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WMPLT Ch. 2.2


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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“Hello.” Huo Cheng put down his luggage.


Huo Cheng took a look at them with undisguised eyes, and finally his eyes fell on Zhai Xingchen, and he took another look at the blue bracelet on his wrist.

Although “Red and Blue Signal” focused on male emotions and claimed that there could be both love and friendship in their show, which caused some confusion and increased the viewability of the show, the show team also knew what their real selling point was, so when choosing guests, they had determined the mate selection orientation of most people, which was mainly reflected in the red and blue groups of the program group.

For example, Hu Ying and the others had a softer temperament, so the program team arranged them on the red side.

Those who were not interested in love, or straight men, naturally belonged to the blue camp.

As for a milky 1 like Zhai Xingchen, it was naturally the blue side.

After all, a milky 1 was also 1.

Since ancient times, red and blue had produced a CP, since the attack and reception were distinct, which made it convenient for the audience to create a CP.

Logically speaking, they also had the possibility of internal digestion, but in fact, “Red and Blue Signal” had been filmed for three seasons, and each season, the couples had been red and blue only.

It was said that homosexuality did not distinguish between 1s and 0s, but it seemed to be a lie.

Not to mention that this was still a Danmei novel, red and blue matching was inevitable!

They greeted each other, Huo Cheng finally locked his eyes on Pei Xu, his number one enemy, and he went to say hello to Pei Xu, Pei Xu was still expressionless, but this time he stood up and shook hands with Huo Cheng.

“You two know each other?” Duan Yihua asked.

“I saw him at the Youth Commendation Conference before.” Huo Cheng said.

“We just received a notice that male guest No. 3 won’t be able to come immediately due to something, and may not be able to arrive until later.” A person from the program team said suddenly.

“We don’t have to wait for him, do we?” Duan Yihua asked.

Program group: “Yes.”

Everyone stood up, and Huo Cheng asked: “Have you all visited the house? Let’s take a look at the room and see how to live.”

This was a two-story villa. In consideration of the living habits of the wealthy and handsome group of them, the program team had everyone having their own bedroom in this season, but every two bedrooms formed a suite, which was still regarded as two people living together.

Everyone was very satisfied with the room conditions, but what impressed them the most was the ubiquitous cameras in these red and blue cabins. Zhai Xingchen counted them. They had 30 surveillance cameras upstairs and downstairs, 3 empty-cameras, and 42 monitoring position cameras, and a large flying drone about 50 meters high was erected outside the villa to take pictures of the exterior and the guests entering and leaving the hut.

There was a sign on the stairs on the second floor, and the occupancy criteria written on it were similar to the manual they had received before, but a little more concise. Wen Nuo might have received instructions from the program team and read all the contents above.

For example, you are not allowed to exchange contact information in private, you are not allowed to confess privately before the end of the show, you have to pay attention to public order, etc.: “I hope that in the next month, you can reap your own love and friendship in this love cabin, regardless of age, occupation, background…”

Wen Nuo finished reading conscientiously, while Hu Ying and the others had already gone to the second floor.

The environment on the second floor was relatively better, and the view was wider. Outside the small living room was the sea, the ferry, and the green hills with mist, which looked very beautiful.

The red party guests chose to live upstairs.

The two suites downstairs naturally became the room of the male guest from the blue party.

“Xingchen, which one do you want to choose?” Huo Cheng took the initiative to ask him.

“That’s it.” Zhai Xingchen pointed to the one on the side.

This room was next to the backyard, facing north, and it was considered the corner room. He, a melon eater, was suitable for sleeping there.

“Let’s live in one room.”

Both Huo Cheng and Zhai Xingchen looked back, and saw Pei Xu go in with the suitcase.

Zhai Xingchen looked at Huo Cheng, and Huo Cheng smiled kindly: “Then I’ll live next door.”

Zhai Xingchen carried his luggage and went in.

Sure enough, it was exactly the same as what was written in the original book, and he was worried that there would be discrepancies.

