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AROEDM Ch. 66.2: Extra 1.4


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Ever since he had gotten together with Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou seldom dreamed about the past, but maybe because Shen Xigou had left these days, he actually dreamed again, and the dream was about Xie Lin breaking up with him in the hospital.

But this time it was very strange, he was not himself in the dream, but could see things from Xie Lin’s perspective, he could feel Xie Lin’s thoughts and emotions.

At that time in the hospital, Xie Lin told Fu Yuanzhou to break off his relationship with Shen Xigou, but Fu Yuanzhou refused to listen, and called Xie Lin out. Now he could feel Xie Lin’s mood at that moment, he was so depressed that he couldn’t breathe, he knew that Xie Lin was hurt by him.

“In this case, there is no need for us to communicate.”

Xie Lin turned around and left. Fu Yuanzhou seemed to feel the tingling pain in his palm. Xie Lin’s hand was tightly clenched, and his nails sank into the flesh. Pay attention, because Xie Lin’s words made his mind go blank.

But after that, Xie Lin didn’t really leave, but stood in the dark and watched Fu Yuanzhou.

He was waiting for Fu Yuanzhou to see if he would catch up.

At that time, Xie Lin had already suspected Shen Xigou’s intentions because of various signs, but he had no clear evidence. He thought Shen Xigou was very dangerous. He had quarreled with Fu Yuanzhou several times because of Shen Xigou, and he had asked Fu Yuanzhou to leave Shen Xigou. Gu, but Fu Yuanzhou didn’t listen to him.

So he could only gamble, forcing Fu Yuanzhou to make a choice, between him and Shen Xigou.

He didn’t want to go this far, but he had a premonition that if Shen Xigou and Fu Yuanzhou were not cut off, there would be irreparable consequences.

But he failed, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t look for him, and Shen Xigou took him away. He chose Shen Xigou.

How could Xie Lin really abandon Fu Yuanzhou? After that, he would call Fu Yuanzhou every day, but Shen Xigou made a move, and Fu Yuanzhou would never receive the call. He also called on Fu Yuanzhou several times, but it seemed that Shen Xigou was monitoring him, he could receive news in advance every time, and take Fu Yuanzhou away early so that they could not meet.

Xie Lin also asked others to call Fu Yuanzhou or make an appointment to meet him, but either Shen Xigou stopped him, or Shen Xigou refused, and Xie Lin was busy with Fu Yuanzhou’s company. It was hard to find time, until Fu Yuanzhou disappeared, just over half a month later.

Fu Yuanzhou disappeared, and the result of the police investigation was that he was taken abroad by Shen Xigou. It was extremely difficult to investigate a transnational case, and Shen Xigou handled it very cleanly, so the clues were interrupted after they went abroad.

Xie Lin didn’t give up, his family has connections abroad, he used all kinds of forces to search around, and even got involved in some dirty things, but Fu Yuanzhou and Shen Xigou seemed to have evaporated, and there was no clue for a long time.

In order to force Shen Xigou, Xie Lin went abroad to put pressure on Shen Xigou’s family business through commercial competition, and finally got some clues from Shen Xigou’s family — even though it was from Shen Xigou’s mother.

She was a crazy woman, and what she said was also crazy, very confusing, and everyone did not believe it, except Xie Lin, because this was the only clue so far, as long as there was even the slightest possibility, he would not give up, he had to bring Fu Yuanzhou back.

He would not leave Fu Yuanzhou behind.

It was like this in the past, it is like this now, it would be like this in the future.


Fu Yuanzhou woke up from his dream with wet eyes.

This was just a dream, maybe it was just a fantasy of his subconscious mind, it was impossible to confirm its authenticity, but there was only one thing he was very sure of –

Xie Lin would not abandon him, they would always be together.


The day of the college entrance examination finally came. Last year, Fu Yuanzhou stood outside the examination room waiting for Xie Lin, still a little nervous, but this year it was his turn. Instead, he was calm and even performed supernormally. When the score was announced, it was higher than he expected. Nearly twenty marks out.

