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Li Xin’s premonition was indeed correct. During the few days when Luo Ning came to visit the crew, he was always restless. He always felt that they were being stared at by a pair of eyes. He also specially reminded Qin Yize and Luo Ning to keep a low profile in the crew. But what Li Xin didn’t expect was that this group of paparazzi were quite capable. They actually found out the details of Qin Yize’s residence and captured the scene of Luo Ning coming to Qin Yize’s room from the roof opposite the hotel.

In the video, Luo Ning was wearing a mask and hat, and his facial features were not clear. As for the scene of taking off the mask after entering the room, his face was not clearly photographed due to the shooting angle. Then, Qin Yize lowered his head and kissed him, just covering his face.

The onlookers didn’t know who this person was, but Qin Yize was flirting with others during filming, that was a certainty. What’s more, the paparazzi studio that posted on Weibo directly tagged the topic of #Qin Yize derailed#, and people would naturally think of it as Qin Yize’s “secret meeting with a secret lover” during filming.

Both the comments and reposts of this breaking news broke through six figures, and countless passers-by and black fans rushed to Qin Yize’s Weibo to scold him – “You pretended to be a love saint when you publicly confessed your love before, and in a blink of an eye, you like someone else.” “It’s disgusting to make out in private!” “During filming, fooling around with newcomers, hehe, is this the so-called high-cold male god?” “It’s not like Qin Yize has never had a precedent, didn’t he sneak into Zhou Jinyun before?” “Cheater, get out of the entertainment circle!”

A large number of negative comments quickly overwhelmed Qin Yize’s personal Weibo, and only a few rational fans said: “You don’t know who this person is yet, so why are you scolding Qin Yize for cheating. At least give him a chance to explain?” “I don’t believe that Yize is such a person…”

Unfortunately, there were only a few rational fans, and their messages were quickly overwhelmed by a large number of black fans and trolls.

Li Xin rubbed his temples with a headache and sent a message to Qin Yize: “Look at Weibo.”

When the agent was angry, he usually scolded him with head and face. If he didn’t scold him today, things must not be simple. Qin Yize logged on to Weibo and took a look. This revelation made him a little confused for a while, they were saying that he cheated? What a mess! Could these paparazzi be a little more serious when they gossiped? What was cheating in marriage? That person was his wife! Cheating on his own wife? It was just hilarious.

Qin Yize wished he could give the paparazzi their marriage certificate, so that they could wash their eyes.

Li Xin asked helplessly: “What are you going to do?”

Qin Yize sighed lightly, and said, “Let me ask Luo Ning’s opinion.”

He had previously publicly confessed on Weibo that he only loved his own omega, but in the end during the filming, he had a passionate kiss with a man, and the onlookers could easily equate this matter with words such as “cheating” and “derailment”. At this time, unless it was publicly stated that the other party was his legal lover, it would be useless to explain.

Qin Yize sent a message to Luo Ning, but Luo Ning did not reply.

In the past few days, the film crew of “Digital Code” was invited to participate in an outdoor entertainment variety show. Luo Ning probably followed Director Yu and Zhou Jinyun to record the show. Qin Yize was not in a hurry and left it for him to take a look when he had time.

At this time, it happened to be the voting period for the year-end TV drama awards, and Qin Yize was originally capable of competing for the best actor award in the TV drama awards. In this award, fans’ votes accounted for 20% of the points. Negative scandals were extremely unfavorable to Qin Yize at this time.

Li Xin originally wanted to find a public relations company to get some video compilations to solicit votes from Yize’s fan base, so that Yize could compete for the “Best Actor” award in the TV Drama Awards. Everything was disrupted, so he had to slow down and settle the scandal first.

Yize’s popularity had been too high during this period of time, and it may be arousing jealousy. This matter must be handled with caution.

Thinking of this, Li Xin said to Qin Yize: “Yize, don’t rush to respond, I think the videos made by this paparazzi studio are not limited to these, and there may be more news in the future, let’s wait.”

When this studio broke the news, it often proceeded step by step, with more and more explosions, so overwhelming that people couldn’t stand up at all. It was not appropriate to do public relations at this time, and it was easy to be targeted by the opposite party. The other party filmed such a big news in the film and television city, it was impossible for the other party to call it a day without taking a clear picture of Luo Ning’s face. According to the paparazzi studio’s usual style, they would definitely continue to squat down and take more violent photos.

Who was the man who was making out with Qin Yize in the hotel? The paparazzi must have a good idea. The initial revelation did not reveal the identity of the other party but left a mystery to the audience and aroused curiosity. Satisfying the appetite of the onlookers, the scandal quickly ignited— Li Xin had a hunch that they might drag Yize and Luo Ning into the water together.

Under Li Xin’s signal, Qin Yize’s Weibo remained silent and he let others scold him all day long.

That night, the second episode of the variety show that Qin Yize participated in was broadcast on time. A large group of black fans and trolls poured into the live broadcast website, swiping the screen to scold Qin Yize as a scumbag. Obviously someone wanted to make Qin Yize look bad, and deliberately invited trolls to control the rhythm.

At the same time, the TV series “Strange Records” starring Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo reached the finale of the first part. This group of black fans repeated “Qin Yize derailed”, which made the audience unable to watch the drama properly and they had to block the barrage, and because of this, Qin Yize, who was originally very popular with passers-by, became a star that passers-by hated very much. Many passers-by also searched for the news about Qin Yize’s cheating, which made the scandal ferment again.

At the moment when the scandal heat was fired to the highest point, the paparazzi studio really dropped a blockbuster——

#Qin Yize privately dating the man, his identity exposure# #secret man Lin Xiaoluo# #Lin Xiaoluo and the married Male Star#

In the video that broke the news this time, Luo Ning’s face was very clear.

