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AROEDM Ch. 64.2: Extra 1.2


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After entering the spring of 2008, the weather was getting warmer day by day. One day in late April fell Fu Yuanzhou’s eighteenth birthday, when he followed Xie Lin to the piano room and listened to Xie Lin playing the piano for him.

This was the song written for him by Xie Lin. This time he already knew its name, “Love”. The melody of the song, Fu Yuanzhou, had heard countless times in his previous life, and he knew every note by heart, so when it began and there was a slight change, Fu Yuanzhou immediately noticed it.

The main melody was still the same, but many details were different from before. It sounded gentle and quiet, but it was no longer sad, instead it had a hint of sweetness.

Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes and listened quietly, both happy and sad, his eyes were a little wet, but the corners of his lips raised slightly.

Because this time they didn’t miss out.

This was their love.

The music was light and beautiful, and gradually stopped. Xie Lin sat in front of the piano, pressed the last key, raised his hands, and let Fu Yuanzhou, who was standing beside him, lower his head and kiss him deeply.


Fu Yuanzhou’s birthday was very close to Yuan Ye’s, in fact it was only one day away, so the next day was Yuan Ye’s birthday.

His birthday this year happened to be a Sunday, so Yuan Ye’s birthday was a Monday. The next day, Class 7 prepared a big cake for them to celebrate their birthdays.

To this day, the people in Class 7 were still a bit regretful. In their opinion, Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye were both friends and former tablemates, and would have made a great couple.

But they were all very clear, that it was fine to think about it in private. They could not say it unless their mind was flooded. Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin were doing well. It was enough to bless them. There was no need to feel sorry.

“Thank you for the cakes you gave me.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Unfortunately, I can’t eat much, and I have to leave in a while. Just divide it among yourselves.”

After winning the championship, Yuan Ye successfully signed a contract with the Starlight Club. He was currently preparing for the new championship team. He was naturally the captain. His original team members were not strong enough. His partner would have been a member of the second-string team, but now by accident, he had been replaced by someone else.

After Qian Ziheng signed the contract with Arctic Ice, all kinds of black materials relating to him broke out. Now his contract had been terminated, and his whereabouts were unknown, but everyone knew that it was impossible for any club to sign him.

When it came to Qian Ziheng, Yuan Ye felt very complicated. They had been partners for several years, but most of their communication was online. He didn’t know the truest aspect of Qian Ziheng. He had been a complete scumbag, and it was a good thing that such a person didn’t stay in the team.

After hurriedly eating a few bites of cake, Yuan Ye was about to leave. Fu Yuanzhou and a few classmates escorted him to the school gate and shouted to him, “Jiayou in training!”

“Of course.”

Yuan Ye heard his voice and turned back and smiled at him. Under the sun, his eyes were very bright, his hair was dyed with light, and his whole person was shining.

Then he said with a smile, “I’ll show you another championship.”


As they were entering June, the weather had turned hot, but the temperature in the past two days of the college entrance examination was unexpectedly cool, which was a pleasant surprise.

Xie Lin was answering the exam papers in the examination room. While Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin’s parents were waiting outside. This was a major life event, and they were not exempt from the custom. They all came to accompany Xie Lin who was taking the exam. Even Xie Lin’s parents came back from abroad.

Although he knew Xie Lin’s grades from his previous life, Fu Yuanzhou still felt uneasy, for fear that some changes would occur. He couldn’t sit still in the air-conditioned car, so he simply got down and walked around, standing on the high steps opposite the school entrance and waiting, all the while looking around the school from time to time.

“Are you also accompanying someone for the exam?”

A curious parent called Fu Yuanzhou. Most of the parents waiting outside were parents, and there were very few people as young as Fu Yuanzhou.

“Yes.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“You look like a student, are you waiting for your sibling?” the parent asked with a smile.

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend.” Fu Yuanzhou replied embarrassedly.

“Oh, the two of you are really in a good relationship.”

The parents laughed. Although Fu Yuanzhou was a little shy, he felt that there was nothing he couldn’t say. His boyfriend was going to be this year’s No. 1 Scholar in the city if there was no accident. He was already being very low-key and reserved.

At the end of an exam, candidates rushed out of the school gate. By standing on a high place, Fu Yuanzhou saw Xie Lin in the crowd at a glance. He quickly jumped down the steps, squeezed past the flow of people, and squeezed hard to Xie Lin’s side, then opening his mouth, he asked, “How was the test?”

“It’s okay.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou was relieved, Xie Lin said “okay”, then it must not have been bad, it seemed that there was no accident.

They held hands naturally to avoid being crowded out. After getting in the car, Xie Lin’s parents asked the exact same question. Even the driver cared about it. In the past two days of the college entrance examination, the world was only as big as the candidates.

Xie Lin was very lucky. The exam room was their school, and the apartment was very close to the school. Although Fu Yuanzhou later started living in the villa again, the two apartments had not been vacated, so they went to rest there at noon.

In order not to disturb Xie Lin’s rest, his parents borrowed Fu Yuanzhou’s house and left Xie Lin to rest by himself. Fu Yuanzhou was going to go as well, but Xie Lin grabbed him, took him to the next door, and hugged him as soon as he entered the house.

Fu Yuanzhou took the initiative to hug Xie Lin back. In order to allow Xie Lin to take the exam in a comfortable mood, he followed Xie Lin with everything these days.

“Is just hugging enough?”

When Xie Lin let go of him, Fu Yuanzhou even took the initiative to lean over, kiss Xie Lin’s lips lightly, and asked with a smile.

“Not enough?”

Naturally, Xie Lin would not miss this chance. He lowered his head and kissed Fu Yuanzhou. He kissed him deeply and heavily. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t breathe, and his tears started falling. He was the one who took the initiative to tease Xie Lin, but now it was not easy to push people away.

After the kiss, Xie Lin stroked Fu Yuanzhou’s wet lips, his fingers slid gently, lingering over Fu Yuanzhou’s neck and back, and he finally hooked his waist and brought him into his arms.

“This was not enough, Yuanzhou.”

He lowered his head and kissed Fu Yuanzhou’s forehead, then his eyelashes fell, covering his deep eyes, his Adam’s apple trembled slightly, and his thin lips opened and closed, as he said, “I want to mark you.”

“After the exam, let me mark you.”

The author has something to say: those who haven’t taken the college entrance examination must remember, don’t be arrogant like classmate Xie, otherwise after the college entrance examination, your parents will take out time to find you to settle accounts in the autumn (.

As soon as I said this, I remembered that the two days of the college entrance examination can be said to be the best two days in my life. As a result, after the last English test, the original form was revealed immediately, and that night I was given leftovers (

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