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The press conference on the second day gathered two local media and a large number of online media, and the location was provided by Qiao Lingfeng’s agent. That place held Qiao Lingfeng’s scandal clarification meeting all the year round, and the facilities were perfect, so Shen Yu only needed to bring the takeaway cage to attend.

As soon as Xu Maomao came out of the cage, the spotlight frightened him, and he was not active in the video at all. He seemed as if an eminent monk had entered a trance, frozen like a stone. While Shen Yu found it funny, he comforted him calmly, and strictly forbade them to turn on the flash.

Regardless of Shen Yu’s gentle temperament, he was extremely principled in his dealings with people, and his emotional intelligence was also very good. At the beginning, the reporters all turned into “closer to science” mysteries, trying to dig deep into Oscar’s secrets, but Shen Yu swayed the topic to the promotion of emerging pet recuperation center.

After all, the online media also mainly focused on cute pet columns, and they were very interested in his concept of paying attention to the mental health of pets, so they followed the topic and chatted. As expected, the attention was transferred successfully. In the end, Xu Maomao had a few photos taken in a daze, and the interview was over.

The news of this issue was quickly posted on the headlines of pets on major websites, and even surpassed the traffic of the National Treasure at one point. During the entire news period, Xu Maomao’s love value surged to more than two million. Of course, Shen Yu’s pet shop benefited the most.

Many guests came there after seeing local news feeds and online media marketing accounts. First, they wanted to experience the legendary pet mental health checkup. Second, they rushed to see the legendary magical dancing puppet cat. When they came to the pet store and found no trace of it, the guests were very disappointed. Some of them were very emotional, and angrily accused them of holding a press conference for hype. Because there were no pictures and no truth, they turned from fans to black on the spot, and even complained of false promotion.

The therapist said helplessly to Shen Yu: “Manager Shen, why don’t you bring your cat master to the store during this time?”

The clerk Xiao Guan: “That’s right, you said at the press conference that Oscar is the store’s mascot!”

Shen Yu: “…”

Both of you are speaking righteously, but do you have the ability to hide those little hands that are eager to move and rub together excitedly! Don’t think I don’t know you want to defile my cat!

Shen Yu hesitated tiredly. He was a man, so he was still a bit possessive about his own things, letting Oscar come out to face the media was already his bottom line, and now they wanted to let him come out to sit on the stage?

But the therapist did not give up, and persuaded him: “You see, your cat is smarter than ordinary cats. Its IQ is not limited to playing with cat claw toys and climbing cat shelves. It must feel that it is very boring to be alone at home, so didn’t you just use the camera to start the live broadcast? Obviously, it is a pet that needs communication and attention, and you can’t accompany it 24 hours a day, so it’s good to bring it to work, it will be good for its physical and mental health as well.”

Shen Yu gave him a cool look.

The therapist spread his hands: “I promise, I won’t pluck a hair off it!”

Xiao Guan and the other shop assistants said: “We also promise that at most two hairs will be plucked off!”


Although he knew about “their heart of a thief”, but what they said was still reasonable, and the enthusiasm of the guests did affect the business, so Shen Yu nodded: “I’ll think about it.”

Let’s go home and ask Oscar for his opinion, after all, he was a democratic master.

——Xu Maomao, who had assets of more than two million yuan, went from the human network to the cat group.

[Rice]: There are two tricks, Oscar

[Migu]: Migu also wants to learn to dance

[Alalei]: You are going to be hotter than me

[Rice] immediately jumped out: No, no, the goddess will always be the best in my heart!

Immediately below, a bunch of believer cats burst out and lined up to confess, perfectly explaining what was called a brainless groupie, and then beat Xu Maomao who had suddenly reached the pinnacle of cat life.

[Michelle]: @oscar, you are so rich, why don’t you hurry up and comfort us fellow sufferers?

[Mimihu]: That’s right! When the shit-shoveling officer is promoted, he will invite other shit-shoveling officers to dinner. We also have this kind of rule in the cat world, treat guests!

[Rice] jumped out to advertise at the right time: Hee hee, my family recently launched a high-end canned corn chicken with sweet flavor, which is high quality and cheap and absolutely fair

QAQ is all to blame for the lack of privacy in this society!

[Oscar]: Well, I want a few cans of the new rice, and the cats in the group will have a share~

He just traded ten cans with Rice with 50,000 likes, and he was going to send out ten mouthfuls of each cat in the group, when Ginger popped out.