The video was still shot from a distance. At 12:30 in the morning, Luo Ning secretly came to Qin Yize’s residence. Qin Yize opened the door, saw him, and immediately stretched out his arms to hold him in his arms. The two of them hugged sweetly for a moment, then walked into the bedroom side by side.

The onlookers waited for two days, and finally got the answer about the mysterious man, and all of them were as excited as if they had been beaten.

Soon, Luo Ning’s Weibo also fell, and countless passers-by flooded in and scolded him: “You are a beta who seduces a married alpha, how shameless are you?” “So that’s what happened…” “It seems that Qin Yize’s unspoken rules with Zhou Jinyun were fake, but it’s true that he did hook up with you!” “As a passer-by fan, I’m very disappointed in you! “”Why do you want to be a mistress?” “You little three are really shameless!”

Luo Ning had serialized Necropolis Hospital series to the fourth volume during this time and had more than one million fans on Weibo. Many of them were readers who liked his works. They didn’t know much about the things in the entertainment industry, so when they suddenly saw countless people pouring in and scolding him, the fans were at a loss. After searching back, they found out that Lin Xiaoluo had become a mistress to seduce the married Qin Yize…

Reasonable fans didn’t believe it, and just wanted to wait for Lin Xiaoluo’s response.

But there were also a lot of impulsive fans who expressed their desire to turn from fans to black on the spot and joined the army of scolding.

This scandal caused Luo Ning’s popularity to be severely damaged.

Qin Yize was also scolded bloody. As a married man, he was still ambiguous with others, this was too far from his original male god persona, Qin Yize fell from the heights to the bottom almost instantly, countless fans were lost, and even two manufacturers who had cooperated with him for several years had also euphemistically stated that they would not be endorsed by Qin Yize for the next quarter’s advertisement. The worst time had come.

Li Xin waited and found that there was no more movement from the paparazzi studio, “Topics such as “Qin Yize’s derailment” and “Lin Xiaoluo the mistress” were constantly being searched on the homepage, but apart from more and more scolding on the Internet, there was no follow-up news. Li Xin took a deep breath to calm down, and Qin Yize said: “Their hole cards should be used up, now it’s our turn to fight back.”

Qin Yize said: “Okay. What do you propose?”

Li Xin had been an agent for so many years, and he had long become a veteran in dealing with scandals, but this time it was related to Luo Ning, so he must be cautious. He first asked the people in the studio to take screenshots of all the news posted by the paparazzi on Weibo and all the comments of netizens as evidence, and then he went to a lawyer and got a complaint drafted. With the marriage certificates of Qin Yize and Luo Ning in hand, there was no need to worry about killing these paparazzi. As for the timing of making a public statement…

Li Xin was hesitating, but at this time, Luo Ning came back.

Seeing the ugly faces of the two, Luo Ning smiled slightly and said, “I know what happened, don’t worry, I also want to contribute to this incident.”


Actually, Luo Ning didn’t receive Qin Yize’s news because he had been in the hospital for the past two days.

After recording the variety show with the “Digital Code” crew, Luo Ning wanted to go home, but suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated on the way. Zhou Jinyun thought he was sick, so he and Director Yu sent him to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, before the two could speak, a doctor with a cold face came out and took Luo Ning away.

Zhou Jinyun jumped in a hurry, but the doctor only gave the two of them a cold look, and said, “Don’t worry, I’m his uncle, and I will take good care of him. You guys wait outside. Besides, don’t let others know about his illness, including Qin Yize.”

Seeing Luo Ning being taken away, the two looked at each other.

Luo Ning was in a coma for an unknown period of time. When he woke up, he found himself lying on the hospital bed. Uncle Snow was examining him. Luo Ning sat up rubbing his forehead and asked, “Uncle, why am I in the hospital?”

Snow said with a cold face: “Don’t you know that you are pregnant?”

Luo Ning was startled, and the roots of his ears were slightly red: “Really, am I?”

Snow showed him the results of the examination and said: “Well, it’s been three months.”

That’s when he was marked, right? Three months ago, he and Yize went on their honeymoon and completed the thorough marking in the seaside villa.

Luo Ning touched his abdomen, feeling soft in his heart.

This was his and Yize’s baby, no matter who it looked like, it would be very cute.

Zhou Jinyun and Yu Cheng, who were waiting outside, heard that Luo Ning was fine, and immediately went into the ward to see him. Luo Ning didn’t tell them that he was pregnant, but only said that he fainted because of being too tired. Yu Cheng didn’t have any doubts either, the fast-talking Director Yu couldn’t hold back his thoughts, and said with an ugly face: “Xiao Luo, you’d better check Weibo.”

Luo Ning opened Weibo and took a look, #Qin Yize Derailment# #Qin Yize privately dating the man, his identity exposure# #secret man Lin Xiaoluo# #Lin Xiaoluo and the married Male Star#, all kinds of topics were listed as popular on the homepage, neatly and spectacularly. And under his Weibo, a large number of onlookers poured in, scolding them very harshly.

Luo Ning’s face suddenly turned pale.

Zhou Jinyun said worriedly: “Mr. Xiao Luo, you… don’t think too much, these people are talking nonsense, Director Yu and I know that you and Teacher Qin are actually a couple…”

Luo Ning took a deep breath, then with a forced smile, he said, “I’m going to be discharged from the hospital.”

The two wanted to stop him, but Luo Ning simply turned over and got out of bed and returned to his and Yize’s residence as quickly as possible, only to hear Qin Yize and Li Xin discussing countermeasures.

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