The reason why Pei Xu chose to share a room with him was also very simple.

“It feels like he is quieter.”

Quiet, few things, no threat.

In fact, the three male guests on the blue side had a good relationship with him and took good care of him.

After all, he was the least threatening one, and he was a good brother and sister to all the guests.

Zhai Xingchen cleaned up his room and the living room.

He had to do the most work and take the fewest shots, this was his personality setting.

It was hot, and he was sweating after cleaning up. He went to take a shower, but because he shared the bathroom with Pei Xu, and Pei Xu had a bad temper, so he squatted on the ground and cleaned the bathroom very carefully after taking a shower. After tidying up without leaving a single hair, he came out of the bathroom after washing, reached for the clothes on the hanger, and was about to wear them when the door of the bathroom was suddenly pushed open. He immediately looked back, it was Pei Xu.

Pei Xu was also taken aback when he saw him, and said, “I didn’t hear the sound of water, so I thought there was no one there.”

Zhai Xingchen turned his body slightly, showing Pei Xu his back: “I just finished washing, and I’m getting dressed.”

He has just taken a shower, his hair was still wet, he was 183cm tall, had a slender waist and long legs, an amazing torso-to-body ratio, thin muscles, and extremely smooth and youthful lines.

He wiped his hair with a towel again, and looked back at Pei Xu, his cheeks flushed from the hot water.

Only then did Pei Xu back out and close the door.

“I’ll be out soon.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Then he heard Pei Xu say “hmm” outside the door.

Pei Xu came to the dining room, took a bottle of mineral water provided by the sponsor, unscrewed the bottle and drank several swigs, his protruding Adam’s apple rolled up and down, as he looked downcastly at the staff who walked towards him.

“Pei Xu, you haven’t done a single harvest today, have you?” the staff member asked.

Pei Xu said “Yes”, pursed his thin lips and asked, “Now?”

The staff came to his room and performed a single interview on him.

“Why did you come to this show?”

“Didn’t you ask this before?” Pei Xu glanced at his aunt behind the camera, Zhou Lan, who was also the producer of the variety show, and replied rather reluctantly: “To return a favour.”

“So you came to “Red and Blue Signal”, not to fall in love?”

Pei Xu asked back, “Do you think I seem to be someone who would fall in love on variety show… Are you sure you want to ask these questions?”

The producer sneered from behind: “Who knows what the result will be, maybe these previous interviews will become the material for face slapping in the future?”

That short-lived smile surprised all the staff on the other side, as if the ice and snow had just melted, and it was so beautiful that it was heart-pounding.

But it was only at that moment that Pei Xu recovered his indifference, he frowned slightly, and stared at the camera with distinct black and white eyes.

“On the first day, how did you feel?”

“That’s it.”

Zhou Lan raised her voice in the back: “Pei Xu.”

Pei Xu looked a little more serious: “That’s it, it’s about the same as I thought.”

“The four guests from the red party are all here today, who do you have a deep impression of?”

Pei Xu shook his head, and then asked, “Do I have to say from the red party?”

“Other male guests are also fine.”

“Zhai Xingchen is amazing.” Pei Xu said.

The staff seemed very surprised, and the girl secretly laughed: “Why?”

“Because I accidentally saw him naked just now, and I was the most impressed.”

Glancing at the monitor, Pei Xu has a bad personality, but that face was so handsome, it was astonishing in the camera, sharp and distinct. Pei Xu looked at the dazed faces opposite him, pursed his thin lips, and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Zhou Lan couldn’t help asking: “Do you like him?”

Pei Xu: “If you are talking about that kind of liking, let me tell you this, I have never liked anyone since I was a child.”

After that, Pei Xu added another sentence: “If you recorded this because you want to see me being slapped in the face, let me tell you this, this kind of thing can’t happen to me.”

The barrage exploded.

Fuck, the craziest male guest in history.

He’s too annoying, come and take him in quickly! I want to see him get his face slapped and become swollen!

You’d better stick to it to the end, and not cry later!

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