He was successfully admitted to Xie Lin’s school, and even had the same major as Xie Lin. He was Xie Lin’s direct junior. When Xie Lin came to hold the meeting for the freshmen, Fu Yuanzhou smiled and called him “Senior Xie”, Xie Lin didn’t respond at the time, but immediately pulled Fu Yuanzhou to the empty classroom after the meeting and kissed him hard.

Although he was in college, Xie Lin rented an apartment outside, but his parents would not allow him to live with Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou simply rented the house next to Xie Lin, and they became neighbors for the third time.

Yuan Ye and Ran Shutang both passed the exams for the school next door, both of which were top schools with similar rankings, Yuan Ye went to the school next door because it had an e-sports major and the transportation was more convenient, so it was convenient for him to go back to the club for training and Ran Shutang did because of his grandfather. He was a professor at the school next door. In the future, he would inherit his grandfather’s mantle and engage in academic research.

Yu Fei was the only one who stayed in Tiancheng to study, but because of his schedule, he often came there to meet Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin.

Dining with Yu Fei was not easy. Over the past year or so, he had become famous rapidly, and people could recognize him wherever he went, causing sensations and riots. He often hid everywhere before eating, and once there was even news that he was having an affair with Fu Yuanzhou, but it was soon clarified.

Yu Fei didn’t say anything about the scandal, but Fu Yuanzhou was about to cry. Because of the scandal, Xie Lin was rarely angry and tormented him enough – after such a long relationship, it was almost impossible to completely abstain from sex. At the beginning, it was because Fu Yuanzhou fell into estrus and actively begged Xie Lin to help him, but later on he couldn’t help him. Xie Lin knew how to play, so he really knew how to play in all directions. Only then did Fu Yuanzhou know that he and Xie Lin were really innocent.

Everything was fine, Yu Fei was very popular in the entertainment industry, he was a well-deserved top movie star, but he had also entered a solid acting school, and had repeatedly won film and television awards.

Yuan Ye could be called a nightmarish e-sports monster, sweeping thousands of troops, winning trophies, and torturing other teams to death. The professional league association even considered modifying the rules of the game specifically for him.

Ran Shutang skipped a grade again and was recommended to be a direct researcher. Later, he took his team to the lab every day, publishing SCI papers like playing. He had heard that he recently won a big project. The initial funds alone cost more than a billion yuan, but even with such achievements, he still bluntly said that the happiest thing for him was actually saving many stray animals and raising funds for wildlife protection.

Shen Xigou traveled all over the world and sent postcards to Fu Yuanzhou regularly. After two years, he finally came back, because Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin were about to get married, and he came to attend the wedding.


On the eve of the wedding, Shen Xigou saw them and sent his blessings. After not seeing each other for a few years, his demeanor had changed a little, he was more mature, gentler, and more charming. Those blue eyes were simply sweeping away people, he attracted the attention of half of the people in the restaurant, and when he smiled again, the rest of the people also looked over.

“How do you feel now?” he asked the two of them.

“It seems unreal.”

Fu Yuanzhou said. Although it had been set long ago, as the date approached, he still felt like he was dreaming.

“I wish you happiness.” Shen Xigou said.

“You too.”

After dinner and saying goodbye to Shen Xigou, Xie Lin pulled Fu Yuanzhou out of the restaurant. It was autumn and the weather was fine, so they walked slowly.

“I really want to marry you…” Fu Yuanzhou murmured.

“We’re already married.” Xie Lin said, although the wedding hadn’t happened yet, they got the certificate a few days ago.

“That’s right.”

Fu Yuanzhou replied, looking at Xie Lin beside him, he suddenly felt very at ease. In fact, even if they got married, the change would not be great. The person who always accompanied him was always Xie Lin, and it would be the same in the future, there would never be any changes.

“What’s for dinner tomorrow morning?”

He quickly became concerned about another question. Even though he had just received his certificate, they seemed like an old married couple, so he wasn’t too entangled.

“Whatever you like.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou was very happy and took the initiative to hold Xie Lin’s hand. The two walked further and further away, and their backs gradually merged into the gentle night.

They will go down together.

The author has something to say: This is the end of the first episode! The next episode will start to update the Shura field in the previous life =v=

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