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Lu Yin had also dressed up specially today. He wore a silver suit and had taken off his glasses. He looked much more handsome than usual, but his personality was obviously still not suitable for social occasions with so many people, and he was very restrained and awkward.

Ruan Yue looked very beautiful, wearing a little black dress, coupled with exquisite makeup, she could only be called glamorous.

“My parents are surrounded and unable to leave. Before you came just now, they kept saying they wanted to see you,” Lu Yin whispered, “They really want to thank you.”

The heads of the four major families must be one of the most popular existences in such a social setting, thus it was very normal for them to be unable to get away at the moment, so Qiao Xi quickly said: “It’s okay, don’t be so serious.”

Qiao Xi felt that he just did a small thing. And, as for Lu Yin’s change, his own will was the most important thing.

Lu Yin didn’t think so. If it wasn’t for Qiao Xi who had the same experience as him but lived such a positive life, he didn’t know how long it would take before he had the courage to walk under the sun in his beast form.

He had been feeling a lot better recently, and he never thought he would have such a day in the past.

Ruan Yue smiled and said: “Don’t talk about his parents, even my parents want to thank you.”

The Lu family and the Ruan family had always been on good terms, and her parents also regarded Lu Yin as their own child. They had no ideas about each other, because Lu Yin liked men, otherwise the parents of the two families could not have waited to get them engaged.

The two families hadn’t considered the Queen and Jing Yu before, but after Lu Yin’s incident this time, they suddenly felt that it was all right to express their attitude.

Jing Yan was an excellent heir, and if he intended to make Qiao Xi the male queen, they would naturally support him very much.

Poor Ruan Yue, when the elders in the family talked about Jing Yan and Qiao Xi and nodded in admiration frequently, she couldn’t help but lament that she once coveted this future male queen.

…Unrequited crush, she could only be a CP fan with tears in her eyes now.

Lu Yin and Ruan Yue seldom appeared at banquets, so they attracted the attention of many people when they showed up. Now many people were shocked when they found that they looked familiar with Qiao Xi.

How much about the little prince of the bird tribe did they still not know?

Lu Yin was so concerned by all the attention that his scalp had turned numb, but he also discovered something, and secretly said to Qiao Xi: “A lot of girls are looking at you!”

Qiao Xi subconsciously glanced out, and accidentally met a girl’s eyes and the girl immediately blushed and moved her eyes away.

Qiao Xi: “…”

The rest: “…”

Jing Yan on the stage who also observed this scene: “…”

His face turned dark.

His little lover was so cute and beautiful, it was sweet and troublesome.

Sure enough, it was necessary to announce it earlier to let everyone know that Qiao Xiaoxi was already his, and it was useless think about him since he was already his wife!

Jing Yan thought about it in his heart, poking at Qiao Xi from time to time, his face became darker and darker.

And after hearing him finish his short speech on the stage and cut the cake, the people below became more and more anxious. That stinky face had already made many people tremble with fear.

——Why are you suddenly unhappy!?

Some people present frowned when they first saw the two entering the arena holding hands. After all, the wolf clan had never had a male queen, but seeing that the four major clans didn’t make a sound, they held back embarrassingly.

Seeing Jing Yan’s expression now, they thought to themselves, was there a conflict between these two? Maybe they could look down and see what’s going on?

For a moment, everyone paid attention only to the reactions of Jing Yan and Qiao Xi.

With a dark face, Jing Yan quickly cut the cake to count.

On the side, the Wolf King coughed, and reminded in a hoarse voice: “…be more restrained.”

Jing Yan paused, then walked down with a sullen face, and walked directly in front of Qiao Xi with big strides.

Qiao Xi was talking to Jing Yi, when he saw Jing Yan approaching, he turned around and was stunned: “…What’s wrong?”

Everyone looked at them.

Jing Yan’s eyes floated down on Qiao Xiaoxi, who didn’t even realize that he was jealous again, then he stretched out his hand, and said aggrievedly: “Dance!”

Qiao Xi put down the dinner plate quickly, and swallowed, then he carefully put his hand in his.

Jiao Yue turned around and waved to the attendants behind him.

The servant nodded immediately.

The people around didn’t know, what were these two doing?

But when the melodious music sounded, they were shocked.

…Wait, this posture? Was it dancing?

The prince of the wolf family would invite others to dance at the banquet for only one purpose… that was to choose the other party to be his future spouse!

It was getting engaged!

Did the Wolf King know?! Did the Wolf King agree?!

The Bird King and the others were all taken aback!

Jing Yan actually wanted to get engaged to Qiao Xi right away!?

The venue quickly became noisy, and the Wolf King became the focus of attention.

However, he just coughed and didn’t say much, motioning to the queen to help him up, as he turned planning to leave.

The queen said in a low voice: “Your Majesty, do you agree with this?”

The Wolf King glanced at her, said nothing, and walked out expressionlessly.

The queen gritted her teeth secretly.

Jing Yan and Qiao Xi held hands, and the group of friends around immediately backed away to make room for them.

At the same time, they pretended not to hear the discussions around them—

Ruan Yue stretched out her hand to Lu Yin and said, “Shall we dance too?”

Lu Yin wondered, “I don’t…”

“You can go out in your animal form, so why are you afraid of doing this!” Ruan Yue couldn’t help but drag the boy up, and urge, “Quick, do as I say, you should learn social skills too!”

Chris and Ye He looked at each other, then the two stretched out their hands without saying a word, but there was a disagreement on who would dance the part of the man and who would dance the part of the woman.

Chris froze, raised his head and opened his eyes wide: “No! I want to be the boy!”

Ye He raised his eyebrows.

Chris had no confidence, so he gritted his teeth at Ye He: “You can’t dance anymore!”

The next second, Ye He smiled, and he changed his movements slowly, saying: “Okay.”

Chris let go.

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