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In the evening, all the friends had arrived, and they were flying to the banquet.

On the speeding car, Black Bear Princess and the others chattered, and Ye He and Chris never got tired of being together.

Because of his size, Chris couldn’t turn into a leopard, but he still habitually leaned on Ye He.

After a long time, they finally saw each other face to face, so Ye He pinched Chris’s arm, and said in a complicated tone: “…is it strong?”

Chris raised his head and said proudly: “Isn’t it? I think I too have become stronger, hehe!”

At this time, many people had arrived in the banquet hall, some of them greeted each other, and some had already started talking in low voices.

The eldest prince Jing Yan’s birthday party was not held every year. Jing Yan’s attitude towards this kind of thing was obviously dispensable, so whether to hold it or not depended on his mood at this time of the year.

And this year not only was it held, but the number of people invited was obviously much more than in previous years, which seemed a little unusual.

Many eyes focused on the four major families, some people’s eyes were on the Bird Clan King, while some girls got together to gossip.

“…Prince of the Bird Clan? Is it real?”

“We’ll find out later, he will definitely come over!”

“Isn’t the bird prince’s animal form very strange? The human form must be strange too, right? Why would the eldest prince like someone who looks like this?”

“I don’t know, the little brother of the Lin family has seen the human form of the bird prince and said he looks very ordinary, and what he meant was that he is not as good-looking as he is…”

It was a pity that the Lin family did not appear at the banquet today. It was said that Lin Ran, the young master of the Lin family, wanted to break into the palace of the eldest prince and offended the little prince of the bird clan, thereby offending Jing Yan, so the attendants in charge of the banquet this year did not dare to send invitations to the Lin family.

As for the royal family of the bird clan, they had heard that their relationship with the little prince was also very indifferent. They couldn’t even show up at this banquet with him.

The Bird King took his wife and children, while feeling everyone’s eyes, it was like sitting on pins and needles.

The eldest prince of the Bird Clan hadn’t come to the Wolf Clan for a long time. He only heard about what happened after Qiao Xi came to the Wolf Clan. Now he was full of doubts: “Will Jing Yan really bring Qiao Xi here in a fair manner? Will the Wolf King agree?”

“I don’t know.” Ever since she realized that Jing Yan treated Qiao Xi differently in the test city, Qiao Lian didn’t dare to do anything more daring, and not long after that, there was news that Qiao Xi and Jing Yan were together…

There was a burst of jealousy in her heart, she couldn’t figure it out, they just threw Qiao Xi out to deal with Jing Yu, so why did it end up getting him and Jing Yan together.

Originally, her parents wanted to take Qiao Xi home, but after being frightened by Jing Yan in the test city, they didn’t dare to move.

“Qiao Xi is really heartless,” Qiao Lian forced the corners of her lips, and said in a low voice, “Is he not planning to go home in the future?”

The Bird King and Queen’s faces turned ugly.

The Bird King wiped his sweat with a paper towel, calmed himself down, and said, “Just watch, it’s hard to say what will happen in the future. With so many people present today, it’s impossible for Jing Yan to arrive with Qiao Xi in front of the Wolf King. When they are not together, we will go over and talk to Qiao Xi later when there is no one around.”

After he finished speaking, at the gate of the banquet hall, the protagonist group also officially debuted.

Immediately, all eyes were on them, and then… everyone was blinded by this group of young people!

Fuck, they all were so good-looking, and they all looked different. This was like a fashion magazine dinner, right?!

There was a moment of silence in the banquet hall, and then louder discussions erupted than before.

At the same time, more people looked at the two people standing at the front—the tall and handsome black-haired man in a custom-made suit casually glanced around the banquet hall, then turned his head and smiled at the person next to him.

And the handsome young man who was slightly shorter than him was a little embarrassed after being held by the man in front of everyone, so his ears and face turned red.

He glanced around quietly, then quickly lowered his eyes, looked at the man beside him, and bent his eyebrows.

The black-haired man’s eyes were very soft.

Immediately, many people in the venue were surprised!

Could the young man next to Jing Yan be the human form of the bird prince?

… This looks too good-looking, and it is very different from the rumors!!

Qiao Xi’s hair was tied up today, revealing a melon-shaped face that was really only the size of a palm, and his pair of peach blossom eyes were big and bright, in fact even many girls were stunned to see it. As for Jing Yan-everyone could see it. When he came out, he only had eyes for the person beside him.

The girls who were secretly speculating about Qiao Xi’s appearance just now blushed, all the while complaining about the young master of the Lin family in their hearts.

Where was this “normal”?! This was called “ordinary”, so what were they!!!

Facing such a heavenly face, how could that Lin Ran think that he looked better than the little bird prince!

What misunderstanding did he have about himself?!

Qiao Xi didn’t know what so many people in the banquet hall were secretly thinking. He only knew that he was really nervous to hold hands in front of so many people.

And he noticed from the corner of his eye that the Wolf King and queen also entered through the front door!

Many people immediately went to observe the Wolf King’s reaction but were shocked by the Wolf King’s physical state.

The Wolf King was supported over by the queen, not only his face was gray, but even his back was bent. He was obviously only in his fifties, but he looked like an old man in his seventies… How could he have deteriorated so much in a short period of time?? Was he sick?

For a while, everyone in the banquet hall thought about it.

The Wolf King glanced heavily at the door, coughed and then looked away.

Qiao Xi frowned and asked Jing Yan, “Is the Wolf King sick?”

Jing Yan looked at the Wolf King, nodded, and replied in a low voice, “Yeah.”

He did not ask more.

Qiao Xi moved his lips, but felt that he had nothing to say, so he swallowed back his words, looked into the venue again, and soon saw the Bird King and his party.

Seeing Qiao Xi looking over, Bird King waved his hand quickly, showing a flattering smile, then he carefully looked at Jing Yan beside him, and indicated with his eyes whether they could go up and say hello to Jing Yan.

Qiao Xi was still silent, Jing Yan clenched his hand and said, “If you don’t want to go, don’t go.”

…The most important thing was that there was nothing to say.

Qiao Xi knew very well that the reason why his parents, brother and sister changed their attitude towards him was only because of Jing Yan.

Without Jing Yan, he, Qiao Xi, was still the one who won’t get their attention even if he died.

So Qiao Xi closed his eyes, let out a breath, opened his eyes, turned around, and walked forward with Jing Yan in silence.

Without Qiao Xi’s response, Bird King’s expression froze.

Eyes full of various meanings were projected towards them from all directions, embarrassing them all.

As the protagonist of the birthday party, it was impossible for Jing Yan not to say a word, so after the official start, he went ahead.

Qiao Xi stayed with Jiao Yue and the others, and it was at this time that Lu Yin and Ruan Yue took the time to come out.

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