demon War five hundred years ago?”

After announcing that the former demon king had broken the seal, everyone immediately started a heated discussion, with more than a dozen camera images shaking non-stop.

“What about Peng Yan’s strength? Five hundred years ago, his strength already surpassed the tenth rank.”

“We are not his opponents at all.”

“What does the current demon king say, will he attack and seal Peng Yan again?”

President Yi Xun motioned everyone to be quiet, and then said: “The demon clan means that they will find a way to re-seal Peng Yan with us. However, Peng Yan is cunning and powerful, and he has just come out of the seal, so he will definitely not be caught back easily. So during this time, everyone, be careful and monitor the situation everywhere.”

“Will the demons really help us seal Peng Yan together?” Someone doubted.

“That’s right, they might have released Peng Yan themselves, otherwise how could the good seal be broken.”

At this moment, Wei Lao, who had been silent all this time, frowned and said, “No matter what the demon clan means, as long as there is a demon that harms the world, it is our duty to catch that demon.”

Wei Lao was one of the only remaining eighth-level demon hunter. If they wanted to face off against Peng Yan, he would naturally be the first choice. Seeing him talking from time to time, everyone gradually became quiet.   

“But until the situation is unclear, I suggest that everyone should not be suspicious of each other.” Wei Lao continued, “If we want to fight us head-on, the damage to the demons will not be small. In recent years, although there have been some conflicts, the relationship between us and the demons has been generally harmonious. So I don’t think Peng Yan’s matter should be a conspiracy of the demons.”

“I think so too.” The president echoed, “But the demons will definitely not protect human beings, so during this period of time we have to put up our spirits, turn on the demon power detectors of each branch to the maximum, and report any abnormal fluctuations in demon power immediately.”

“Yes.” The president of the different branches nodded.   

After the video conference ended, Elder Wei pondered for a moment, and for the first time took the initiative to call the new head of Xuanwu Mountain.   

At this time, Mi Wan had already returned to the university town. She had just finished her lunch and was about to go to class. When the phone rang, she picked it up.   

“Master~~~” An old voice came from the other end of the phone.   

“I’ve said it many times, I’m not the head.” With such a unique address, she could know who was on the other end without looking at the caller ID.   

Elder Wei didn’t answer Mi Wan’s words at all, and said by himself: “Master, I have something to report to you, and it’s urgent.”

When Mi Wan heard that it was urgent, she paused, and said seriously: “What? Something happened?”   

“The former demon king, Peng Yan, broke the seal and came out.” Afraid that Mi Wan would not know who Peng Yan was, Mr. Wei continued to introduce, “You may not know that this Peng Yan started the human-demon war five hundred years ago… …”   

“I know.” Mi Wan interrupted Wei Lao’s introduction.

“You know Peng Yan?” Old Wei was taken aback.

“I know, and I know even more details than you.” She didn’t just know, probably no demon hunter in the world knew Peng Yan better than her.

“Then… will you make a move?” Old Wei asked tentatively.

“If you have any news about him, I will be on call.” Mi Wan said coldly.

Elder Wei immediately felt relieved. The head of their family was the only remaining tenth-rank demon hunter in the world. If anyone could stop Peng Yan, it could only be his head.

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