[Ginger]: Announcing a good news, this group has been established for a full month, and received the news from the network department of the General Administration of Demon Administration, this group can upgrade a function, and now all members vote to decide which function to upgrade~ Function options are:

1. To expand the group capacity to 1,000, it will cost 1 million love points;

2. Red envelope tracking function within the group. It takes 1 million love points: After opening, all group members can follow the red envelope dynamics of some group members and can automatically grab the red envelopes of the followed group members. A group member can only follow one at the same time and needs to pay 10,000 likes to the followed object.

3. To open the first-level mall in the group, you need to spend 10 million love points;

4. (Grey) upgrade to the second-level mall: need to consume love points???

5. (Gray) Chat group hyperlinks: need to consume love points???

For a moment, the group of cats was amazed. They didn’t expect that the chat group could be upgraded, and the functions even opened the cat’s eyes and dazzled them.

Xu Maomao focused on options 2 and 3, because once this function was turned on, he would be able to lock Dr. Mi’s red envelope, or maybe he could buy his products directly through the mall.

But all the cats in the group showed hesitation about the need to pay love points to support the upgrade. The short-sighted cats were not very interested in shopping malls and the like. The local tyrant Alalei was still on the sidelines. These options were similar to her, and she intended to only be responsible for financial support.

[Ginger]: Hey, hey, how can you young cats be so indifferent? Do you know how many functions dogs have upgraded! We can’t fall behind, this upgrade opportunity must be seized.

Xu Maomao looked left and right, except for a few cats who expressed that they could accept the expansion of group capacity, the rest of the cats had nothing to do with him, so he gritted his teeth and typed a line.

[Oscar]: I vote for option 2, and reserve option 3

[Rice] popped out: Oscar, do you want us to live together! It adds up to more than 10 million QAQ

[Hua Piao Ling]: I can’t live through this day

[Alalei] also said: 0.0 I recently bought out the right to connect to the human network for several months, and I can’t support too many. Opening the mall requires everyone to share 100,000 likes per cat, it is too embarrassing.

Many cats seconded and accused Xu Maomao one after another.

Xu Maomao thought that these functions seemed to be more urgent to himself, and other cats felt that they were dispensable, and there were indeed some impoverished cats in remote mountainous areas in the group, who could not be worth so much assets even if they were packaged and sold, so he gritted his teeth and said the next sentence.

[Oscar]: I will pay the 11 million!

The cats were silent.

[Oscar]: … But I’m still poor now, can I upgrade to the cheaper one first? I will work hard to earn 10 million, please give me some time

[Ginger]: Ambitious! Okay, let’s finish the first upgrade first!

Xu Maomao reluctantly transferred the one million yuan, and then quickly locked on Dr. Mi. From now on, he could open a plug-in to snatch every red envelope from him!

But the girl cat bigwigs were very happy with this function, and they had made reservations for Ms. Lili. As for the gluttons, they ordered canned rice.

But this function was still not perfect. After all, no matter how many red envelopes Dr. Mi sent out, Xu Maomao couldn’t grab the ones with a long time limit every time. He hoped to buy directly from Dr. Mi’s shelf after opening the mall. However, there was still a distance of nearly 10 million likes from opening the mall, and the transformation potion would definitely not be cheap after it was put on the shelves. Xu Maomao realized that he was really very, very short of money, and he urgently needed to earn more human attention.

That night, Shen Yu went home and mentioned to him that he would go to the pet store to be a mascot temporarily.

“You’re bored at home all the time, aren’t you? Would you like to go to work with me?” Shen Yu squatted down and looked into his eyes, coaxing him softly, “You don’t need to do anything, there will be many guests coming to see you, I will also accompany you, and there will be other cat companions.”

Xu Maomao meowed in surprise, but there was no doubt that this was an excellent opportunity, as he could directly contact more people and the love value would increase faster.

Xu Maomao discovered earlier that the love value obtained through the Internet did not exceed 10 points per ID at most, while the love value obtained through real contact could easily increase by several hundred, no matter how you look at it, the latter was faster and more cost-effective.

Shen Yu looked at him blankly, thinking that he was not happy, and thought of something, and added: “You can also broadcast live when you go out to play, how about it?”

Now it seemed just around the corner!

One person and one cat strangely reached a consensus, and the next day Xu Maomao bit his beloved camera and happily followed Shen Yu to work.

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